Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

With inspired lyrics and soulfully funky jams, Hyentyte has been captivating audiences throughout the Midwest with their movement inducing tunes. From foot tapping bluegrass riffs to electronica fused jams, from solid rock to improvisational roll, Hyentyte is a inticing collaborative effort!


The Hyentyte Family traces its lineage as far back as 1998 when five intensely passionate, aspiring musicians crossed paths in the prosperous Minnesota town of Eden Prairie. Since then, 8+ years have passed, and that passage has seen a series of family reincarnations, name changes, new members, and personal journeys. Still, the original members of hyentyte remained it's core. Moreover, what started as a simple idea (good friends, making good music for good friends) rather than a band, grew into something stronger and much more significant.

With the combined musical knowledge and continuous drive to push and improve their live performances, Hyentyte creates a contagious and highly energetic experience for their fans. In addition to their effort to cover music genres well across the spectrum, this sextet has built the proper foundation in Minneapolis that will leave them rooted in Minnesota where ever they may go. With influences ranging from The Allman Brothers Band, Phish, Sublime, Widespread Panic, Red Hot Chilli peppers, Parliament Funkadelic, Led Zeppelin, Slightly Stoopid, Umphreys McGee, Pink Floyd, 311, Eazy-E, and Rehab, Hyentyte capably blends & bends different genres of music together with the greatest of ease, always resulting in one big, phat, booty- shakin' good time!



Written By: Tony Molek

CHORUS B (3 part harmony):
"Lemonaaaaade" 4x
Well I sat down to play the blues with the old black man out by my sidwalk,
He said, "boy before we begin to sing I think we should have a little talk"
He said, "People say that i'm useless and i hear that more often than not,
but even when the world casts stones at me I still give them love cuz that's all I've got."
He said, "Son, you have eyes of silver & you're gonna get back all the love you give away,
So just kick out all that stupid pride that's standing in your way."
Well I picked up my guitar and said "sir that doesn't seem too tough."
He laughed and said, "Boy, if you've got a little bit of love, well then you've got more than enough," and we were singing:

CHORUS A: "Sister to sister, Brother to brother yeah, why does it take so much to just understand each other. Sister my sister, Lord. Brother my brother yeah, Why does it take so much to just Love each other?

"But brother, it still makes me sad when I see a world that is afraid to care,
And all the people being so ugly to each other, they've forgotten just how to share--
So if you're trying to feed some soul food to the people it don't matter which manner you choose,
Whether its rock n' roll, American soul or just singin' the black man's blues.
It's a breath of fresh air for those that are willing to see that it's all good,
And if you've got some soul to share it's gonna make the people feel understood....(CHORUS B):
Lemonaaaaaaade...it's as simple as a taste of....Lemonaaaaade.
"Whiskey and cocaine are my grinds that keep me from the touch,
when my soul gets tired & i'm afraid I can't go on & the world gets to be too much.
I aint gonna lie, I am what I am, and I can't run from what I been through,
And brother I feel your pain, in this world its hard enough just being you....(breakdown/V-3:)
So wake up today walk out your front door and breathe the air in and out
Cuz the changes are coming soon if you're awake enough to know what its all about,
But what made you decide to wake up today this morning before the rooster crowed,
Was it the opportunity to see how much your pockets could hold?
So brother, now I know what's goin' on cuz worrying is just a waste of my time and I'm cookin' up my love for a taste, to trade cold for warm sunshine and some...(CHORUS B):Lemonaaaaade (its as simple as a taste of) Lemonaaaaade....2x.
BRIDGE 2/v-4:
To cure the thirst of time the person in heaven will always know that the person in hell suffers more because they're trying to feed themselves when their arms have no elbows,
& The northern gates of heaven and the halls of hell down south,
Look pretty much the same except the people in heaven put the cup of life to EACH OTHER's mouths, (and they are singing)...CHORUS A: "Sister to sister, Brother to brother (etc...)...."
CHORUS B: Lemonaaaaade.....just a little bit....Lemonaaaaade.....sometimes all i need is just a little bit...Lemonaaaaaaade. Lemonaaaade. end.


