Hyndsite is a new breed of hard rock, blending raw de-tuned guitars, with lots of melody. With plenty of sung verses, screaming breakdowns, balls out choruses, and a high energy live show, Hyndsite will set the new standard for Hard Rock.


This is a band formed in June 2002 who has been rocking West Central Ky. With their pure energy driven sound they have a tendancey to get grandma off the couch to mosh. With influences ranging from Sevendust, Korn, and Alice in Chains, their music is truly appreciated by all groups and ages. The 5 piece wall of sound has a sound of their own with their drop Bb tunings and super high energy live shows.They have been playing in West Central Ky for over 4 years and have been aired on 103.7 FM The Point and received the Settle Down award by the radio DJ Bratcher.


Spread the Anger, 2006- EP

Set List

1. Intro
2. Break My Silence
3. All I Have Left
4. Bent and Broken
5. Abandon
6. Guilty
7.You Forgot
8. Back to You
9. I just Died
10. From You.

We actually have 6 more songs that we rotate in and out of the set list. We have played shows ranging from 30 minutes, to and Hour and a half.