Hybrid Lava & The Twisted Ankles

Hybrid Lava & The Twisted Ankles

 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR
BandEDMHip Hop

This is a freaky dark and dirty act! Hybrid Lava's "The Aim To Please Show" show is Tel Aviv's queer electro extravaganza that took by a storm the local club & fashion scenes and are now headed ur way so u'd better watch out.


Welcome to the cabaret!

Hybrid Lava has the face of a whole generation.
Your generation, in case you wondered.
He's the perfect combination of your wet dreams and your worst nightmares. He's got a sewerage-hole for a mouth and a drum-machine for a heart. He is here to make you laugh, to scare the shit out of you. He's here to entertain.

And YES, he's always on high-hills… coming to get you!

Hybrid Lava is the personal dance project of Tel Aviv's fashion figure: Nimrod Peled. This is a shallow audio-visual pop project that's got lots of different meanings (you'll have to figure out yourselves).

Hybrid Lava's music combines electro music and hip-hop. Hybrid Lava has a strong fetish for fat beats and dirty sounds. He works with several producers (Israel's finest, in the field of booty-shaking) this allows him to move across different genres and crowds.

The live show is an underground extravaganza that includes Israel's top turntablist DJ Mesh and 3 dancers of world famous dance company – 'Bat Sheva'.

Check out Hybrid Lava's brand new video
'Underwear' Feat Louise Kahn ('Terry Poison'):

Twisted (Hybrid Lava):
Watch Hybrid Lava live on stage:



Written By: Nimrod Peled (AKA Hybrid Lava)

This is our freaky dark and dirty one night stand
It's not the only time I watched you turn boys into men
Come closer baby let me love you Come on let down your hair
This time it's not about the money it's about what we wear

You make me steamy when you work it working the floor
What you hiding under your skirt why you closing the door
I want to have you on my platter juicy and rare
This time its not about the truth I'm in just for the dare

I wanna wear
I wanna wear
I wanna wear your underwear

This is our trippy bedtime story magical night
I'll ride the horse you'll bite the apple my Turkish delight
Let's have some fun down to the basics leather and lace
You shouldn't wonder what to wear just the smile on your face

I wanna wear
I wanna wear
I wanna wear your underwear

Underwear underwear
under where is my underwear
I had them in my pants then in my hands
Do you understand?
That my underwear underwear
Under where is my underwear
I had them in the bar and I'm sure their not too far
Wonder where
Is the car that I left off
With the bar tender rendering my dreams
Now offended that my
Underwear underwear underwear still missing
And when it goes my memories it's all fictitious

I wanna wear
I wanna wear
I wanna wear your underwear


Yet to be written / is written as we speak


Set List

Suburbian Nightmare
Everybody Knows
Mr Badman
Touch Me
Twisted (Hybrid Lava)