Whether you want to call it Emo, Rock, Pop-Punk. The 6 musicians could not picture themselves doing anything other than what they are doing. Between full time jobs and school, these guys do not know what else they would want to do with their free time. Making music a


In a world of music where pop tweens and rappers rule, comes a band who wants to offer something else. With influences from at the drive in to Elliott smith, I am Alaska is here to wake you up to a different sound, and stop the musical monotony that's taken its grip over the last few years. With an in your face style and the passion to show that theres more ways to express yourself than screaming and breakdown after breakdown. In a time where local shows and scenes have become high school popularity contests, its time to strike back and change things up. Todays musical world is everywhere, finding a unique style is everyones goal, but hard to do. Its time to have fun at shows again, end the elitism and put the art back into music and push forward. That's what I Am Alaska is striving to accomplish. So come out to a show support local music, get into it! See you at a show near you.


Conception and Creation

Written By: Cityscapes

Carving fate into our souls
This machine turns a wheel of misfortune
But I wasn't brought to this
I've been here since conception and creation

It seems that we've lost all importance
It seems that these standards have finally ended
but it's not a problem if nobody cares
And is it worth the effort?

Fail me, and you shall be haunted
Please me, and I will be happily rewarded
But is there still any left for me?
Is there still any left for me of yours?

I've decided it's time to leave things behind of importance
These standards have finally ended
It is sad when no one even cares
I think I'll just pass off the effort

Cause I'm not through with this I've only just begun

The seeds that lay dormant sub-ground are about to erupt in a billowing cloud of frustration, and though I am frustration reformed could you please remind me because we were never warned of this.

we weren't brought to this,
we've been here since conception and creation.


S/T EP (2008)