"Kin" (official album debut- August of 2005).
"Show of Hands" ( July 2007)

Music on:
www.hyentyte.com (currently under re-construction)
myspace.com (www.myspace.com/hyentytefamily)

Live Recordings on Archive.org:

College Radio Play as of Feb. 2006


KDHX – St. Louis, MO
KDIC – Grinnel, IA
KDNE – Crete, NE
KDNK – Carbondale, CO
KDVS – Davis, CA
KEPC – Colorado Springs, CO
KEUL – Girdwood, AK
KFAI – Minneapolis, MN
KGAR- Lemoore, CA
KGSM – St. Peter, MN
KHNS – Haines, AK
KIDE – Hoopa, CA
KKCR – Hanalei, HI
KKSM - San Marcos, CA
KLC – Portland, OR
KLPI – Ruston, LA
BearCast – Cincinnati, OH
CFMU – Hamilton, ON
CFUR – Prince George, BC
CHRW – London, ON
CILU – Thunder Bay, ON
KAFA – USAF Academy, CO
KAMP – Tucson, AZ
KAPU – Azusa, CA
KASC – Tempe, AZ
KASF – Alamosa, CO
KAUR – Sioux Falls, SD
KBBI – Homer, AK
KBTL – El Dorado, KS
KCAC – East Camden, AR
KCCR – Tacoma, WA
KCSB – Santa Barbara, CA
KCWU – Ellensberg, WA
KMNR – Rolla, MT
KMSA – Grand Junction, CO
KMSC – Sioux City, IA
KNDS – Fargo, ND
KOPN – Columbia, MT
KOTO – Telluride, CO
KQAL – Winona, MN
KRSC – Claremore, OK
KRUA – Anchorage, AK
KSDJ – Brookings, SD
KMSR – Winona, MN
KSOC – Ashland, OR
KSUA – Fairbanks, AK
KSYM – San Antonio, TX
KTRM – Kirksville, MO
KTUH – Honolulu, HI
KUCI – Irvine, CA
KULV – LaVerne, CA
KUNI – Cedar Falls, IA
KUOI – Moscow, ID
KURA – Ourey, CO
KVNF – Paonia, CO
KWCW – Walla Walla, WA
KWMR – Pt. Reyes, CA
KWSB – Gunnison, CO
KWTS – Canyon, TX
KZSB – Santa Barbara, CA
KZSC – Santa Cruz, CA
WAIH – Potsdam, NY
WAMH – Amherst, MA
WAUG – Rock Island, IL
WAWL – Chattanooga, TN
WBFH – Bloomfield Hills, MI
WBMB – New York, NY
WBOR – Brunswick, ME
WBRS – Waltham, MA
WBSU – Brockport, NY
WBTY – Waltham, MA
WBZC – Pemberton, NJ
WFNP – New Paltz, NY
WFWM – Rochester, NY
WGMU – Fairfax, VA
WGRE – Greencastle, IN
WHCS – New York, NY
WHFR – Dearborn, MI
WHRV – Norfolk, VA
WHSN – Bangor, ME
WIRE – Norman, OK
WISU – Terre Haute, IN
WIXQ – Millersville, PA
WKCO – Gambier, OH
WVOU – Collegeville, PA
WVRU – Radford, VA
WVUA – Tuscaloosa, AL
WVUD – Newark, DE
WWHR – Bowling Green, KY
WWPV – Colchester, VT
WWVU – Morgantown, WV
WXCI – Danbury, CT
WXVU – Villanova, PA
WZBC – Chestnut Hill, MA
WZMB – Greeneville, NC
WSOE – Elon College, NC
WSRN – Swarthmore, PA
WSUM – Madison, WI
WTJU – Charlottesville, VA
WTSC – Potsdam, NY
WTSR – Ewing, NJ
WUMF – Farmington, ME
WUPX – Marquette, MI
WUSC – Columbia, SC
WUTK – Knoxville, TN
WUTS – Sewanee, TN
WVBU – Lewisburg, PA
WVCW – Richmond, VA
WVKC – Galesburg, IL
WRFL – Lexington, KY
WRGW – Washington, DC
WRHU – Hempstead, NY
WLRA – Romeoville, IL
WLTL – La Grange, IL
