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"Magazine Covers"

Hydrogyn's Julie has landed several covers of Magazines in the bands 4 year career. Hydrogyn has also been featured in the following magazines as well.
Flash Magazine - June 06,07,08(with Covers)

Fireworks (UK) July 06,07,08(with Cover)

Classic Rock Magazine Nov 06
Page 11 full page articleJune, 08

Rock Metal - Mexico - Nov 06

Rock Hard - France - Oct 06, July08

Metallian - France - Oct 06,07,08

Classic Rock - Feb 07
Just to name a few at this time.
Decible mag
Rock Hard - Germany
Billboard Magazine, - 06,07,08

These are just to name a few

- Various publications


This is a review from the bands recently finished European leg of their 2007 World Tour.


Hydrogyn are a 5 piece band hailing from Kentucky (US of A). Originally formed in 2003, they have grown from strength to strength. From filling out NASCAR arenas, Pepsi sponsorship, to having the legendary producer – Michael Wagener (Ozzy, Alice Cooper, Skid Row to name just a few) – mixing and producing their debut album 'Bombshell', Hydrogyn landed in the UK to conquer the European audiences on their Sex and Sins tour.

I first met Hydrogyn on the first day of their tour in Wigan, and I must say they did a cracking set! So much so, I decided to catch up with them again in York at Cert 18.

Hydrogyn's first song was 'Blind'. This song has a music intro which deffo defines their rock/metal sound with guitars from the masterminds behind Hydrogyn – Jeff Boggs and Jeff Westlake, beastie bass playing from Chris Sammons, great drumming provided by Josh Kitchin, and last yet certainly not least, ex-country singer and now iconic rock chick Julie with her aggressive hard rock vocals. On a follow on from that was the melodic side to Julie's vox on 'Vespers Song', then rocking it out with 'Breaking Me Down'. Hopefully, Jeff W won't kick my arse for this, but you can hear an Evanescence flavour in 'Breaking Me Down', but I would pay money to see a Julie vs. Amy Lee belting contest…Who do I think would win? JULIE!!! No not being biased, but any girl who can belt out a credible Dio cover is amazing. One golden rule in "things not to do in metal" is covering Dio, but she nails it. Throughout the set Hydrogyn continued to amaze the audience with their versatility, with a haunting, melancholy rendition of 'Come Back To Me', rocking out with 'Big Star', 'Confession', 'Look Away' and with an all instrumental track done by the guys of the band, showing off their techniques and each having their solo which was great to see. They finished their set with 'Book Of Names', which was a fantastic finish, incorporating their heavier sound. They returned for an encore playing a legend of a song, originally recorded by a legend of a man – Dio – 'Rainbow In The Dark'. Dio used his operatic vocals to fit the song, Julie did it justice with the amazing range in her voice.

At the end of the night, I was privileged to get an exclusive interview with Hydrogyn, check out what we got up to!

They have exciting plans for 2007. To find out what is next for the band and to keep up with regular updates on Hydrogyn, go to their official website www.hydrogyn.com or check them out on myspace on www.myspace.com/hydrogyn

Till next time… Keep It Loud!

And another one from YORK at Cert 18


With: Breakout Degree, Tidal Fury & Furyon
26th February 2007

Three nights into their headlining tour Hydrogyn have come to Certificate18. The cornucopia of talent that supports the band this evening is set in motion by the band, Breakout Degree.

A band that look like "every other band" on the scene right now, but come up with some excellent glam rock that puts them out of reach of the smothering Indie tag. The band in-fact are all about punk rock and they pack a fair bit of roll too. The vocals are vitriolic and proud in some places, and they become comfortably familiar as the set goes on.

Though the band appear a little "stayed" at times without a lot of movement, they "come up trumps" with "fiery" old school Offspring inspired efforts like "Love and War," and "Blackabarerra." It is here I figure out that the vocalist can claim a proud comparison to Glenn Danzig (The Misfits) if he were sharing cough syrup with Ian Astbury (The Cult.) Something a little different than "Indie" did I say? Be proud boys.

