Chris Stylez

Chris Stylez



Chris Stylez is one of R&B’s newest voices permeating the urban music scene. With a polished sound reminiscent of Michael Jackson, D`Angelo, and Marvin Gaye, he first had success in the world of live music, performing as the opening act for Neyo, Jagged Edge, and Wyclef Jean. Eager to perfect all aspects of music, Chris started to focus on recording, utilizing his skills as a guitar player and producer to create original music that has since been acclaimed nationwide.

A Toronto native, Chris Stylez has been writing and singing music since he was a child. As he developed his style, Chris learned how to play the guitar through the mentorship of Ronnie "Bop" Williams, guitarist of the legendary band The Wailers. Chris found it was easiest to come up with melodies on his Yamaha keyboard, and to his benefit added another instrument into his repertoire. Being a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and musician has molded Chris Stylez into the versatile triple threat is today.

Stylez worked his way onto the local music scene in Toronto while he completed high school and college. By the time he earned his degree in 2008, he had opened up for music’s biggest acts in some of Toronto’s biggest venues. Chris soon connected with Toronto producer/engineer Noah “40” Shabib (Drake, Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne) perfecting the craft of music production and honing in on his skills in the studio.

Possessing a strong confidence in songwriting, singing, and production ability, Chris pursued an opportunity presented to him in Atlanta in 2008 where he met Teddy Riley’s music director, William "Big Worm" Blount. Chris needed to establish himself in this new city, and Worm helped him do just that. It wasn't long before Chris became well known in the Atlanta music scene. Chris eventually met Great Scott, in-house producer for songwriter Sean Garrett (Jesse McCartney, Chris Brown), and recorded his first single,“Fade Away".

In 2009 Chris relocated to Los Angeles, determined to leave his mark on the west coast as well. It didn't take long before he became a regular on Hollywood's R&B Live circuit. While he enjoyed the experience, he yearned to come back to the east coast. However he was encouraged by music video director Taj Stansberry (Usher “Lil Freak”, Rihanna “Don’t Stop”) to stay in L.A. and shoot videos. They shot the video for the hit song “Fade Away” which at the time was gaining viral attention and being picked up by stations throughout North America as well as Germany and Japan.

With “Fade Away” in rotation on major stations across the U.S. and Canada, Stylez decided to make his way back to New York in 2010. He released his second single, “Official”, and garnered even more attention amongst music industry insiders. When DJ Enuff of Hot 97 said, “Chris Styez is Official” on, Chris knew he made the right decision. Chris is currently in the studio with producers Street Radio (G-Unit, Rick Ross, MTV) and Calvin Gaines (Patti LaBell, Joe and Desnity Child), Josh Thompson (Alice Keys, Joe, Mary J, Whitney Houston) and working diligently on his debut album and mixtape set to be released later this year.