Energetic, Heavy, Creative, Diversity , Original , Committed . Our songs have a place for everyone ear that watches us . We can go from a hard rockin song to something mello to touch anyone . We have been compaired to Godsmack/Sevendust/Staind/Tool ,just to name a few. Come ck us out ! Get "HYNGD


After guys from different bands started to collaborate with there ideas, Hyngd was formed. We continue to work hard in and out of the rehersal room to push to get noticed!! We all just love what we do for the band. We have opened for several national acts and we get great a great response and capture new fans everytime we play . We all have full family support and thats what drives us!! So come check us out for some great original rock. Come get "HYNGD" We can also be found at www.myspace.com/hyngd and Hyngd.com We are self sufficent and we handle our own exspences for our traveling. Get "HYNGD"


4 song demo early 2006
5 song release "In The Days of Mourning" 2007
internet radio play (about 50 to list streaming)
105.5wpdh (live performance)
96.9 wrrv ( featured "Push")
Cear channel (Albany NY)

Set List

1) Yourself
2) The One
3) Exhale
4) Push
5) Far Away
6) Hollow Eyes
7) My own Hands
8) Saved
9) Hopeless
10) S.S.D.
11) Closer To The End
12) Alive inside
13) Break me
14) WTF