It is rare to find a band with as much flare and sheer "balls-out" confidence on the York scene nowadays than Tidal Fury, and this band have it in abundance. This will see them go a lot further than others in the City, purely because this band are "cock rock" personified, and they are not afraid to show it.

Though the first two bands are slightly similar in look and sound, Tidal's sheer energy sets them apart. Raging guitars and an energetic swagger that could equal Mr Jagger himself, (that goes for all the band members, cept' the drummer Ste, who just works damn hard and looks pretty swish as he goes,) proceed to catapult this band into the hearts of the crowd.

The die-hard fans are in attendance, the one's who clap and sway (and sometimes wail,) in unison with nice efforts such as "Whole Lotta Rosie" (yes, the title says a lot, and yes its an AC/DC tune, truly fun and "sexed up" ladies and gentleman,) and the highlight is in the explosive and Sex Pistol nodding, "Put Your Eyes On Me," a credit to the shrill and impactual vocals of Graham Fury.

A truly fantastic introduction to Furyon, Hydrogyn's UK tour buddies. These guys take the stage and everything starts to get a little more metal, and slightly less fun...in this instance, it's not entirely bad thing, (though I did start to miss the tight pants and leather after a while, I'll have you know my dear readers.) I mean, it's been a gig full of laughs so far, and the first two bands really are a credit to the York scene in terms of the spirit of live sound. Here…the true aesthetic of the night shows, the amps are turned up, the drums hit double speed. Everything gets, faster sweatier and meaner…so OK, it's your typical rock heavy Cert18 night to be fair, but Furyon (Brighton's own) rise to a new crowd with some heavy hitting efforts such as single "The One."

This song in-particular is evidence of all that is good about British metal today and this is what should see them on top festival bills in the future. With riffs that would make the legend that is Dimebag Darell proud. This is completed with the Metallica-esque "rocking-out" facial expressions that would make Mr Robert Trullijo ("watch as I pucker up and walk like a crab" fame,) pee his pants and run in fear.

There is no element of ego evident within this band, which is what serves to separate them from the other acts that have come before. The show, the clothes, the cocky style is part of what makes Breakout Degree and Tidal Fury worthy of watching, and is what keeps us entertained for the most part. The fact that they will bounce, and that "our" Graham (vox for Tidal Fury) can even do a decent impression of Hendrix's "ol' guitar behind the head master-act," is what get's our rocks off.

Tonight though, Furyon, like Britain's favourite Gibraltan metallers Breed77 and Italian rockers Lacuna Coil can produce a song structure, specifically in standout "Souvenirs" that will instantly make you want to mosh your socks off. There is a slightly melodic element amidst the noise that makes this particular song intrigue you and deafen you at the same time. They enjoy the challenge, and they rise to all, with crashing symbals and supercharged vocals blazing in Cert18 to close.

15 minutes later, the main event, the critically acclaimed Hydrogyn take to the stage. It's weird seeing four bearded and hardened metalheads take the stage alongside a slender blonde who looks like she should be in a Pantene advert, but here it is. It's a delicate balance between beauty (evident in the vocalist Julie,) and metallic fury in the four beasts (Jeff B, Jeff W, Chris & Josh) who accompany her (it's an affectionate term, trust me boys.)

"Blind" is a huge tune, epic riffs and melodic high vocals justify how big this band are and have become over four years of being together, and we can see now more than ever that this night seems to be about showmanship and an appreciation for true hard rock and roll.

"We'll play for anyone, no matter how big or small the venue is, we just want to play for people who enjoy our music" ~ Hydrogyn.

The above statement may seem a little cliché and slightly pretentious if it were to be used by a band who looked and sounded like they had just recorded the smash hit theme song of America's next top model…(of course they would probably all be women,) but that is certainly not the case here! It is clear Hydrogyn just want to play tonight and the fans lap it up. There are some great, if slightly X-Rated moments of interaction between the crowd and the band to remember…(note: I still think my boobs are biggest you know Julie?…but I'm too proud!)

"Come Back To Me" is an almost "ballad" like piece, showing how multi-faceted the group can be. It's nice for a change of pace, the band are soon back to what they do best with "Breaking Me Down." A standout for their set, grunge infused guitars and powerful vocals, nice breaks and timing show how the band have grown and matured as they work together.

