Hybrid Vibe
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Hybrid Vibe

Cashmere, Washington, United States

Cashmere, Washington, United States
Jazz Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Hybrid Cultural Revolution"

Hybrid Vibe has broken the barrier that the music scene has recently seemed to build upon itself. Hybrid Vibe has shattered the wall, a new and Uprising
band to the music scene! Hybrid Vibe creates mind blowing nebula space grooves waiting to send you into outerspace! All of Hybrid vibes music is Original material and 100% Improv..They make it up on the spot! Thats right you heard that 100% Improvisation! Hybrid Vibe is Leading this Cultural SOUND REVOLUTION INTO A WHOLE NEW STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS! Not only is the guitar good enough for a time capsule, but every single musician in the band is capable of Making into the multinstumentalists HALL OF FAME!! Come Groove the the Sounds OF THE UNIVERSE with HYBRID VIBE - Vybe Records Co.


Still working on that hot first release.




“A collaborative force arranged and orchestrated by the planetary spheres of creation. Hybrid Vibe Amplifies Electrical current like a shock wave spreading the message of awareness into listening ears. With Improv melodies and syncopated Rhythms of Futuristic World Roots & Dub, Hybrid plays a wide range of sounds that can please the likings of many. Incorporating a group of talented multi instrumentalists, Hybrid Vibe creates a presence that is constantly changing. Like a kaleidoscope fractal, they weave the sound tapestry of the Golden Phi Ratio by reaching into the abyss and channel directly from the source. Truly Visionary Music! Activate your pineal gland and hold on for the ride with Hybrid Vibe”

Hybrid Vibe started as a spec of dust deep within the solar system, after light years of orbiting and collecting dust from the extreme magnetic forces of its surrounding, Hybrid Vibe morphed into the brightest star in the universe (Also known as Sirius). As Sirius grew brighter and brighter it beamed its light waves all amongst the universe in search for it host planet where it could resurrect its light wave frequencies into physical form. Light years went by...and Sirius noticed a small planet in the distance.....a planet different from them all.. Sirius also noted that it had strange fluid like molecules encompassing most of its sphere, with the other amount covered in barren fertile land. Sirius had found its perfect host, where its light wave could form and gain life through a single cell organism slowly to evolve into its new holographic physical form, the astral body. So Sirius beamed its light wave frequency and began its quest on the planet named EARTH. As Hybrid Vibe evolved it began to understand itself more and more. As Hybrid grew it formed many physical things out of sound wave frequencies (which was it’s only form of communication). Hybrid Vibe now is the all-encompassing existence of holographic light and sound frequencies that we all live amongst.

Hybrid Vibe is a musical performances group that "will have you spinning spirals in your very own mind"-IIII records Co. An all-spiritual experimental and original music/ improv, focused on the up and coming consciousness shift of the planet Earth (2012). New to the uprising musical scene, Hybrid Vibe is not only just another band of musicians, but a dedicated group of light workers. Hybrid Vibe is more focused on shifting consciousness through music, and making a positive impact on the planet through its only form of multi dimensional communication, "sound". Get ready for a very mind transcending performance, and Groove to the melodic melodies of HYBRID VIBE!