I Alive

I Alive


We are just six guys working our way to the top.


Our music has a mixture of metal, rock, alternative, scream, and much more.


Night Nurses From Jersey

Written By: Chris Doss


You can't just run,
And hide in the hills,
The pain you've tried to numb is real,
And the answers not so far away from here,
The demoral,
The night nurse calls,
As we're watching all ourselves,
Killing each other,

They've shutdown all the phone lines,
Listed demands and they've threatened a deadline,

Let it go, Let it go,
Its the hardest thing my dear I know,
Let it go,
Take down this antidote,

We can't waste time,
When everything thats around us begins to die,
They want to set this town on fire,
The skies will burn so bright tonight,
We can ride on the tides,
Of our ekg lines,
There's a glitch in the system,
Where the nerves should align,

Take down this antidote,
The parasite's alive,
Drink this serum for your second shot at life,
This is your slow coming demise,
We must survive.


Light Up The Darkness