New York City, New York, USA

Underground Indie Rock band from Iran set out to prove to the rest of the world that rock 'n' roll has no boundaries. Yes, we're from the axis of evil, but that ain't stoppin us from having a good time.


What is this all about? Five musicians, Chiming guitars and driving rhythm, appealing baritone vocals, one great
album, a couple of videos, tons of press, packing clubs in the Los Angeles area, and the usual love of playing rock n roll.

Sick of politics? When thinking of Iran you probably don't consider that region of the world as being an alternative-rock
hotbed. After all, the simple act of performing rock music there can lead to public flogging, time in prison or harsh
fines. That's where Hypernova is coming from. After playing numerous secret gigs in underground parking lots in the late
hours of night, the band decided to leave their homeland and let their music take them on a journey to Los Angeles, where
they ended up recording their debut album, Through The Chaos, produced by Herwig Maurer and mixed by Sean
Beavan (NIN, Marilyn Manson, No Doubt).

Where are they now? Recently relocated to NYC from Los Angeles, Hypernova have been rapidly winning over
fervent new converts while also receiving an impressive amount of press from the likes of MTV, Billboard, New York
Times, NPR, ABC, FOX, Playboy and the UKʼs Telegraph newspaper. The band has just finished their North American tour
supporting the Sisters Of Mercy, and preparing for another cross-country tour in mid 2009.

Where are they going? Best said in their song “American Dream”
I know that I'll never go back home / To the life I had, the life that I had known / They put me on the cover of their
Magazines / Scarlet skies and broken dreams / They promised me that we would change the world / For better or for
worse / All I wanted was to rock n roll / All I wanted was to see the world / The happenings on the streets / And mingle
with the kooks and beats


Fairytales that don't have happy endings

Written By: King Raam

There's a little girl that I am madly in love with
She’s only seventeen and she’s testing my patience
She knows what I want and I know what she needs
But we both know that we should not proceed
Father please forgive me for I've sinned again
And again and again and again and again

She’s a victim of the times daddy’s tryin to find
A way to keep his baby in line
He’s got it all figured out, he’ll keep her locked in the house
And wont let her see or hear no evil
Don’t you know the more you push the more she runs?
Run away run away run away run away

I promised her the world and she ate every word
She left her life in a sudden urge
She came along for the ride, now she's lost she starts to cry
The big bad wolf is at her door
Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest mother fucker of all?
It ain't me it ain't me it ain't me it ain't me
There’s no going back now it’s way too late
Her innocence is lost now nothing remains
There’s no going back now it’s way too late
Her innocence is lost, now nothing remains

These are the fairytales that don’t have happy endings
These are the fairytales that never ever ever end
These are the fairytales that don’t have happy endings
These are the fairytales that never ever ever end


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