Featuring Lydia Harrell's amazing vocal talents, Hyptonic plays jazz/neo-soul. The band plays original material that is modern and funky, yet sophisticated and deeply-rooted.


Hyptonic is the brainchild of singer Lydia Harrell and pianist/composer Scotty Vercoe. They met in various Boston-area bands and formed an early version of the group in 1999. Since then, Hyptonic has been writing/recording albums and performing up and down the East Coast for many adoring fans.

At first listen, vocalist Lydia will capture your heart with her expressive sound and harmonic brilliance. A Michigan native, Lydia has been amazing Boston audiences for the greater part of a decade. In addition to Hyptonic, Lydia has performed or recorded with Doob, Kemp Harris, No Static and the Buck Dewey Big Band. Lydia was runner-up in the 2007 Boston Popsearch competition, resulting in a performance with the Boston Pops in Symphony Hall.

Keyboardist Scotty Vercoe co-composes much of the material with Lydia. Scotty also plays with Zen Bastards, Thelonius Griffin, the Vercoe-Mulroy Duo , Impromptu! and Mental Thirst. Scotty works with the National Film Preservation Foundation silent film restoration project, recording three original scores for their upcoming DVD release Treasures III: Social Issues in American Film.


Free Meal

Written By: Harrell/Vercoe

It doesn't take much of a man to say
that he'll pay for every mistake that he will make
It's someone who keeps his actions in line
who don't mind to keep their life right, and
If you think someone raised you wrong
don't get angry, just write it in a sad sad song
the guilt kicks in get compensation in time
Then they'll know they comimitted a crime

Does it sink in what I say to you, say to you
Do you know what you're here in the world to do, world to do

It ain't my fault you drink for fun
why don't you stay at home takin' care of the one
who cooks you a meal everyday of the week
she gets mad but, but she don't spring a leak.
And this Damn car won't go no faster
quick change the lane, forgive me master
I don't know where to go
I've got too much on my plate
give me time so I'll rejuvenate

I need my emotions explained to me, explain to me
When I cry you just stare in disbelief, disbelief

Maybe it just looks that way never knowing what to say
You need to stay strong see everything you've done.


Written By: Harrell/Vercoe

I look at the troubled world around me
and still I know that it ain't gonna bring me down
I watch little kids turn from playing to fighting
and still I know that it ain't gonna bring me down

Bring me down...bring me down
'Cause boy you lift me up
when I'm down
'Cause boy you lift me up
when I'm down
'Cause boy you lift me up
from the pain and suffering in my heart,
in my mind, in my life

I can hear the voice of a mother crying
and still I know that it ain't gonna bring me down
I read about gangs and all the people rioting
and still I know that it ain't gonna bring me down


Written By: Harrell/Vercoe

Woke me up in the mornin'
Got me dressed for school
Made sure I got there on tim
Made sure I'd follow the rules
Bought my all my new clothes
and gave me lunch money too
No one could ever hurt me
'Cause mama didn't raise no fool

You'd go the extra mile just for me, mommy
On my 21st you took me to the bar in my new car, my ma
Thanks for all the help with the prom, you're my mom

You tried so very hard
to teach me right from wrong
I never knew how to thank you
and so I sing this song
Sorry about the horrible things I said
I so proud you kept a strong head
Sorry for pickin' those ladyslippers

The fine line between comedy and tragedy, mammie
The only things that matter that are true come from you, mamu
When you need advice go to no other, go to your mother


9/9/99: 6-track EP
When It Rains: full-length CD
The Invisible Movie Soundtrack: full-length CD

Set List

Jam in F
When It Rains
Do You Dream?
He's Gay
Free Meal
It Ain't Funny
Listen to Me, Listen
Wastin' My Time