Hyperdrive, Go!

Hyperdrive, Go!


A science-fiction and classic horror themed band with influences from 1960's rock, rockabilly, and post-rock. Fun, clean lyrics, high energy performances, and crazy costumes all wrapped up into one.


Zombies. Robots. Lab coats. Suits from the 70's covered in blood. Fans have come to expect this and more from Hyperdrive, Go! during live shows. Their high energy performances induce the crowd to start dancing, singing and chanting along with the music. The end result is always a sweaty worn out band and a smiling crowd that yearns for more.

The band was formed in 2005 and has undergone different member variations as well as two location changes. Hyperdrive has been mentioned in HM Magazine, various 'Zines, and has played shows with Mercury Radio Theater, Harley Poe, Harry and The Potters, and many more.


"It's Alive!" LP - 2006

Set List

Sets have ranged from 25 minutes to an hour and a half.

Artists previously covered include Blaster The Rocketman, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, and Ray Charles. More to come in the future. Sets are usually comprised of mostly original songs.