Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Continuing to set dance floors ablaze with their blend of choice covers and unique original compositions, Hypnopotamus leaves anyone within earshot no choice but to "get off their ass and jam"


hyp-no-pot-a-mus [hip-noh-pot-uh-muhs] -noun A five-headed funky mammal, borne of the fabled wormhole at the edge of the universe and ridden straight to your ears by a scant clad Valkyrie. Known for its mystical properties, such as the power to set a dead dance floor aflame, this cosmic creature will captivate and intoxicate, dilate your mind, and inflate your soul.

Hypnopotamus is relentless funky beats with soulful melodies; an irresistible groove sure to make heads nod and hips shake. Comprised of drummer Brad Schroeder, saxophonist Matt Simmerman, guitarist Michael Kelly, bassist Sean Ellis, and keyboardist Eric Cline, this quintet draws upon old-school funk, hip-hop, soul, and jazz to create their unique sound. With a quickly growing catalog of original material and a number of chioce covers, Hypnopotamus is setting up shows across the midwest and is keeping the funk alive in Madison.

Set List

Lurkin' Turkey
General Mills's Last Bowl
Nice Mr. Green
Between Me & the Door
The Juice is Loose
Big Chunk

Be My Beach (Funkadelic)
Let's Take It To the Stage (Parliament)
Maggot Brain (Funkadelic)
Flashlight (Parliament)
Red Hot Mama (Funkadelic)
Cosmic Slop (Funkadelic)
Standing on the Verge of Getting it on (Funkadelic)
Mary Jane (Rick James)
Move on Up (Curtis Mayfield)
Family Affair (Sly Stone)
Hang up Your Hangups (Herbie Hancock)