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Caleb Brown

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Established on Jan, 2013
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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"Caleb Brown - "Gone""

17-year-old Baton Rouge rapper Caleb Brown presents a curious corollary to my recent thoughts on young rappers and the current climate for artist development. He’s seen much in his short life and he’s got a far more nuanced ability for expressing his observations than most human beings, let alone artists, his age. This unusual gift of perception emerges in full view on Brown’s latest release, “Gone.”

“Throughout the song, it talks about the battles of depression and trying to cope with those trials with the euphoria of drugs,” says Brown via email about “Gone.” “I go on to speak about the city in which I’m from which is obviously Baton Rouge, nicknamed ‘BatonStan’ from murder, drug dealing, robberies and women giving their bodies up for profit this city is small but has plenty of stories to tell. Next, I proceed to talk about the evils of money and how it can change a person, even make you change on the ones you love the most as you can see in the outdo I have been ducking phone calls from a girl who wants to give me the world but I’m busy focusing on getting to the check.”

Caleb’s music exhibits two sides of the development coin. As a modern listener and critic (at least that’s what my mom and dad think I am), I’m fascinated to watch so keenly observant a talent evolve and stretch the bounds of his voice in real time, figuring out new ways to convey his worldview on each song. As a musical romantic, I wish he’d hole up in a studio until he’s 21, compile all his stories and thoughts into the most cohesive package possible, and release a fully formed statement. Of course, it’s possible to split the difference with proper guidance (Vince Staples did to a degree), so long as Brown is able to drown out whatever faulty feedback mechanisms the internet may provide if he does indeed start to gain momentum. - Jon Tanners

"Caleb Brown - "Nothin""

“Its kinda crazy how as I’m replying to you I just got word that one of my friends was killed at 3AM this morning in the neighborhood I literally just left last night.”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana teenager Caleb Brown raps with the gravity and depth of a far older artist.

New single “Nothin” begins as an examination of violence and fearlessness in a city visited by constant death, quickly devolving into a nightmarish ride through Brown’s psyche as he deals with depression, the weight of his hometown cracking whatever adhesive held him together through hard times. It’s a difficult listen at times particularly in light of the above quote, the opening sentence from an email Caleb sent me when I told him how much I appreciated the song (it feels odd to say I “liked” something so dark and personal—”appreciated” feels a bit more appropriate).

Though he’s still developing as an artist and certainly doesn’t have an established platform yet, Caleb feels capable of bearing witness to the horror gripping his city in a way that could eventually inspire listeners to fight for change. - Jon Tanners

"Caleb Brown - "Friends""

16-year-old Baton Rouge rapper Caleb Brown continues to impress with both his prodigious rapping ability and his unusual maturity. He first came to my attention late last year with “BatonStan,” a pointed perception of his homicide-plagued home city. He emailed me a couple weeks back with “Friends,” a song that plays as a fitting corollary to “BatonStan”:

“It’s basically about a teen growing up too fast in his city/neighborhood and it gets the best of him,” Brown told me. “It’s me running game to him as if I’m a 40 year old OG, but really I’m the same age as him, and I can educate him because I seen it happen to my close loved ones and I experienced it myself. It’s called ‘Friends’ because people love to say ‘oh those are my friends’ but their ‘friends’ will egg them on into a world of trouble. Where are his real friends to tell him right from wrong and whats really going to happen if he doesn’t straighten up?”

Brown’s talent matches his conceptual ambition better than before, his voice carrying the gravity of lived reality. “Friends” doesn’t necessarily speak to one particular moment in a young man’s life, instead creating a sort of broad panorama of the dangers and temptations Baton Rouge provides (and, by extension, those present in other, similar cities). Another strong statement from a young voice worth your attention. - Jon Tanners


Still working on that hot first release.



Caleb Brown is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop & alternative. His music is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and a thought-provoking lyrical flow, not unlike influential performers such as Kanye West, Nas, 2Pac or Lil Wayne, just to mention a few! Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story. Born January 22nd, 1999 same year as Y2K, he was a golden child, with his westcoast backgrounds and being raised in the south his mixture is some like none other.  

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