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I Set The Sea On Fire

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | INDIE

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Alternative Alternative


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I Set The Sea On Fire @ KT&G상상마당

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea

I Set The Sea On Fire @ 프리버드2 (Freebird2)

서울특별시, Seoul, South Korea

서울특별시, Seoul, South Korea

I Set The Sea On Fire @ Plug

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom



"Tastes Like Funk: Track Of The Day"

For a brand new band to be pumping out a single of this quality is quite something - meet Sheffield newcomers I Set The Sea On Fire, a sure fire tip for biggest underground party anthem of the Christmas season with new track 'Tastes Like Funk'.

Coming on like the brilliantly confused offspring of Reverend & The Makers, OK Go and Jack White, this snarling, bluesy banger is dripping with swagger and a has that will bury itself in your brain for days on end.

The rousing chorus of “Get blazed, get blazed, raise a glass to the end of days, I could have been anything, I could have been a saint, in the end we all die just the same. When I’m dead, I’m dead and I’m done, all I wanna say is that it was fun” is the perfect refrain for this feel-good, nihilistic party anthem. - Glasswerk

"Best Albums of 2016"

I Set The Sea On Fire rank #6 in Sound & Silence's Best Albums of 2016, above the likes of Explosions In The Sky, The Oh Sees, Beyonce and more. - Sound & Silence

"Album Snapshot: I Set The Sea On Fire"

I Set The Sea On Fire are a four piece from Sheffield, knuckling genre confinement a gaping hole with their penchant for exploring any sound that brings down the house.

They recently uncovered their latest single 'Tastes Like Funk', a grizzly chunk of their forthcoming self-titled album, that ferries their rock 'n' roll mantra with razor sharp guitar parts and lyricism that harks the spirit of youth.

With our attention firmly piqued towards the albums release next year and 'Tastes Like Funk' slipping its way into national radio playlists, we put the band in the spotlight to get a snapshot of its workings.

What does the album Represent?

The album represents coming of age, and holding on to the stuff you believe in when you are young. Still believing in raw music and the true spirit of rock 'n' roll. The song that most represents this is ‘We Start Fires’ , which is about holding onto underground music.

Where does it stand musically?

It’s hard to say exactly, we’ve been classed as everything from hip-hop, indie pop to jazz-grunge. We play the music that we want to play, and we never get drawn towards what modern music is trying to become. We play what feels right for us.

What’s the story behind recording it?

This is the album we’ve been working on for about four years, and we’ve been haunted by years of setbacks. However, we feel this is more of a gift than a curse, as we’ve created an album we’re completely happy with.

Pick out a lyric from the album?

“If I take my anger back to her, it’s like taking the devil to church” – it’s from a song called ‘Worship’ which we’re still working on. It’s about waking up and losing faith in religion that you were taught from a young age, and putting your faith in another person instead.

Favourite song to perform?

‘Tastes Like Funk’, as it’s our latest single. It’s also the song we’ve had the best reception with, and it’s got the most rock ’n' roll guitar solo. It’s the song we all fully get into when we’re on stage.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about it?

A couple of the songs are off our first ever album which we produced ourselves in an attic bedroom. It had 25 tracks and was only on sale for 12 days! - Skiddle

"Sleep Now Suburbia Album Review"

English alternative act I Set the Sea on Fire began to build a fervent fan base back in 2010 when they arrived on the scene sporting a funky variety of indie rock tunes. In the six years since, they’ve enjoyed a lot of success, with acclaim coming from the likes of BBC Radio and Exposed Magazine. Right now though, the band are busy promoting the release of their highly anticipated debut album, Sleep Now Suburbia.

“Romeo Is Dead” introduces the record via mellow music and soft singing that rests extremely easy on the ears. It’s all very pleasant and peaceful before “America (Part 2)” explodes to life via vivacious vocals which reverberate rousingly across instrumentation that stays speedy and exciting from start to finish. “W.A.K.E.” slows down then while keeping quirky and compelling. Its merry melody mesmerises over optimistic music that manages to be both tranquil and thrilling all the way through.

“Shake the Grave” accelerates again when it’s done, arresting with its riveting riffs and spirited serenade. Its rapid rhythm and enthusiastic attitude give rise to a wonderfully upbeat and absorbing addition ahead of the boisterous beat that begins “Wild Flower”. This raucous affair showcases stirring stanzas amid volleys of vociferous guitars and drums, all of which results in a tumultuous undertaking that enthrals throughout.

