The Hypnotist Collectors

The Hypnotist Collectors

 Oakland, California, USA

When its just you and a record, you lay on your bed and you think the man singing is an old old soul, telling your stories. Maybe he sees those private pictures that you thought were yours alone. You close your eyes, feel sad, ecstatic, almost perfect. These are songs that grow on you, that fill you, that make you feel your own beauty. This is the Hypnotist Collectors. Pretty rockin' folk mantras; even epic country style, graced with a melody guided by harmonica, violin, and the lovely maracas.

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Smooth Seas EP - May 2010
Worn Out Factory LP - Unreleased (April 2011)

Set List

Emily Jane
Tale of the White Thief
Take my Time
Lights Out
For the Kicks
We Will Ride
Queen of the Scene
Smooth Seas
Angels of Oceana
Wasted Jesus Blues
Play with Fire