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Hyde Out

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"My music embodies societies have knots, the underdogs, kids that grew up with limited options", “I don’t know how else too explain it...my music mirrors my life"


“This rap stuffs a lay up and yall shootin from half court” That’s right, get ready for a bonafide standout and emerging star who disarms his fans with lyrical dexterity alluring lyrical acrobatics, stunning verbal versatility and fierce driving beats, featured on the highly anticipated release from St. Louis’s one man army. Entitled “What Part Of The Game Is That?” and EP with commanding street anthems and unapologetic reality.

“My music embodies societies have knots, underdogs and kids that grew up with limited options”. “I don’t know how else too explain it...my music mirrors my life, says an enthusiastic Hyde Out about” What part of the game is that”. The outcome of this creativity is a superb collection of tracks featuring Hyde Outs’ signature lyrical prowess and his ability to weave vivid tales of urban life with clarity, depth and precision. Combined with multilayered production from “Morse Code” one of St. Louis areas most cutting edge producers, “Hyde Out” will surely be regarded as one of the most profound artist in his era. Making classic records won’t be a challenge for this new Saint Louis monarch.

Born and raised in St. Louis’s south and north side, Hyde Out quickly identified with street peddlers and ruffians, a lifestyle that’s so ubiquitous with hip hop artists. Through the trials and tribulations of losing friends to the prison system and violent crimes, unlike his colleagues he managed to find an outlet through music, a talent for years that he over looked. Hyde Outs’ adoration for music came from a paralleled passion for the streets and the heartrending blues of the sixties. Now through hip hop Hyde Out expresses the same pain and soulful experiences as the music he grew up listening to with his grandparents.

Only twenty two years of age this mature and charismatic young man stands alone on St. Louis’ underground scene. His overdue fame will one day surface, exuding his unshared quicksilver deliverance and professional flavor. After witnessing the difficulty of landing a deal with his group “Tha A-team” Hyde Out decided to take matters into his own hands. This self reliant leader started working on independent ventures. The new sounds and styles that he found were a welcomed challenge for Hyde Out with his gift and determination his pursues a dream of discovering a mural large enough to express his art!


Please contact Shaun Pride @ foolishpride1978@aol.com for complete listing.

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Please contact Shaun Pride @ foolishpride1978@aol.com for complete set list.