“Tastes Like Funk” develops determinedly afterwards as percussion pounds underneath forceful riffs and invigorating vocals. There’s a cheeky trait to the whole thing that affords it a festive feel as it flies forward. “We Start Fires” follows as another quick composition that captivates with its colourful choruses and vivifying verses, while “Pareidolia” enchants through heartfelt harmonies and exhilarating instrumentation.

“Worship” is wild and riotous in its wake until “Hollows” heads in a gentler direction. The affecting offering which ensues serves as a poignant preface to the sanguine riffs of “Iodine”. A delicate and endearing endeavour takes off from here to bring things to a calming conclusion.

I Set the Sea on Fire have forged a fantastically fun inaugural album that exudes oodles of charm and charisma. Its playful personality allows for an uplifting listening experience that’s guaranteed to go down well with a wide audience. - Pure Mzine

"BT Sport's Musical Top Picks 2016/17"

SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: BT Sport's Musical Top Picks 2016/17 - BT Sports

"Sleep Now Suburbia - Music Review"

Okay, wow, hi, hello. I’ve been gone a while. I did my exams. I passed second year. I moved to Wales. I forgot I had a blog for a while, to be honest. This is a post I wrote a few weeks ago, and am finally posting. A music review, for a change, enjoy.Let’s talk about Sleep Now Suburbia, new album from Sheffield indie band I Set The Sea On Fire (known as ITSOF on friendly terms). That’s a lie, it was new three months ago when I wrote the first draft of this. Jesus, why? I got the album from funding its Indiegogo campaign, which, to be honest, was a good choice by me.

The album has a certain feeling of nostalgia to it. I think everyone will probably have different memories come to them. Not even memories of events, as such, more like memories of a feeling, which I know sounds wanky, but it’s very true. The pause of tension before a breakup that had been coming for a while. The minute after midnight at a New Years party, in your mates living room. When I first listened to the album, it reminded me of being an awkward teenager, getting drunk, kissing boys, kissing girls, wondering what the hell would happen next. The album is fun, it’s playful, it’s hopeful.

There’s a Costello Music style undertone, not just because of the occasional trumpet use. Although, it’s really nice having trumpets back in British alternative rock. I’ve missed those. It’s undeniable that the band are good musicians, but, man, trumpets. It’s dance-y, and good to sing along to on long car journeys. The key song of the album is Tastes Like Funk, which was a single earlier in the year. I had the lyrics to this stuck in my head for a week when I first heard it. It’s bright, bold, and catchy, deeply energetic. My favourite song, however, is Romeo Is Dead, not only because of, y’know, Shakespeare. While the rest of the album is loud, it makes you want to shout and dance like a mad thing, this track is softer, a little sadder, a little slower. It’s beautiful.

If it wasn’t already clear, I love this album. It’s my current favourite thing to listen to while traveling, because it makes me feel like I’m in a film. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. - Existential Non Crisis

"Sheffield Music Review: I Set The Sea On Fire"

Mark and Joe discuss some music news and review tracks from I Set The Sea On Fire, The Retrospectives, Seven Hills, Be The Revolution and Uncles of Wise. - Exposed Magazine

"Introducing I Set The Sea On Fire"

I set the sea on fire are a five piece outfit from the city of Sheffield. It consists of Billy Washington on vocals and guitar, Peter Jenkins, vocals and bass, drummer Josh Knight, Joss Allsopp , vocals and trumpet, and Megan Washington on vocals, percussion and keyboard.

They formed in 2011, and after starting out playing pubs and clubs and have built up to share stages with Reverend & The Makers, Little Comets, King Charles and Roots Manuva, and have played all over the region and further afield.

The first track that initially came to our attention here at Backseat Mafia, was the brilliant Lullabies (blades and knives) from their debut EP, Colours. This piano driven leftfield track, Washington’s quirky voice one of the stand-out features, and with this huge buzzy bass, the sort you can feel deep inside your chest as it pumps onwards.

