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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Hydrous - She has to be"

"Welcome boys and, especially, girls to the next big thing. It'll probably depend on the quality, sharpness etc of the singer's cheekbones, but the frighteningly polished Lostprophets chorus already sounds like it's ready for arenas. - Rocksound


She Has To Be


Feeling a bit camera shy


(Paul Moody, NME)

Hydrous are a brand new, powerful young alternative hard rocking trio based in London who have already built a massive war chest of melody fuelled, angst driven, gloriously anthemic, epic rock songs. A living, breathing, organic rock band, Hydrous came together at the end of 2003, when Anthony Timson (vocals and guitars - 23), Vinzenz Benjamin (bass - 24), and Gideon Letch (drums - 27) rehearsed together for the first time. After a long, hard journey, Anthony had finally found a pair of compatible musicians - and like-minded souls - capable of spurring him on to experience that elusive rush, that pure, uncontrived, natural letting - loose of energy, live on stage, that he had been seeking.

Anthony, who is half Polish, was adopted at the age of 6. Brought up by his parents in leafy Surrey he first picked up guitar aged 11, totally resolved to be self-taught, because he ‘didn’t want to play like a teacher’. By the time he had reached Chelsea Art School, the sonic symphonies in his head had pretty much taken him over. “I’d spend hours in my room just working on songs, I’d be listening to the Beatles, Cheap Trick, and Stravinsky. I adore Black Metal, especially early Burzum and Ulver. The atmosphere created within their music is outstanding and yes, I see them as a very strong source of influence. Their music is sometimes melodic, sometimes calm, and then hatefully charged. This is not too unlike Hydrous”.

Anthony then began the long hard search for like-minded musicians. First he hooked up with magnificently bearded drummer Gideon Letch. Born in North Wales, he started playing clarinet at the age of 8, and then took up drums in his mid teens after discovering rock music. Following school in Scotland, Gideon moved to York to study English all the while honing his impressive percussive skills down in various extreme rock bands. He first caught Anthony’s attention as drummer for York death metallers Beyond Redemption and as soon as that band split, Ant persuaded him to come down to London for a rehearsal. The chemistry was so good that Gideon immediately quit his day job in York and moved lock stock and barrel to London.

Next to come on board was Vinzenz Benjamin, a classically trained bass-player from rural Austria. Born into a musical family, Vinzenz learnt piano from the age of 5. He was heavily encouraged to listen to classical music as a youngster, which of course meant that he would sooner or later surreptitiously discover rock music. At the age of 16 he went to his first rock gig and decided that bass was ‘the coolest instrument ever’. Two years ago, frustrated with the confines of the Austrian music scene and in search of exciting new rock pastures, he moved to London and hooked up with Anthony and Gideon.

Hydrous soon started recording demos in Middlesex’s Compression studios where they so impressed studio owners Suli and Stef that the band were taken under their wings; given space to develop, offered free use of any studio downtime available. Before long, Hydrous had 15 stunning tracks laid down and had solidified their bond with Suli and Stef to such an extent that the producers formed new label Area-56 as a home for the band. Shortly thereafter Sony caught the Hydrous fever and granted Area-56 a highly covetable, best-of-both-worlds deal through the major’s licensed indie labels division, SINE, with Area-56 receiving label funding to break the band in the UK and Sony retaining rights for Hydrous’ ex-UK exploitation. Since then Hydrous have been working on their debut album and gigging around, bedding in songs. The first fruit of their endeavors is the download-only single ‘She Has To Be’, available on iTunes.

And the band’s moniker? “I’m fascinated by how the environment shapes the way you are, and in turn plays a major role in the dynamics of composing new music. That’s why I chose the name.” Explains Anthony.

If you're into huge big polished guitar sounds, cut-glass vocals and gut wrenching melodies, then take a deep dive into Hydrous' wondrous musical waters.