Indeed, the lead vocalist takes time out between songs and actually leaves the stage, so that her band can showcase their immense musicianship, its nice to see because pre-conceptions could clearly be made here, that Julie and her…looks are what have made Hydrogyn so successful, Nope sorry. It's clear to see tonight that Hydrogyn have survived on being just "damn good" and have "stripped us blind" indeed tonight with their no nonsense metallic onslaught (and a little breast flashing perhaps?) BUT MAINLY, pure un-questionable talent….I have only one request for you my "sweeties,"…bring the "Strip Em Blind" tour back to Cert18 and York…..and bring the strippers with ya!!

Dominic Smith
Certificate18 - ANGEL OF METAL .com


From Rock Hard in Germany:


DARecords (50:07)

When one reads the name Michael Wagener on a package, it means there is quality inside. And the band whom wants to be taken under the wings of the Skid Row/Hammerfall/Malice/Raven- producer, has taste. So does Julie (yes, the blonde from the cover photo) whose strong, clean voice perfectly matches the sound of her melodic hard rock band. Once in a while there are some modern signs of songwriting but 80 erves fans of traditional (and sometimes calm) sounds. One can recognize Julie as someone who belongs to the 80s hair metal band generation because she covers 18 and Life from Skid Row which most of her Amerian colleagues would find cheesy today. Fuck them! Quality is timeless and never embarrasing.

You can order the well designed album by going to the bands homepage. Www.hydrogyn.com

Goetz Kuehnemund

8 out of 10

The Good
"Vesper's Song" begins with front woman Julie's melodic voice over a distant guitar progression. As the track continues, chunky riffs and pulsing drums help pump the track up. Julie unleashes her inner rage on "Blind," while the rest of the band sets the pace with pure metal rhythms. Soft and emotional vocal tones mix with powerful and unleashed ones on "Breaking Me Down." Dual vocal harmonies dominate the chorus of "Love Spoke." It's really difficult to accept anyone covering an AC/DC song except AC/DC, but the ever-energetic Julie does just fine hanging with the big boys. Listen for some great guitar work courtesy of Jeff Westlake and Jeff Boggs. Some of Hydrogyn's heaviest riffs come from "The Sand." They even through in a hypnotic guitar wail. "Book of Names" is loaded with heavy riff after heavy riffs and some enduring vocals. It's just Julie and acoustic guitars on the moving ballad "Come Back to Me."

The Bad
Nothing notable

The Verdict
What is it about female fronted metal bands that make them so appealing? Julie's picture on the front cover of this album may have something to do with it. All joking aside, maybe it has something to do with how the sweet and comforting female vocals mix well with the heavy guitar and thunderous drums, in sort-of a good versus evil scenario? Or maybe it's how women are believed to be full of sugar and spice and everything nice, but when she's part of the metal scene, she's being very naughty? What guy does like that?! No matter how you slice it, Julie's powerful and melodic vocals mixed with Hydrogyn's classic metal assault are a win-win situation.

Metal / melodic rock
The Good
Rapid-fire guitar riffage comes at you full boar on "Rejection." The guitar work is just as angry as the lyrical content. "On and On" starts of subtle and front woman Julie struggles with her internal emotions, but quickly turns into a melodic outburst as Julie's thoughts are released into the open. "Deadly Passion" is lead by a pure metal riff and vocal hook that is sure to rope you in. It may just be the sultriness and forcefulness of the vocals. Hydrogyn pumps up the Alanis Morrisette classic "You Oughta Know" with more distortion. "Over U" seems a bit presumptuous in comparison to the songs that preceded it. Is she truly over him when she just went on a five song tirade about how she's not? "Candles Light Your Face" is the closest you're going to get to a ballad. A dark and angry ballad that is. The chorus is quite catchy. "Shadow" continues where "Candles" left off, ballad wise. Julie really tests her range and delivers here.
The Bad
How can you leave the word "fuck" out of "You Oughta Know" but keep in 'go down on you in a theater?" And your band has done a tour on the strip club circuit. Stop trying to sell Julie on the album cover. The music is good. The other members should be recognized.
The Verdict
Deadly Passions adds another chapter to the Hydrogyn story. Hydrogyn's debut album Bombshell was more of a high-octane, energy driven metal album, while their latest album delves into darker territory with heavier riffs and tales of broken hearts and relationships. I can't really say one is better than the other, but they are both enjoyable metal releases.

