Formed in September 2008, Lafcadio is a foursome out of Carrboro, North Carolina. Members Liz Ross (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Ryan Dowdy (lead guitar, backup vocals) Stevie Howell (percussion) and Eric Notarnicola (bass guitar) mold their myriad influences into a folk-rock-blues fusion that appeals to listeners of all kinds. Dowdy and Ross combine their respective influences of Nick Drake’s folk and Janis Joplin’ s blues-rock style, while Howell and Notarnicola add the punch necessary to engross live audiences.
Their music is fitting in the local indie-rock scene, but strains of country and sharpened songwriting pervade Lafcadio’s songs to create a more distinct sound. Songs like “Seven Leagues” and “No Man” tell stories of individuals’ journeys, while “Maria” and “Lord Knows” cast powerful moods. The band’s energy and musical effusion has helped them to quickly build a reputation for lively shows that belie tremendous talent and potential.
Lafcadio will be releasing their first recorded effort, the self-titled EP, on January 30th. Given their exponential growth in popularity over a few short months, this strong first release should only continue the trend.


Lafcadio EP