I.DEAL & Mic Logik / Chi-Native
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I.DEAL & Mic Logik / Chi-Native

Chicago, IL | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Chicago, IL | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Duo Hip Hop Latin




"Being All In and About That Action: I’m All In from I.Deal’s GAINZ"

Chi Native Entertainment‘s own IdealRaps, Mic Logik and ThrowEmc come together on this hook heavy and verse rich song I’m All In, produced by the Windy City veteran producer Custom Made. This high production value track, which will be going on Idealraps’ upcoming album GAINZ, has a little bit of everything; two voices layered singing the hook, two verses, one slightly more uptempo than the other offering the song texture and vocal juxtaposition. Mic Logik and ThrowEmc are singing the refrain together. Idealraps is on the first verse and Mic Logik took the second with a clean midwest chopping flow.

“I know who I am and I know what I’m doing” is repeated before the main hook and bass drop comes in, building up to “I’m about that action…I ain’t for the talking”. This is the type of song to give one motivation in the gym, to bump in your car on a night out, or in your earbuds on the daily grind of traveling in Chicago. They capture that windy city sound authentically. Lines from the verses that stood out to me were “My hair long, my blunt loud, keep a spicy chicken like Kung Pao!” from Idealraps and “No division within my coalition, I go and get it while you hoping and wishing!” from Mic Logik.

Mic Logik and Idealraps will be performing at Rap Caviar III on February 16th in Renaldi’s Throne Room venue. Rap Caviar is Chicago’s cutting edge hip hop showcase series presented by Ever Evolved and Bombay Boyz. They will be performing this and more! Check out I’m All In and browse through Chi Native Entertainment and Idealraps records below.

IDealRaps | Bandcamp | Mic Logik | Bandcamp
ThrowEmc | Instagram

Ever Evolved | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram - ERIC WILHELM


We work out to get stronger. We build strength to be our best selves. We are our best selves when we know who we are and what we're doing. It's almost impossible to see the progress when you are focused on the process, but the process in the end is the most important part. The focus isn't on the prize, it's on the incremental progressions, and this insight stymies so many artists. It isn't about fitting in it's about standing out. It's not about winning the race, It's about the GAINZ.

I.Deal has put together a tremendous project here. I've had the honor of hearing advanced snippets of the record in addition to the released singles, and it's extremely clear that Chi-Native Entertainment trusts the process. This record cuts no corners. The lyrical ability of I.Deal and Mic Logik has been established for years, but features by relative newcomer ThrowEmC help build on a strong foundation. Joining them at the cookout is extremely dope and highly polished production, expert engineering, crisp promotional materials, a savvy social media presence... The Chi-Native camp is serious, and I'm All In.

This music is awesome to work out to. It's awesome to pop in the car and roll down windows to. It's just awesome, and I'm so proud of I.Deal and ThrowEmC and MicLogik for this serious achievement.

(On a side note, I'm particularly honored that he showed love to the Daywalkerz camp on his album cover art! Game recognize game I guess :))


https://open.spotify.com/album/5WgEct28MJjjeHVsLJgoC5 - Jon Rayfield


Native Scripts - June 2007
Here For Work Man - April 2008
Just A Sample - July 2010
Your Welcome - November  2013
Bcuz I Can - April 2016
Gainz - Coming Soon April 2019

Mic Logik
The Drawing Board - August 2007
OverDue - May 2018



I.Deal is half American Indian (Navajo Tribe) and Mexican Hip-Hop Artist that has been writing and recording for well over a decade. I.Deal formed 1/2 of the group known as Native Scripts, which released their self titled debut album in 2007 through Workhorse Entertainment. I.Deal is now the owner and President of his Indie Label called Chi-Native Entertainment which also features another artist named Mic Logik.

I.Deal and Mic Logik have both performed throughout the Chicagoland area for several years at such venues as: The Funky Buddha Lounge, Sub-T, Getz Theatre, Flat Iron Building, Cherry Red, Fiesta Cantina in Wrigleyville, Valentino's and Candela's Nightclub, Reggies Music Club, Cafe Lura, Silvies to name a few. Following the release of his debut album "BCUZ I CAN" I.Deal is currently in the studio recording his next album entitled "GAINZ" which will be released shortly.  We threw our own festival - organized, managed by Chi-Native - Music In The Woods 8/17/2019 - 1st Hip Hop Festival ever in Des Plaines, Il

Mic Logik is an artist who fell in love with hip hop at an early age and was influenced throughout his 
whole life and loves performing live. Mic Logik makes music that he feels is relatable to everybody and what you hear is what you get. Mic Logik's album "Overdue" was recently released and received quite an amount of fan fare further building upon his persona he is currently working on new music with a release date TBD.

I.Deal and Mic Logik are streaming on all music platforms search Idealraps and Mic Logik.

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