Rating: 4 out of 5
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Hydrogyn - Bombshell
--George Dionne

Hydrogyn - Deadly Passions (Demolition/D2) Review by Steve Green
Let's get the obvious out of the way to start with. My god Julie Westlake is one hot woman. Ok, now that's out of my system, I'll devote the rest of the review to the album...
Now I wasn't expecting much from this album, but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Opening number, the rocket fuelled Rejection had me thinking of a female fronted Judas Priest, with Julie providing a very solid hard rockin' performance. And she's a real full bloodied singer. There aren't any operatics or messing about on this album. Track two, On And On is a much slower number than Rejection, but it's still a gritty rocker with a
nice modern edge and the melody just swims around in your head long after the song has finished. This song could quite easily appeal to both fans of 80s Metal and to fans of Evanescence as it really does hit the mark in every possible way. If you really want to know how good this album is, then listen to the brilliant cover of Alanis Morissette's You Oughta Know. The song could have been written for Julie as it suits her voice perfectly and Hydrogyn make the song their own. And all of their own self penned songs are of an equally high standard. Candles Light Your Face, in particular, impressed me as it embodied everything that was good about 80s rock and they've brought it right up to date. And that's just about the benchmark for the rest of the album. Good tunes, plenty of variation and a high level of performance from all parties. There's not a dull second to be found. So don't make the same mistake I did of thinking that this is simply an average band with a hot chick singer. This band have got it all. Very highly recommended. www.myspace.com/hydrogyn

Band: Hydrogyn
Title: Deadly Passions
Label: DR2 Records
Hailing from Kentucky USA, Hydrogen deliver a punch that like being hit by an express train full of whiskey (what a way to go). A rock extravaganza that mixes Hard Rock with Metal Guitars to produce a sound that is exciting and fresh, with the incredibly powerful vocals of Julie Westlake being just one of the many highlights.
The incredible tour de force that is new album 'Deadly Passions' hits the mark from the off with ‘Rejection’, an all out metal sensation with the vocals of J Westlake letting their presence be felt from the off, along with guitarist Jeff Westlake's sterling riff building, this is hard hitting rock n' roll full of female infused angst.
As the album unfolds it clear that the Westlake’s have the bull by the horns with some quite delicious HARD and DIRTY rock, with tracks like ‘On And On’ with it's delightfully mellow start, before the track simply explodes into a mix of light and dark and ‘Your Life’ with it's all out riff filled splendour.
When I first put this CD on there was a certain Canadian that Westlake reminded me of with the angst filled vocal style and when the hard hitting angst of the title track ‘Deadly Passions’ faded out and the intro into the next track, the light bulb above me went on as ’You Oughta Know’ the Alanis Morrisette cover put my mind to right, the similarities between the two vocalist styles is uncanny. Both seem full of vim and tear at the very hearts of men.
The hard hitting rock is truly in abundance on this album as it continues with the modern ballad ‘Over You’, a song very much in the Evanescence vein and track of the album ‘Candles Light Your Face’. Another gentle ballad that really brings out the best in Westlake’s vocals, then it's power all the way with ‘Seroquil’ and Silent Animation’ before the album closes with ‘Shadow’, another slower more ballad like track that again shows what power and grace Julie Westlake has. This ends a really great album and of the two album released this month by female fronted bands by D2 this is without a doubt my favourite.

1 Rejection
2 On And On
3 Your Life
4 Deadly Passions
5 You Oughta Know
6 Over U
7 Candles Light Your Face
8 Seroquil
9 Silent Animation
10 Shallow

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2004 -Indy release - Best Served with Volume
2006- October 31st - Bombshell - DA RECORDS
2007 - Strip'em Blind Live - DA RECORDS
2008 - DEADLY PASSIONS - DR2 Records




“Hydrogyn is going to be big, very big...” – Michael Wagener, Producer ( Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Alice Cooper)


In September 2003, West Virginia guitarists Jeff Boggs and Jeff Westlake began work on a new experiment – a compelling modern heavy rock tour de force like no other on the scene – an outfit designed to destroy musical and industry barriers.

