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Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE

Tokyo, Tōkyō, Japan | INDIE
Band Alternative Rock


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On November 22nd, 2006, HYPERCUBE 2nd new album?uThe three semicircular canals?v was released from delfi sound which is independent record company.



Killer screams dominating the space. Mellow melodies twisting around dazzling sounds. HYPERCUBE has finally completed the long-awaited second album: their first full album in seven years. More powerful than ever after their U.S. tour, their alternative soul rock has reached new heights.

This is one heck of a band. HYPERCUBE has an unquestionable grunge spirit ?\ yet the extraordinary three-piece conveys its deep view of the world through a unique music theory. After a successful live performance at CBGB, they released their long-awaited album in November. Their must-see live performance almost puts the listeners into a trance with a mixture of spiritual songs, throbbing rhythms, and the sound of the guitar in complete control of stillness and motion. My personal interpretation of their live show is: ?gNirvana meets the Andes.?h (from OUTBREAK)

HYPERCUBE has been together for about ten years. After making their debut in December 1998 with the album ?gAPATHY?h from Toys Factory Publishing, they released two independent mini-albums, ?gWHITE STATUE?h in November 2001 and ?gBLACKOUT in September 2004. In April 2005, the band made their first U.S. tour, performing in many clubs such as CBGB, which is known as the holy grail of punk music. Currently, they play in the Tokyo area about a few times a month and look forward to their upcoming Euro-American tour in 2007/2008.


Ken started playing guitar at the age of 15, inspired by the Beatles?f ?gTHE BEATLES 1962-1966?h. After playing in various bands, he formed HYPERCUBE in 1995. His unique vocal-style and effective guitar sounds are truly impressive. His favorite bands include The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and the Velvet Underground.


Yuusuke has a father who ditched work and went to the Beatles?f concert. In his childhood, Yuusuke was into the 80?fs Top 40 hits. Enchanted by the bass sounds from those hit numbers, he made up his mind to become a bassist. He is an original member of HYPERCUBE, and his style is to incorporate his own sounds into the other band members?f.


Throughout high school, Kozy played for four years in a band called PiLLips, which received an award at the Teenage Pop Festival. He then played with Double Cab Eater for eight years and, when the band broke up, joined HYPERCUBE. He is a hot-spirited drummer who plays in a powerful and straightforward style.

The Semicircular Canal Is .....

The semicircular canal is the donut-shaped sensory organ which controls motor nerves. The higher animals usually have three in each inner ear, and the canals enable the animal to sense movement or revolution. The title of the album represents not only HYPERCUBE?fs twisting, paralyzing and psychedelic sounds, but also Ken?fs melancholic daily frustration.

The Music of HYPERCUBE

One of our audience once described our sound as ?galternative soul rock,?h and I have liked this term since then. The term literally means soul-music flavored rock?fn?froll, and that?fs what we want to do: create touching and influential music that moves one?fs soul. We want to come up with a new form of sound that has a supreme sense of pop and mad groove at the same time, like a mixture of those great bands from the past ?\ well-balanced like the Beatles or Led Zeppelin, glamorous and bewitching like the Doors or the Velvets, and destructive like Nirvana. I have a feeling that we have improved and developed a great deal during the last two or three years. We have been assimilating and digesting a lot of things.

Our brand-new song will appear as the ending theme on regular NHK-TV program from July 7th to
September(every Saturday and Sunday).
This program will be produced for kids and get them interested in art.

One of our recent songs has already been adopted as a preset song on SONY Ericsson's new model which will go on sale in mid-June.