Hype of the States

Hype of the States


"Hype will take you to the Penthouse. How's that for an elevator pitch."


An all-star cast of musicians who were not members of: Fleetwood Mac, The Pretenders, The Rentals, Garbage, Weezer, Metric... but would like to have been.

Guitarist, Austin Raukus, was bartending when he overheard these words of wisdom, "If I were tall, skinny, and good looking I would be in a band." The next day he started a liquid diet, and stopped washing his hair. Looking svelte and greasy he caught the wondering eye of Jezrael(lead singer) at an NYPD fundraiser. Too wasted to ever become lovers, they started writing music. Sandy (ex-drummer SpiderCunts/owner of Black Betty) found Austin and Jez peddling cassette demo's in the park. She immediately saw potential and the duo became a trio. Yada tequila yada houseboat yada forgot yada drugs yada new members yada E.P. yada lose members yada new members yada Obama '08! Now - new material, great shows, press, photos, and still livin' the dream.

"Hype of the States, a five-piece from Greenpoint whose refreshingly unpretentious pop-rock -- a cross-pollination of the pre-"Summer Feeling" Modern Lovers, Shibuya pop keyboards, and the feral stagecraft of Patti Smith -- gradually won over a crowd that, judging from its demographic diversity, was only assembled for the headliner. Lead singer Jezrael (yes, she's ready for the ubiquity of stardom) brought an insouciance to the proceedings that many female musicians have shunned as of late in the name of ponderousness. Rocking an outfit that would have seemed gauche on anyone else and probably elicited snarls from the trendoid contingent, she ably demonstrated that stagecraft needn't be sacrificed in the name of hipness -- or a good melody, for that matter. Guitarist Austin Raukus may well be the Ricky Wilson of his generation, an understated guitarist whose distinct style makes this band half as interesting as they are (the rock-solid rhythm section ain't so bad either). Keep an eye out for this bunch -- they're really good, and may presage a turn back to a more dance-oriented rock sound."
-by Sean Murphy
-Northside Reports


Some Like It H.O.T.S.
6 Song EP
Spring 2008
currently unsigned

Set List

The Professional
High Road
Right Place, Wrong Time
Not Me
Sexxxy Stuff
Just Wanna
Not Tonight

No Covers
This set runs 50 mins.