Jeff Westlake on the blueprints behind HYDROGYN, “We wanted something a broad audience could love but also be something special. Something that stood out."

Fortified with cutting edge riffs, intelligent lyrics and massive hooks delivered by Julie (just “Julie”), a stunning front lady with a multi-octave range, the result is a formula set to conquer everything from Alternative Rock to Modern Hard Rock to Timeless Metal without sacrificing credibility.

HYDROGYN is built to explode.


By the time the band’s self-produced debut hit the scene, the industry was already putting their ears to the ground, picking up on the rumble that is HYDROGYN. Best Served With Volume found the band in favor with soft drink giant Pepsi, who not only sponsored the fledgling outfit but hoisted them in front of tens of thousands strong at NASCAR (Chevy Rocking 400 May 2005). The audience response was nothing short of inspiring. It was clear, even without prior exposure to the band, onlookers fell into the hands of the fivesome’s massive, genre leaping sound and mesmerizing front lady, making the case that Jeff Boggs, Jeff Westlake, Julie, bassist Jason Fields and drummer Jerry Lawson were onto something.

The audience affect was verified when HYDROGYN began packing clubs in the Midwest and New England areas, selling out venues that seated up to 1500 people. Smaller venues had them booked for multiple nights. HYDROGYN was rapidly becoming a live band to be reckoned with.


“In 7 years of editing a major hard rock webzine, I have never seen an indie act with such a complete package – broad appeal, great musicianship, a dynamic front lady and most important, they are smart AND determined. They understand the big picture and are quickly becoming part of it. “ – Brian Coles, Editor - Electricbasement.com

Hot off the heals of Volume’s release, HYDROGYN issued a professional video clip for the single “The Sand,” which was featured at the world renowned Electricbasement.com. The response to the bombastic music and sensual video was immediate, yielding the band radio guest spots across the country including www.Dailynoise.com and several Clear Channel stations including WAMX 106.3. Dark Vission TV jumped to put it in rotation, providing the band with massive exposure in Mexico and Latin America. Traffic to the band’s website soared, with visits eclipsing 25,000 per month, an astounding total for a new, unsigned band.

Top-level affiliations began to pour in. Sponsorships with Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, Off The Rim, Eagle Distributing, Pearl Drums, Vic Firth Sticks and Loud City.net followed in rapid succession. More recent sponsorships include Randall Amps and Modules, Eden Bass and Custom Gemstones.

But it did not stop there. NOW Comics featured a HYDROGYN track, “Vesper’s Song”, as a CD single included with their acclaimed graphic novel release VESPERS® by veteran author/illustrator Tony Caputo. The novel and band are currently nominated for an IPPY Award, which is a top honor in the independent publishing industry. Caputo also assisted in making the band’s new, curvaceous logo, perfect for hot selling T-shirts and other merchandise. Taking advantage of this, the band signed a licensing deal with Crave Trendware, with custom HYDROGYN watches to see store shelves in early 2006.

Julie’s visual and vocal appeal helped her gain notoriety with her very own column at Electricbasement.com called Julie’s Jolts, where visitors voted on which pics to include in her forthcoming calendar. The idea was a no-brainer after the brisk internet sales of Volume as well as a Julie poster that sold out a mere weeks after being posted in the band’s online store. The band’s ability to sell merchandise was another strong asset.


In the Spring of 2005 the band received yet another jaw dropping accolade. Legendary producer Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Skid Row, Alice Cooper) heard the band and was impressed to say the least, deeming them the best band he has heard in years. He also understood something else – the band could go over not just in North America, but also in Asia, Europe and South America. Once again, an indicator for the bands potential to cross borders, not just in genre, but geographical as well. So optimistic about their prospects, he agreed to produce the band’s next record.

(Wagener discography can be viewed here: http://www.michaelwagener.com/html/discography.html)

In June bassist Dave Moody replaced Fields. Moody’s talents and experience are huge contributions to the band g