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"National acts team up with local bands in Poughkeepsie"

......In addition, Kingston-based band Hyngd performed before the headliner. The band is no stranger to the metal scene here in the Hudson Valley.
Hyngd always manages to bring a great number of fans to see its members perform. And their performance gets better every time they play. All dressed up for St. Patrick's Day, singer Shane Nelson got the crowd involved and impressed throughout a six-song set...... - John Neidhardt

"Concert Review: February 24th 2007"

........Next up was Hyngd, a band I believe that I have seen before, but cannot quite remember when. Anyway, they took the momentum that Within Another had built up and kept the night rolling along. I was very impressed with their performance, and considering that lead singer, Shane, was a little under the weather, he really put it all out on the stage. Their sound has some overtones of Tool and Staind, yet steps in a different direction. The music was solid, full of energy and just great to listen to. Most impressive was drummer, Gregg, he wasn't flashy, but he was incredibly crisp and tight, with perfect timing, very impressive. This is definitely an act to revisit, I see a good future ahead of them.

www.draven99.blogspot.com - draven99.blogspot.com

"Concert Review: April 7th 2007"

........I arrived at The Chance around 10:30. Hyngd was just finishing up their set, and after hearing what I heard, I am sorry that I missed the rest of it as they sounded really good. This is another local act that has been improving by leaps and bounds, definitely keep an eye on them.....

www.draven99.blogpsot.com - draven99.blogspot.com

"Area bands rock the Roundout"

....Later that evening, Hyngd (Kingston) took the stage and turned down the lights. The band recently played the Chance Theater in Poughkeepsie and attracted more fans to it's rock/metal sound. On Saturday, Hyngd brought a vibe of experience and excitement to the Rondout. These rockers can be described simply: They're loud and powerful. The group conists of Shane Nelson (vocals), Rich Williams (rhythm guitar), Tony Amato (bass guitar), Gregg Tyler (drums) and Mike Amato (lead guitar).

For more information, visit www.thehvscene.com and www.myspace.com/hyngd. - John Neidhart


4 song demo early 2006
5 song release "In The Days of Mourning" 2007
internet radio play (about 50 to list streaming)
105.5wpdh (live performance)
96.9 wrrv ( featured "Push")
Cear channel (Albany NY)



After guys from different bands started to collaborate with there ideas, Hyngd was formed. We continue to work hard in and out of the rehersal room to push to get noticed!! We all just love what we do for the band. We have opened for several national acts and we get great a great response and capture new fans everytime we play . We all have full family support and thats what drives us!! So come check us out for some great original rock. Come get "HYNGD" We can also be found at www.myspace.com/hyngd and Hyngd.com We are self sufficent and we handle our own exspences for our traveling. Get "HYNGD"