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Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States | SELF
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"High and tight, and everything's right"

POSTED BY: jeremy Madrid POSTED ON: 07/09/07 19:00:49
Hyentyte CD Release Show
Kate Ellingsen

On the luckiest day of all time, 7-7-07, local band Hyentyte tried its luck with a new album at The Cabooze at 917 Cedar Ave. in Minneapolis, where the band hosted its CD release party (with a cover charge of $7.00, naturally). The show was up against fierce competition, with Prince in town, the Basilica Block Party taking place, and every pair of lovebirds in the world swapping vows, but Hyentyte's true fans showed their colors by showing up, getting the party started, and dancing as only neo-hippies can do. The appreciative fan base was joined by many Cabooze regulars, clad in denim and Harley Davidson paraphernalia and always ready for a good time. Hyentyte embraced the cross-sector, and the band was able to connect with all attendants, old and new fans alike, proving to Minneapolis that this new album has the substance to carry itself, but it's ultimately a great soundtrack to carefree summer nights.

The party went well into the night, but the tone was set from the very beginning of the evening. Doors opened at 8:30 p.m. and early bird fans eased into the scene by drinking tap beer while playing darts or pool, all to the soundtrack of Fall Out Boy and Blink 182.

Taking the stage first was WBPN, a quartet from Fargo, MN. The members are self-proclaimed "very regular guys," and they shifted the mood away from the pop punk background music previously dominating the bar. The guys began their set with a few jams, and while the audience mostly chose to stay seated at the bar or gathered in smaller groups of friends, WBPN certainly warmed up the crowd.

But of course the party really took off once Hyentyte took the stage. The band's laidback sound fuses reggae with funk, ala other esteemed jam bands like Phish, Sublime, or the Grateful Dead. The instrumentation of guitar, bass, piano, drums and vocals allows for high energy excitement in jams like their hit "Just Enough to Get By" while also allowing gentle harmonies in their more graceful numbers like "Lemonade." While the band performed a few fan favorites, the majority of the evening was devoted to presenting the new material. The crowd responded well to the new songs by dancing, cheering during impressive guitar solos, and raising their beers as a toast to the musicians. Throughout the entire evening, Hyentyte kept the energy high and the atmosphere light, and the guys seemed to be thoroughly enjoying making music together.

While the band has changed focus and members since its conception in 1998, the CD release show at the Cabooze made one thing clear: Hyentyte are not performers. Don't get me wrong, they have great stage presence and they put on a solid show, but at no point in the night did the set feel like a performance. Their interaction between each other and with their fans shows that this band has its priorities right. They are genuine guys, making music for genuine friends. And that's pretty damn lucky
- www.earplugradio.com

"Hyentyte Funk Comes to What's Up Lounge"

After 12 years together, the members of Minneapolis-based soul-funk band Hyentyte (pronounced high-’n’-tight) are still passionate about what they do.

Their songs and shows are known for their contagious energy that gets fans moving and dancing. With the band coming to the What’s Up Lounge next Friday, we wanted to know what inspires all the enthusiasm in their music.

Here’s a bit about the group from frontman Tony Molek.

Who is Hyentyte?

Hyentyte is Tony Molek (keys, lead vocals), Vinh Nguyen (lead guitar, vocals), Marc Ouellette (drums), David Boose, the one and only “Boozer” (bass, vocals), Arthur Begley (rhythm guitar, vocals) and Louie Grandaw (percussion, vocals).

The first four members listed grew up together in Eden Prairie, playing in bands together throughout high school, making good music with each other for each other and their friends. (Hence one of our slogans: “Good friends making good music for good friends.”)

How would you describe your sound?

It’s richly influenced by rock and roll. We believe that most of what has become known as our “sound” has been spawned from our rock roots.

We love so many different kinds of music and have such different backgrounds: funk, rock, reggae, soul, dub, hip hop, classic rock, jam band, Latin, jazz, bluegrass, etc. But mostly it is a sound garnered from a simple, shared love of playing and creating music with each other — inspired by the very real and raw threads of everyday life — full of joy and lots of pain.

But ultimately, it’s very soulful and substantive. It really is a family affair. I think that sentiment is especially prevalent at our live shows — we enjoy what we are doing for ourselves and for everyone else.

For More:
http://www.mankato-freepress.com/features/local_story_045143644.html - Mankato Free Press

"The Big Wu"

Hyentyte was putting on a raucous show on the main stage. There were dueling guitars on a "Reelin' In The Years" jam, and they closed with a couple of genuinely fun originals. - Jambase

"Wu Year's Eve Bash"

At 9 pm, that six-piece, soul/funk sensation, Hyentyte, will take the stage. These guys have been burning a path all through the Northern Plains for the past ten years. Their tight harmonies and killer musicianship keeps fans coming back. They also mix reggae and their version of hip hop. Tasty.

- High Plains Reader

"THe Big Gigs"

Truth in advertising name...Hyentyte - Star Tribune

"Hyentyte plays Industry with Dead Larry & the Zombie Girls"

“[Our music]’s organic, it’s new, it’s fresh,” he said. “But it’s familiar at the same time.”

http://www.dailyiowan.com/2009/02/20/Arts/10164.html - The Daily Iowan


"Kin" (official album debut- August of 2005).
"Show of Hands" ( July 2007)

Music on:
www.hyentyte.com (currently under re-construction)
myspace.com (www.myspace.com/hyentytefamily)

Live Recordings on Archive.org:

College Radio Play as of Feb. 2006


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The Hyentyte Family traces its lineage as far back as 1998 when five intensely passionate, aspiring musicians crossed paths in the prosperous Minnesota town of Eden Prairie. Since then, 8+ years have passed, and that passage has seen a series of family reincarnations, name changes, new members, and personal journeys. Still, the original members of hyentyte remained it's core. Moreover, what started as a simple idea (good friends, making good music for good friends) rather than a band, grew into something stronger and much more significant.

With the combined musical knowledge and continuous drive to push and improve their live performances, Hyentyte creates a contagious and highly energetic experience for their fans. In addition to their effort to cover music genres well across the spectrum, this sextet has built the proper foundation in Minneapolis that will leave them rooted in Minnesota where ever they may go. With influences ranging from The Allman Brothers Band, Phish, Sublime, Widespread Panic, Red Hot Chilli peppers, Parliament Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Slightly Stoopid, Umphreys McGee, Pink Floyd, 311, Eazy-E, and Rehab, Hyentyte capably blends & bends different genres of music together with the greatest of ease, always resulting in one big, phat, booty- shakin' good time!