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Band Alternative Classic Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Spring Break @ Canes Mission Beach Psychedelic SoCal Lives on?? Good or Bad"

Spring break fling, checked out Hypnotic Odyssey a...
Spring break fling, checked out Hypnotic Odyssey at Canes in ....Misson.. ..Beach..... They are trippy and fun. Most of their rock ‘n’ roll melodic style is hip, edgy, trashy and simple, but a few other tunes had a crappy poppy punk feel- boring. After one verse I found myself falling in love with the singer's emotional story telling and funky bass riffs. On a few tunes even over the crappy backround ska rhythms her belting voice over the crazy drums had me wanting to hear more. Oddly enough they were the last band and I can honestly say I was a little disappointed when the hypnotic journey came to an end. Three heavy songs that stick out. Fire In Your Eyes, Obsession and Muddy Waters. They're available on a 4 song EP. Keep your eye out for Hypnotic Odyssey. - Published by J-Sin http://indie-smother.net/

"Local Roundup at Brick by Brick take me on a Hypnotic Odyssey"

Local indie bands Hypnotic Odyssey opened at Brick by Brick for a band who’s name and set was so long I had to leave. Best way to describe these kids in Hyp-Ody is pseudo modern grunge meets vintage psych rock. I dislike chick in rock bands, they bore me. Big bonus here, the chick singer doesn’t suck! The singer and guitarist seem to share a throwback classic rock vibe. Toss a groovey underage bass player in the mix and the style fuses and feeds the need for balance. Blues, rock meets funk is how I heard it. Their drummer kicks ass too, when I saw the African colored drum kit I immediately assumed stoner slow. I stand corrected boys and girls, he’s off the hook. If you’re a SoCal hipster, here is your band. Hypnotic Odyssey thumbs up. - Stories Blurt Music News (Published By Jay Allen Stanford)

"Review The Hypnotic Odyssey- Self Titled EP"

Listening to the The Hypnotic Odyssey’s self titled EP doesn’t feel like I’m listening to a normal modern indie rock album. The have sounds from another era. The basic song structure seems too basic and boring when I first started playing each song but when the powerful vocals kick off and drums, guitar and bass zone in and power out, it turns into a beautiful emotional journey, like early seventies rock and funk meets melodic love songs of the sixties. Hypnotic Odyssey is right, they take you places! - Published by Kristi Mollina


Hypnotic Odyssey (self-titled EP)



In a city that has a plethora of cover bands....we are Hypnotic Odyssey San Diego's very own female fronted Indie-rock band that captivates its audiences and dominates the scene with its vintage Southern California psychedelic rock grooves and edgy melodic style. The band’s solid line up is made up of 4 diverse individuals with rich rooted pasts in the San Diego music scene. Both fans and critics alike say there is no other band in the business like them……Hypnotic Odyssey is a band you should watch for! So take a listen and come check us out!!! X