Hypogea is a fun, melodic hip hop band from Toronto. We sound like a cross between the Roots and Black Eyed Peas, but we venture into Rage Against the Machine waters. We are a four piece with great on stage chemistry and an energy that gets a crowds attention and approval.


All members have been perfecting their craft for the majority of their lives. Danny and Danielle Grew up together and Reid and Tyson played music together as children. Danielle started dating Tyson and it wasn't long before they all teamed up to create Hypogea. Hypogea's sound is a live instrumentation of hip hop music which incorporates elements of rock to create a fresh sound catering to the socially conscious young adult demographic. having two lead singers (that are romantically involved) creates an on stage chemistry that others envy and which lends it's hand to songwriting that sees both sides of the story quite clearly.



Written By: Danielle Demerino

Strawberry Champagne on a morning Monday, a freckled lampshade, they’re though
Happy haiku won’t be seeing you in a stage production, gone too.

Now you’re running past the things that you use to love
Scared someone’s going to go and recognize the drugs
They’re the reason for this mess you’ve made
No one ever looks at you the same

So breathe, breathe deep, breathe deep
Breathe, just breathe, just breathe

Stained red blanket, tragic night shift on the corner of sunset pay’s due
Peddling small cash, your dinners their trash and its getting real cold poor you

Now its dark and your cold, and you’ve sobered up
Wanna try and re-build but it’s not enough
Would they reach out if you made that call
Pride’s high, but it’s time to fall

So breathe, breathe deep, breathe deep
Breathe, just breathe, just breathe

Skin tight disgrace, pride you replace and you’re in a tax break ooohh you
No empty bottles, your daughter’s phone calls and you feel as someone wants you

So tempting it is to return to the streets
Hard to attend but you can’t miss meets
Staying course has its pluses too
Oh they believe and you wish you did too

So breathe, breathe deep, breathe deep
Breathe, just breathe, just breathe

Breathe, Breatheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Written By: Danielle Demerino

The Kitchen distanced the tribe
so many people all trying to hide
and the world didn't know
it was about to explode
the burst hid itself inside

sometimes our eyes
are caught in difficult crimes
but the spark of a match
the tap of glass
collision of our signs
you were mine

now the night divided into two
the scared and the starring debut
and the street lights predicted
the energy we inflicted
became our own

and sometimes out eyes
are caught in difficult crimes
but the catch of a car
electric guitar
spilling in to your sheets
I was yours

I was yours
I was yours

ohhh ohh oohh oh oh


We have not released any of our songs digitally for profit. We have a full length album that we have been selling at local shows and which has been well received. Nothing we have created has been played on air.

Set List

The Flame
Evolved Outlaw
Don't have the Time
Bouncer at the Gate

Our sets range from 45 to 55 minutes