Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

Alternative Boom Bap Backpack Poetry.


A nod to 90's boom bap told through the eyes of a 26-year old kid from Philadelphia.

Upon receiving my Bachelors in Fine Art in 2008, I realized much of my artwork was based around the knowledge I garnered while listening to Hip Hop. The things I valued, where those jewels and I built upon them in college and life. While other cats were finding their place among the chaos, I found myself removed in a meditative state making beats. The mic was introduced naturally.

Eight years into it, and I couldn't imagine myself not involved in Hip Hop. Beats Rhymes and Life, right?

I'm just starting to realize my potential and I'm excited and hungry for the future. This year marks the release of my first solo effort titled 'The Age Of Reason'. My EPK features cuts from said project. I know my sound may teeter on alternative, which is where my head has always been, but its been cut out of the granite that is Boom Bap. That granite holds weight. I hope you enjoy what you hear. Peace.


The Age Of Reason - LP Summer 2012

Reset Button - Single from 'The Age Of Reason' 2012

Audio Art [BEAT TAPE] 2011