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Written By: Iain Archibald

Verse 1
In a time, where fear is prime
We will stand, hand in hand
You’re not gonna move us, you’re not gonna win
We’re not gonna back down, no we won’t give in
You think you can buy us, your money can’t talk
We’re gonna show you what we have got.

We won’t be your hostages
We won’t be your slaves
Consider the line, in the back of your mind
That you will have to face

Verse 2
We will find, out this time
Where you had, gone mad
Your trial has ended, you can’t deny
Time passes slowly with no aliby
Pride can be dented, and repaired again
We will show you how we defend



Chorus x2

© Iain Archibald 2009

Look Inside

Written By: Iain Archibald

Verse 1
I walk these lonely streets alone
My shadow beside me, wherever I go
The moonlight traces my every step
It’s going to take a lot to forget

Yeah! I gotta make it…
Even if it takes my whole life…

Woah, I’m gotta make it in this town
Yeah, it’s gotta take all of my might
Maybe if I look inside I’ll find my way back home
Woah, I’m gonna make it through this time

Verse 2
These stages don’t call out my name
I Fight the fear of failure, at every stage
The spotlight traces my every step
It’s going to take a lot to forget

Bridge/ Solo

© Iain Archibald 2009

Falling Down

Written By: Iain Archibald

Verse 1
Again it feels like I’m stuck in a dream,
I try to wake up, but I can’t see through…
Trapped in a room with no windows,
That’s how it feels when you’re on your own.

But every now & then,
I stick my neck out to defend,
The little piece of me, still hanging by a thread.
I… can… see…
the better side of me.

Now I’m
Falling Down, I’m Falling Down
Around my knees
I can’t
Make a sound, Make a sound
Through these Fears.

Verse 2
How can my brain force, what the heart won’t fight,
It feels like a knife, running up my spine…
Paralysis of the mind,
I try to scream, but it’s trapped inside.

Every now & then,
My body mind & soul align
But I’m pulled back down to the cold harsh floor again.
I… Can’y… Feel…
My body just, Won’t work


Roadblocks in my mind, steer me from the light
Sadness in the eyes, nobody can fight
I won’t let it get me, no I won’t
It ends tonight!


© 2009 Iain Archibald