We start with a solid base of improvisational jazz and throw in some funk and rock... to give a solid groove for people to dance to, but without leaving the listener's brain out of the equation.


influences - frank zappa, john coltrane, karl denson, herbie hancock, antibalas

what sets us apart - we jam with purpose.. no aimless jams, but rather, freedom within a form.

our story- (the ultra-quick version): jesse, john, and caleb have known eachother since elementary school, and matt is jesse's brother. john met mike at queens college, and mike knew gerad from their time at berklee in boston.


we have one unofficial "demo" cd. it's a short sampler we lovingly call "Hydroyum"

Set List

the structure of our shows can change drastically depending on the forum. at a bar, we will typically play 3 sets of 45-60 minutes if we are the only band (obviously less if there are other bands). our "average song" usually clocks in at around 7-10 minutes. we cover a few zappa songs, along with a selection of fusion classics from groups like herbie hancock's headhunters, billy cobham, chick corea, and a few others.