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The debut LP from “Iama” is out now. The album is comprised of ten original tracks written by Jamie Byrne and Ciaran O’Neill.

The idea for this album came during a visit to Co Kerry back in 2004, where the two musicians rented a farmhouse and spent a solid two weeks writing and recording the music. Iama enlisted a host of session musicians to work on the album. These were Ronnie O’Flynn, Claire Fitch from the National Symphony Orchestra and pianist Cormac McCann.

The music is both beautiful and evocative. The tracks aim to set a dramatic atmosphere, and do so flawlessly. From listening to the record and holding it in your hands you get the feeling that it was made for artistic reasons rather than chart success.

By all accounts this is a very interesting debut, that sets an impressive standard from where Iama can evolve.



Written By: Iama

Hold me a little while
Til im awake
Im stuck in the middle of, a bad dream
You owe me this much now
Ya know I cant breathe
Im off in my own world and now I cant see

Something's about to fall
And im the clown on your wall
Something's about to fall
Now im awake, (I freefall)

Colours that hypnotise, flashes
Im stuck in the middle of a black field
I look for a piece of life, I cant see
Over the hill I hear ya calling..

Something's about to fall
And im a/the clown on your wall
Something's about to fall
Now im awake, I freefall

You Smile I Smile

Written By: Iama

I try, oh my,
Flag fly, old red sky,
Try as I might, I failed to try,
Oh my, try to try

I try, oh I,
To fly flags o'er your sky,
Clear day, and I'm blind,
You smile, I smile.


Iama - Debut LP Out Now

Set List

Seamus Deluxe
Space B
You Smile I Smile
Before Colour
Happy People Happy Animals
Two Trucks