Miami, Florida, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Miami's newest music artist "IamColumbo" is on a path to change and set trends in the music business! His music is similar but a sound of his own! Versatile, open minded, creative, and hard working is his stepping stones, so far, to succeed! Failure is not an option! Let's get it in....


IamColumbo, born Wayne Du'Rant Jr, represents his hometown to the fullest! Growning up in Coconut Grove (Miami,FL) IamColumbo has seen alot! Single parent home, closest thing to a father figure was his uncle who thought him how to move and survive in the streets and what choices not to make because he has make the wrong ones for him! IamColumbo got into music a few years back, just doing it as a hobby but that hobby soon became a passion and then a dream that he's now serious chasing! IamColumbo takes his everyday experiences and incorporates it in and through his music from hanging with the hustlers on the corner to trying to just survive another in the hood! IamColumbo influences are the things he sees and go through, things heard, things felt, his needs and his wants! IamColumbo just continues to make music that comes from within his heart! IamColumbo urges people to give him and his music a fair listen and you can get to know him better as an artist and person!


O.M.G (on my grind) the promo
Corner Store Hustle Vol.1 Hosted by DJ TIGHT (soon to be released)

Looking for Love, Radar & Let's Get It In