Iamb is an experimental indie folk project featuring the songwriting of Ross Major. Recordings feature various instruments performed by him; live performances feature various musicians maintaining his vision of a sound that is congruous but built of diverse influences from post-rock to modern folk.


Iamb is a musical exploration that began soon after I first moved to Utah to attend BYU. When I experienced difficulty in finding bands or people to play with there, Iamb emerged, with low-quality recordings of songs realized and produced in my dorm room. Lyrical content reflects the ambiguity of the project's title - while "Iamb" can be read "Lamb," "I am," or "iamb" - referring to either deity or poetry, Iamb's songs refer alternately to one's relationship with God and romantic love and can be seen as a summative map of my spiritual, social, and romantic experience since that time.

I write songs with keyboard, electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and cello. My little brother George graciously shares his talent on cello and violin when we play live. Other performers are often called upon as well, so expect surprises!

The first full-length album, "I'll Stay Waiting," was released August 2006 by local independent label Real Love Records, and has proved to be a large underground success with great online and live sales. Iamb's internet popularity piqued the attention of a group of filmmakers at UCLA, who were inspired to create a music video for the song "I Don't Care What Happens" that was consequently featured once a day for two weeks on MTVu and one time on MTV2.

It was also around this time that I was offered by the University of Arkansas to be flown in for an exclusive live performance on-campus in April - a much-lauded appearance during which my only guitar broke on-stage, but I continued the set on mandolin until an eager member of the audience was able to return with a guitar of their own.

Iamb has performed frequent local shows in the Central Coast area of California, building a strong local following, as well as branching out to perform in Utah and southern California.

May 2007, however, marks my first tour as Iamb, and it can not happen soon enough. I cannot wait to finally see all the lovely faces of the many wonderful friends who have connected to me through my music. The journey will be shared by my dear friends and labelmates of the band Kapiano and marks a significant step in iamb's progression.


"I'll Stay Waiting," 2006
5 tracks streaming available on myspace.com/theiamb
"I Don't Care What Happens" featured on MTVu - viewable at http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2011648773

Set List

The typical set includes the songs -

The Singer
Wings to Elysia
Petals Drift Away
Three Years
You Were so Brave

as well as (less frequently)
I Don't Care What Happens
Everyone Makes Mistakes
The Rescue
In Which the Cracks...

and the occasional Bright Eyes or Radiohead cover.

They may run from 20 minutes to an hour, based on necessity.