Listening to their latest release (it came out in February) W.A.K.E. what strikes you is that I set the Sea on Fire actually write good, and in some cases really good indie pop songs. The title track is a case in point. More stripped back than the earlier Lullabies, it’s a straight forward indie singalong, albeit with that (it’s becoming a trademark) quirkyness, reminiscent of Los Campesinos and that ilk. The only criticism I can level at it is its rather woolly production, but in the end it sort of adds to the DIY charm of it all.

You get the feeling that I set the Sea on Fire have all the songwriting tools anyone could want already in the bag. When they settle on a sound, (and that’s not a criticism – that’s just growing as a band) then they’re going to be in danger of being very popular indeed. And not just in little old Sheffield. - Backseat Mafia

"Tastes Like Funk Single Cover"

British based funk act I Set the Sea on Fire have been busy recently working on their soon to be released debut record, for which they’ve already managed to incite a lot of anticipation. The BBC and Exposed Magazine have both praised their efforts and while the album itself won’t arrive until March, its lead single, “Tastes Like Funk”, popped up online at the end of November.

It pounds in upon purposeful percussion that’s soon joined by a smooth riff. The guitars glide gracefully from here, evolving into an exhibition of fast and forceful instrumentation that enthrals as it gives rise to a rousing alt-rock rhythm. There’s a fun feel to everything that keeps it compelling on the way to the vigorous vocals of the verse. Bursts of invigorating guitars erupt every so often from underneath the expressive singing, ensuring that the energy stays extreme.

A cool chorus ensues, captivating ahead of a bridge of more mesmerising music to the second stanza. There’s an intensity underlying the whole thing that’s incredibly arresting before a laid-back breakdown of lackadaisical drums and relaxing riffs takes over. This doesn’t last long though as another rousing refrain sets in and drips with determination amid thrilling trumpets and gripping guitars, all of which brings the affair to a fiery finish.

It’s easy to understand why these guys have been winning so much acclaim once you’ve experienced this anthem. Its fine fusion of funk and rock works really well, forging a singular sound that’s both dynamic and endearing. Check it on iTunes now. - Pure Mzine


2015 Bundle - August 2015
Digital Release Only
1 - Florida Horrors
2 - Pareidolia
3 - Low

Tastes Like Funk - November 2015
500 Copies + Digital Release
1 - Tastes Like Funk

Sleep Now Suburbia - April 2016
1000 Copies + Digital Release
1 - Romeo Is Dead
2 - America (Part II)
3 - W.A.K.E
4 - Shake The Grave
5 - Wild Flower
6 - Tastes Like Funk
7 - We Start Fires
8 - Pareidolia
9 - Worship
10 - Hollows
11 - Iodine

Forever Diabolical / The B Sides - November 2016
500 Copies + Digital Release
1 - Wrong Kind Of People
2 - Animals Don't Go To Heaven



I Set The Sea On Fire are one of the UK’s finest alternative bands, consisting of Billy Washington (vocals, guitar), Pete Jenkins (bass, vocals), Meg Washington (flute, vocals), Matt Price (trumpet) and Josh Knight (drums). 

Sounding like a cross between Indie, Grunge, and good old dirty Funk (with a hint of Hip Hop thrown in) I Set The Sea On Fire are a true 'one of a kind' band. After a string of packed out shows in their hometown of Sheffield, these breakers of the laws of physics have solidified their loyal following, and defined themselves as the hottest Alternative band in the city. 

Following the earth shattering success of their tremendous single Tastes Like Funk, I Set The Sea On Fire released their debut album Sleep Now Suburbia in April 2016, and were immediately flooded with offers of festivals both in the UK and abroad. In 2016 alone, I Set The Sea On Fire have played both private and public showcases at Zandari Festa (South Korea), YNOT Festival (UK), Liverpool Sound City (UK), Tramlines Festival (UK), Kaya Festival (UK), with The Great Escape Festival (UK) just around the corner.

Their hit single Tastes Like Funk is being frequently used on BT Sport and Sky Sports, and will continue to be used for the foreseeable future.

With another single in the works and gearing up for release in November 2016, I Set The Sea On Fire have gathered support from BBC Introducing, being named at #2 in the Sheffield chart, and are ready for 2017.

'A F**cking Masterpiece!' - BBC Sheffield Introducing

'We Love That!' - Dermot O'Leary, BBC Radio 2

'A grizzly chunk of Rock 'N' Roll that brings down the house!' - Skiddle

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