Hydrogen Skyline

Hydrogen Skyline


Hydrogen Skyline encompasses heavy and rhythmic movements, polymetrics, and ethereal soundscapes within a mainstream music format. Hydrogen Skyline also encompasses a heavy fondness for artistic imagery and utilizing a steampunk style in promotion of their visual presence. hydrogenskyline.com


Hydrogen Skyline is a progressive/alternative rock band based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Formed officially in 2011, Hydrogen Skyline’s beginnings have spawned back as far as 2009 in similar projects with various other names.

Hydrogen Skyline emerged in the Colorado Springs and Denver music scenes in 2011 followed shortly thereafter by their first studio album: Echoes in Retrospect. Since, Hydrogen Skyline has been growing their fan base heavily through online presence including most of the continental United States, and a few outlying countries.


Hydrogen Skyline released their first album, 3.23.2012. It was entirely self produced and paid for. Recorded, mixed, and mastered with SomeWhereElse Studios in Colorado Springs.