Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
BandHip HopWorld

Fiona Apple mixed with Tupac


607 raps and plays the banjo. His performance energy is always contagious. H e was recognized on CNN for his community service. YIK3S!


Piece of Your Own

Written By: 607

We ride, smash out, off the wall, glasshouse
Bein in the hood ok, on the cool, everybody tryna get they ass out
Asap, anyway, anyhow, get about hustle tactics and flip that bread
Coin to a bill to a knot to a shoebox, that's stuck in my head

Living will and testament, they know i represent 607 reasons you should never rap again, a dent can make a difference
My homies in da pen; but me i'm in-da-pen-DENT -
i'ma let you take that in

We squattin with the shottaz, potnas who pistol poppers
Stand up niggas who dont have no problem with baby mamas
We workers with no collars, some villains with no cielings
Better pay me like i weigh or bes' believe i'm gone be stealing

Made it outta the killing and there won't be many after him
That's cuz gangbangin is a blood borne pathogen
High school folks get at me bro, i'm still a loc and still a trip
Peel out on the showroom floor, smokin up the dealership

I'm Ok

Written By: 607

They pop them warning shots off tuck they tail and run
Then try to hype theyself up off a G's response
But no such thing will exist cuz
Silly rabbit, tricks for kids and the strip club

Denied me for medicaid, funky bitches
Then turned around and taxed me 10 racks for a doctor visit
Unnecessary CT scan, playin with you
Blow my phone up 'bout that bread, i BET you do not get it

Through the lies and the hate, watch the plan manifest
Rise of the apes, we don't have a planet yet
Girl don't understand it yet, so she worriesome
But if she shut her mouth i might could get some work done

I hit the streets like they hit me first
If you're coming with me baby; put some flip-flops in your purse
I'm a man so some things i feel but i don't say
But i keep coming back- that's how you know i'm ok

Bird High, Fish Low

Written By: 607

It's certainly early for hype hyperboles
Purposely downplaying the money so they won't murder me
But baby how rich do i have to be? Cuz them booty cheeks is a ass-terpiece
Do she want it? Do she need it? Yeah she can get it, but she can't keep it
Fucc that naysayer, he's asleep
evil freezes this thick skin i bleed beneath, please believe

They mad, i still feel like i ain't did shit
Misfit, this cash wont fit in a twitpic
This clique, we smash on em, make em statistics
His skin, big gash open like a can of biscuits

You think i'm lying about that last description
I can't wait til you witness your first stab victim
That's the benefit of rockin with the 60
Brought the sick and twisted memories of my childhood with me
what's up??