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My music is a mixture of Hip Hop/ Pop/ and R&B. I bring lyrical content and positive music to the game.


What up what’s happening, you already know this is the ONE & ONLY 305Fresh. First and foremost I'd like to THANK YOU for taking time out to check me out. THANK YOU. Well for those who don’t know, I'm a proud HAITIAN AMERICAN who is born and raised in the county of Dade. B4 moving to North Miami I lived in LIL HAITI (shouts out to everyone I know out there & Rest in peace to all the fallen soldiers), in lil Haiti, I attended Morning-Side Elementary School. From there I went to Miami Edison Middle School. Ever since 6th grade I use to be in class with some of my hommies freestyle'n. As I grew older I got better (because I practiced so much). By the time I got to the seventh grade I was going through a lot of home issues. Everything started to really go down hill for my family and I, and by the end of my seventh grade year my mother told me that we were moving to North Miami (in all honesty I couldn’t believe it). Growing up in the hood, “lil Haiti”, helped me realize a whole lot of things, one example is that life is to short, live humble and positive and great things will follow. Anyways, I didn’t want to leave the hood, but little did I know I was moving into pretty much the same environment, the only real difference to ME is that here in North Miami we have more "Houses". Between lil Haiti and North Miami, we have the same type of diversity, we have a whole lot of beautiful women, of all ethnic backgrounds, there are gangs of all types, drugs, fiends, hoes, fuck niggas, real niggas, etc. (its just to much for me to write as of this very moment), all in all I ended up right back in the hood without even knowing I would. Anyways, I left Lil Haiti and moved to NORTH MIAMI where I attended North Miami Middle School……… AND THAT’S WHERE IT ALL BEGAN......... Ever since I was 12yrs old I would freestyle, but its wasn’t until I moved to North Miami for MUSIC to take a serious position in my life. When I got to the 9th grade, at North Miami Senior High School, I met my new family. (Apps, Scooby, P.K, Funk1, Krunk Man, J-Zoe, North Miami Hot-Boyz Jet Black & Godson, Dj P-T, T.B. Smoke One, Bizz Mac, Smurf, Magic, Bugzy-Da-Dice, (reunited with my brothers J-Boy & Dj P-Nut), Guchene, (G-Ryder R.I.P), My Producers Dj A.O.L, Kenny, and Garin. all my hommies on 6ave also all my hommie from that Dixie side, as well all my dudes from the west side and a few more, My bad if I didn’t mention your name). From my 9th grade year to my 12th grade year I passed through a few groups, for example “The Untouchables”, “Blasphemy”…… I also was signed to an independent label known as “Teflon Records”. After departing from all of those past situations, I still was out here doing my thing. I stayed on the grind and still am on the grind. After graduating high school I move to ORLANDO (Where I met the Take Ova crew), Mr. Chris aka Cash Chris (Da TO) and J Ru$$ (Da TO) are two of the many influences in my life, they are also two of the many people who encouraged me to record. After about 6 months I moved back to North Miami. If you are asking why; well the answer to that is; I was given the best news on my life (so far), my lil lady was pregnant with my lil girl. When I got down to Miami from Orlando my career started to take its true place in this music business. I started to record a lot more, for the most part I further developed my skills and knowledge as a musician. Now I've linked with a few more people and a lot more Dj's. I've been a NorthMiamian for about 10 years now and the one thing i can say, above all, is that GOD IS GOOD.... As a matter of fact GOD IS GREAT. Life is rough but no matter what.... I have this feeling that i will prevale above all of my doughters. Today many people are starting to take me more serious than i could've imagined. On a different note, I am currently enrolled at Miami Dade College as a Music Business Student and a M.E.I.S.A. (Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association) member. My goal at MDC is to earn an A.A. degree in Business Management of the Music Business program as well as network with future music industry professionals, and get some hands on experience in and outside of the school’s music world. I learned a very important thing in schoo...... ( IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'VE BEEN DOING THEN YOU'LL KEEP GETTING WHAT YOU'VE BEEN GETTING)... {SHOUT OUT TO MISS RUBEN}. Anyways, I hope you listen to my music (whether you like it or not), and understand that I am serious about music and I AM THE BEST ARTIST OUT HERE IN DADE COUNTY. THANK YOU........ THANK YOU........ THANK YOU... P.S. iAm305Fresh! Are You?!!!!! 100!


Take A Look At My Swag feat. Dj AOL.... I Came Out Here To Party feat. Dj AOL