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The Purpose of HYPE

It has often been said, “Life is about choices.” The purpose of HYPE is to boldly challenge today’s youth to be the best that they can be by making the right choices for their lives. HYPE stands for Helping Youth Prepare for Excellence. Our goal is to inspire teenagers to strive to be kind to everyone, respectful of others, honest in all of their dealings, and to give their very best effort at whatever they set their hands to accomplish.

It seems like nearly everything that is given to our youth today is hype - things that are made out to be better than what they are. Tragically, these things only lead down a one-way street to nowhere. Too many people give up on our youth once they are in high school. They think it’s too late, but it’s not. By being real with the youth in an entertaining but confrontational sort of a way, HYPE can redirect youth on a more positive life course. HYPE will plant the seeds for success deep within the hearts of the young people, challenging and inspiring them to weigh carefully the choices that are being constantly laid before them.

Dealing With Their Issues

In this day and age everything that is brought to our youth is sugar coated, and everyone is afraid to be real with this generation. This is why we have created HYPE. Our team consists of college-age young adults, who are not afraid to speak the plain truth to our youth. The guys will openly talk about self-worth with the girls to let them know just how guys really think about them. The girls will tell the guys what they are really thinking about the things that the guys do and how they would like to be treated. These are things that many of them may not want to hear, but it is truth that they need to understand. Our team members have been through many of the same issues that your teens have been through: drug and alcohol abuse, depression, family problems, peer pressure, and a lack of self-esteem. Because of what they have learned “the hard way,” they are ready to show this generation that they don't have to make those same mistakes.

Appealing to their Visual Orientation

The media, MTV, the music industry, and television have a powerful and oftentimes destructive influence on the moral development of today’s youth. Recognizing that there is no better way to reach youth than through the arts, HYPE utilizes art forms like music,

modern dance, dramas and power feats, which we combine with intense motivational speaking designed to drive home the positive values we want the youth to embrace. We will present to them decisions that they are faced with in everyday life and model for them how they can make the right choices in every situation. By relating to them in a highly visual way that is very entertaining, we believe their lives will be deeply impacted in a most positive way.