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From a talented group of young performers. Hy Def shines on their debut album "Bass In Tha Back". It grabs you with the lyrics of Testing from then on its hard not to listen without moving, with its progressive blend of rap and scintillating beats. It keeps going with "Bass In Tha Back" a great dance beat that hooks you in. The album slows with I Promise a soft rap with a slow tempo. This flows smoothly into the catchy "About My Music". From there the music transitions into the sultry and seductive "Four" which brings to life sex in the lyrical sense... not for the faint of heart but great. The album then jumps back to it grass roots of dance with "Party With Your Pants Off", Dominant Step and Wah Wah. The album crescendos with sexy lyrically explicit Sex Vacation. This features a sexy theme and flowing rhythms that stirs the imagination. This album is a hit for a new group and their first album they knocked it out the park on the first pitch. This album you can play at a party or with friends over and over and thats all you need is this album. Hy Def you say...ok. I look for good things to happen for them in the future. - By MadPotato (Long Beach, Ca United States) - See all my reviews


HY-DEF: will be the first artist/group to come out of the camp. Bass in the Back will be the single released off HY-DEF highly anticipated LP. When HY-DEF first exploded on the rap scene in 2005 with their fast rhymes, harmonious choruses, and gangster attitude, no one knew whether the uncanny Long Beach groups were for real or if they were a novelty success. After all, at this point in time, few rap groups outside of New York and the south had been able to prove themselves on a commercial level. And HY-DEF leap-fogged cult success, instantly rising to the top of there game with their summer anthem "Bass in the back." While other rap groups struggled to break away from the clichés first forged by NWA, Public Enemy, Boogie down Productions. HY-DEF struggled to meet unreasonable expectations and also struggled with redundancy, having realized their apparent summit on their highly anticipated album debut.



“HY-DEF” Biographies
I. How/where did you start singing/rapping/songwriting?
II. How long have you been in the musical field?
III. Where you in any previous groups?
IV. Who is your inspiration?
V. Who is your favorite artist/band?
VI. If you could do a collaboration who would it be with?
VII. What is your fear in the industry?
VIII. What is a great accomplishment that you’ve overcame?
Group Questions:
IX. When did Hy-Def form to be a group?
X. What is your biggest challenge as a group?
XI. What is the best part about being in this group?
XII. What sets this group apart from others?

Geremy Washington “AKA” Smilez
QUOTE:” Music should be Soulful”
I. I started in church, I was in choir. It started out as just a play thing but I actually fell to love it.
II. It all started in the shower for me.
III. Ive been singing since I was 13 years old.
IV. I was in a previous group called M2S (myself, cousin and family friend), IMC which consisted of 2 singers, and PDE (pants down entertainment)
V. My family and my lovely daughter inspires me as a singer.
VI. Some of my favorite artists would be John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, Micheal Jackson, Boyz 2 men
VII. If I could colab with an artist I would definetly colab with John Legend because his music really touches my soul.
VIII. I say “most people are afraid of the hype that they wont be able to accomplish what is expected of them.
IX. Ive overcame my talent to sing, it has grown stronger than when I first started.
Andrew Fowler “AKA” Drew Totha
Quote: “Hip Hop is an open market that’s becoming a monopoly”
I. I was very troubled growing up, I was full of anger when I realized that writing was my source of release.
II. I started out rapping in my garage by myself, I was in need of a studio
III. Ive been rapping since I was 14 years old.
IV. I was a part of a group called foundation & PDE (pants down entertainment). I almost got signed in foundation but the shine was going to my producers head, and PDE fell apart and we had to rename ourselves.
V. My inspiration is seeing how well my life, as well as the lives of others best fits the soul of the beat given.
VI. Some of my favorite artists would be Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Ludacris and Mos Def, Kanye has the best beats, Lupe is lyrically “bad” and I like the fact that luda speaks his mind and doesn’t let anyone stop what he has to say.
VII. I would colab with Kanye West, No ID, Luda cris and Mos Def
VIII. I feel I am inadequate and invincible to fear.
IX. A great accomplishment for me would be the art of being able to fit everything I want to say into a song and also just being in a group.

Austin Fowler “AKA” Dominants
Quote: “Mistakes are made to make me get better”
I. I actually came out of the shower and was asked to make a beat, I wasn’t so great back then.
II. I started out in my room on my computer, making beats.
III. Ive been producing singing and rapping for about two years.
IV. No ive never been in any previous groups I have my own production, “Dominant Talent”. I made this name up to best fit what I was trying to display about artists. The talent was self explanatory but the Dominant meant confidence.
V. My inspiration is my own artists.
VI. I don’t have any favorite artists, but myself and my artists.
VII. I would definitely colab with T-Pain, because I really take an interest in his music.
VIII. Honestly I have no fear when it comes to the industry.
IX. One of my great accomplishments would be making better beats each and every day, I don’t have as much stage fright as I used to, my other talents are developing as well.
Mercedes Albright “AKA” Laydees
Quote: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”
I. I started because my sister used to sing all the time when I was younger.
II. I started singing in talent shows and in the mirror.
III. I started singing when I was 10 years old.
IV. I was in two previous groups a group called unite, and I also sang with a friend but it didn’t go too far.
V. I am inspired by myself, and the spotlight.
VI. My favorite artist is Rihanna, Aaliyah, T.L.C., Lily Allen, and Nelly furtado
VII. If I could colab with anyone I would colab with Rihanna and the Fray
VIII. My fear is being a one hit wonder, I don’t plan on it, and will do anything to avoid it but still I know there’s a chance.
IX. My greatest accomplishment is rapping and showing my full potential on the mic.

Group Answers:

X. Hy-def became a group in 2005 after PDE split up, a group of mainly rappers than singers. The remaining 5 guys from PDE added a young woman and were renamed “Hy-Def”. But just recently a member excused himself from the group, for personal issues. This is how the group was formed, torn a part and brought back together.
XI. We have many challenges as a group, smilez says that he doesn’t like doing things wrong, Drew Totha says talking about the same topics because views are different. Dominant says getting everybody to agree