The work clearly shows that trends and making a quick buck is not the motivation behind this music. Freedom and some kind of musical progress is what drives this music.


Hybrid None is not a band. The name is used to kind of classify the works of a single composer with a certain amount of know how when it comes to writing strange music. My influences are vast. Larry Carlton, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Debussy, Frank Zappa, Gov't Mule and Meshuggah are just a few of the artists that have really influenced me. What sets my work apart from most is the arrangements. Lots of people follow the same old formula in their compositions. This makes sense, as the ears of a mainstream audience are rarely challenged.
My story is simple, I'm a composer from the New Jersey area who got his first guitar from his history teacher in high school. While trying to learn as many things as I could by ear, I would also experiment with low budget Digital Audio Workstations. After spending time learning the basics of guitar and audio engineering, I just started writing my own little diddies. As time when on I continued to learn more and write more.. I was addicted.
Addicted to making a kind of sound where different spices of music not normally put together all become part of a new "fresh" soup.



Written By: Jose Beltran

You know how to decide whats perfection
You know how to collect all the clues
You know how to warp mass perception
You know how to direct all the fools

Orchestrate and confine all resistance
till there's no other cause but your own
wont you please help me see your logic
before I jam this knife in your throat
You've worked so hard to destroy my life
now repay my soul, by dying

Do you know why your sitting here?
Do you know why your tied to a chair?
I enjoy your suffering, especially the blood in your hair
Should have thought twice about your actions
Now look at you, Shitting yourself cause your scared
In your eyes I see lots of questions, don't worry It'll
all make sense.

Take a look at me
don't you recognize what you've created?
Take a look at me
Just for you I saved all my hatred
Take a look at me
I bet you thought I'd forgotten you
Take a look and see
The change your tyranny's produced
Please cry Lisa

While your lying here, all alone
Without anything that you know
I can feel your hands getting cold and I
wonder why you insist on fighting... WHY!
do you keep on trying. When all you need to do is just
Please Die Lisa..


www.myspace.com/hybridnone is where you can go to listen to some music. I've had some radio airplay in GOA India (no I'm not lying) and out in Davis California.

Set List

There are no Set Lists yet because I haven't hunted down the right people to turn this into a live situation.