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Hyper Snyper @ City Hall Sheffield

Sheffield, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Sheffield, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Hyper Snyper @ Duke of Wellington

Lincoln, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

Lincoln, Not Applicable, United Kingdom

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This band has not uploaded any videos



27 July 2009 / Demo / 2 Trk CDR
By Emily Slowlie

Lincoln town is the home town of Hyper Snyper, a bunch of badge wearing “brickies and sparkeys”, who sound like they’ve been brought up on a solid diet of three Weetabix,
WKD and the glorious sounds of both Baggy and The Enemy. “Hear The Sounds” is a simple melee of fuzzy stadium guitars and pulsing bass, peppered with electronica. There’s an anthemic, almost shouty swagger and it all seems perfectly combined. Then there’s this rock and roll guitar break; ricocheting off the walls with a big, beefy American blues rock riff out. Half a minute later there’s the sound of effected, ascending guitar highlights, mingling with the ever present meaty sequencing. It sounds quite simple, but there’s plenty of deep rooted thinking behind this accomplished rock out / sing-a-long,. “Feels Like Home” decides to trip off on a kind of sc-fi disco rock expedition, as Hyper Snyper try their hand at yet more cross genre innovations – truly original, memorable stuff with a brave but soulful heart, along the way, mixing in anything it cares to please.. - Music-Dash.co.uk

Live review-http://www.lincolnbands.co.uk/reviews/86_mezz.htm

Hyper Snyper don’t hang about, they typically don’t even use a very short touch paper it’s just off with a bang.

A working week is just so useful as a build up to a Hyper Snyper gig, the downbeat street image and fusion of various roots of musical lineage almost disguise some full-on heavy metal and grunge riffs and lines, there’s no other way to say it, and it’s all credible and satisfying.

This is smartass songwriting and no doubt about it, they have something going on here that’s easy to underestimate but not easy to ignore. - Lincoln Bands


Still working on that hot first release.




Organ Magazine Review -

(Hyper Snyper) sound like a riffed-up Happy Mondays...They sound like 90's Madchester.

Crispy Ambulance chancers and that Monday’s groove...Crunchy synths and guitar riffs, laddish Primal Screams, plenty of energy, groove, that singer certainly sounds like he’s from the North West,kind of like 'em.


Hyper Snyper weave a bizarre web of heavy electronic noise and melodies.

The band are a bunch of brickies and sparkeys from small town Lincoln with a sound falling somewhere between Primal Scream and a trance DJ at 2am, just as the drugs take hold.

Baggy Happy Mondays / hip hop rhythms, Guns n' Roses guitar outbursts and a grinding, choppy synth noise wall come together in a set designed and built to see punters thrashing about on the dancefloor in ecstacy.

You need this in your life. Maybe just once, but you do.