WLUW – Chicago, IL
WMBC – Baltimore, MD
WMCR – Westminster, MD
WSVC – St. Cloud, MN
CLC – Greyslake, IL
WIIT – Chicago, IL
KBUX – Columbus, OH
WDPS – Dayton, OH
WMSR – Oxford, OH
WDUB – Granville, OH
WBGU – Bowling Green, OH
KCSS – Turlock, CA
KGUR – San Luis Obispo, CA
KRXQ – Sacramento, CA
TIR – Fullerton, CA
KDUP – Portland, OR
KPUR - Forest Grove, OR
KEOL – La Grande, OR
KDUR – Durango, CO
KRCX – Denver, CO
KVDU – Denver, CO
KDWG – Dillon, MT
KFKX - Hastings, NE
KMSU – Mankato, MN
KNSU – Thibodaux, LA
KNDW – Natchitoches, LA
KXUL – Monroe, LA
KRNL – Mt. Vernon, IA
KSTM – Indianola, IA
KSAU – Nacogdoches, TX
KSPU – Seattle, WA
KULT – Cedar Falls, IA
KZMU – Moab, UT
Lasell – Newton, MA
WBTY – Waltham, MA
WCCS – Norton, MA
WMUA – Amherst, MA
WDWN – Auburn, NY
WLIU – Brooklyn, NY
M3 Radio – New York, NY
WBAR – New York, NY
WALF – Alfred, NY
WARY – Valhalla, NY
KUWS – Superior, WI
WBCR-2 – Beloit, WI
WIPZ – Kenosha, WI
WIDR – Kalamazoo, MI
WLSO – Marie, MI
WMUH – Allentown, PA
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WNRN – Charlottesville, VA
WNSU – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
WNYO – Oswego, NY
WOSP – Jacksonville, FL
WOUB – Athens, OH
WPCX – Clinton, SC
WPHS – Warren, MI
WPMD – Norwalk, CA
WPTS – Pittsburgh, PA
WRFR – Rockland, ME
WRFT – Ambler, PA
WRKC – Wilkes/Barre, PA
WRMC – Middlebury, VT
WSCA – Portsmouth, NH
WSCW – Worcester, MA
WSIN – New Haven, CT
WSJU – Jamaica, NY
WSKB – Westfield, MA
WRSI – Eau Claire, WI
WSVA – New York, NY
WSYC – Shippensburg, PA
WUMD – Dearborn, MI
WUMM – Machias, ME
WUSM – Hattiesburg, MS
WVOF – Fairfield, CT
WVYC – York, PA
WWSP – Stevens Point, WI
WWUH – West Hartford, CT
WZLY – Wellesley, MA
WARC – Meadville, PA
WCMR – Dallas, PA
WBSR – Providence, RI
WCWM – Williamsburg, VA
WLUR – Lexington, VA
WFCS – New Britain, CT
WGLS – Glassboro, NJ
WGLZ – West Liberty, WV
WGTB – Washington, DC
WKNH – Keene, NH
WLOY – Baltimore, MD
WMEB – Orono, ME
WMFO – Medford, MA
WMBH – Waterville, ME
WMKY – Morehead, KY
WMPG – Portland, ME
WMTS – Mufreesboro, TN
WCBN – Ann Arbor, MI
WCCM – Randolph, NJ
WCLH – Wilkes-Barr

Set List

-Just Enough to Get By
-Too Much Time to Think
-What Gives
-Just Another Bitch
-The Fist
-It's Our Beat
-Summertime Delight
-Real Life
-Salt of the Earth
-Occupy My Mind
-Quick & Dirty
-I Saw Jesus
-Return of Salle'
-Ditch the Rent
-Sunshine to Shame
-Show of Hands
-Truth in Jest
-What Gives
-Shake Loose

-Birds of a Feather
-Schmoo Jam (You enjoy myself)

-Chilly Water
-Climb to Safety
-Porch Song

-Doin' Time
-What I got

-Let's Get it On

-Couldn't get High
-Mexico (Tosh)

-Elizabeth Reed

-Much Obliged