I am Dive

I am Dive

 Sevilla, Andalusia, ESP

I am Dive are two musicians from Seville, Spain. They formed the band in winter, 2010. They like how "dance music for sad people" sounds to define their music, but think of them somewhere among Boards Of Canada, Sigur Rós, Red House Painters, Oneohtrix Point Never and Mogwai and build your own definition, if you can.


Gustavo Iglesias, Spanish National Radio (RADIO3), said:

"With 'Wolves', Esteban Ruiz and José A. Pérez consolidate one of the most exciting projects appeared in Spain in this decade"

I am Dive release a new album, an event that has become happily usual in these last four years, while the band has put out a brilliant bunch of Eps, singles and remixes. But this time it is a proper LP we are getting, the second of its kind after their glorious 'Ghostwoods' (2012). 'Wolves' is more a new stage on their travel than a second episode on their discography; a new stage because you cannot forget such important releases as 'Driftwood' (2013) or 'Plane Windows' (2014), both released in between albums. And it is by knowing this work rhythm that you can better understand the moment I am Dive have now reached. With 'Wolves', Esteban Ruiz and José A. Pérez consolidate one of the most exciting projects appeared in Spain in this decade.

I am Dive have always found its North in searching, and pretty much always finding, emotion; their biggest achievement. But do not be fooled and think emotion equals listlessness... Wolves gnash their teeth. Tracks such as 'Black Times' in which the band sounds almost metallic and, actually, dance-floor-ready; 'Backwards', built over dirty beats that would perfectly suit a hip-hop production, or 'Transfixed' towering above the rest, where the band goes wild with voices, guitars and synthesizers that could almost be described as dark and furious, adding an extra punch of forcefulness hitherto unknown in I am Dive; a plus pointing the way to an unpredictable future, full of possibilities and promises of renewed emotions.

Maybe that future could be quite near, given their pace recording new music and those last three songs in 'Wolves'; knowing that in the present tense of I am Dive acoustic guitars have given the room to synthesizers, it is now clear that the soundscaping the band delivers with this record takes them far from their so called bucolism and brings them into a much urban environment. Wolves have electric dreams too. 'Wolves' offers, besides, a much closer version to the powerful sound the band is able to deliver live, something not too many people know, yet an experience full of intensity, and euphoria, not so contained. Moreover, some words to the lead singer's voice that seem to have come now closer to our ears to be listened to in a much clearer, more direct way; adding proximity, humanity and an almost soul- ish accent, specially noticeable in 'Falling' or in the single,

'The Lower You Fall'. 'Wolves' is all that, and most importantly, it is an album that brings ten new songs by I am Dive and

TOUR / FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS, among many others, I am Dive have performed: 

· Liverpool Sound City 2012, plus three shows in London (Macbeth, Dublin Castle, Bull&Gate). Liverpool, England. 

· FIB 2012 (Benicàssim, Spain). 

· SXSW 2013 (Austin, Texas), followed by a two week tour in The States.

· Kerosén Festival 2013 (Tenerife, Spain).  

· Húrra -off your show- 2014.(Reykjavík, Iceland).

· Japan Tour 2014 (Two weeks in late November and early December).

· Gogolfest 2015 (Kiev, Ukraine).

· BAM Festival 2015 (Barcelona, Spain). 

· Monkey Week Festival 2015 (El Pto. de Santa María, Spain). 

· Cinemascore 2016 (Castellón, Spain). 

· SOTX Festival 2016 (Beijing, China). 

· Strawberry Festival Shanghai 2016 (Shanghai, China). 

· Strawberry Festival Beijing 2016 (Beijing, China).


Wolves LP was the best Spanish record of 2014 for Blisstopic and Spanish National Radio.

Wolves LP was one of the ten essential electronic records in 2014 for iCat FM (Catalan public radio sta- tion), sharing the list with Flying Lotus, Caribou, Todd Terje and Aphex Twin. 

About Wolves LP on Mondosonoro: “I am Dive just painted the perfect landscape” 

About Wolves LP on El Periódico de Cataluña: “This duo drives their experimental instinct and their ability to explore textures and climax into a song con- cept that melts tradition and soundscaping. Post Rock, Ambient, Shoegazing taking off... This is visionary folk of the 21st Century”  

About Wolves LP on El Séptimo Sello: “I am Dive are from another planet” 

About “Wolves” on La Vanguardia: “After their blinding “Ghostwoods”, the record they put out a couple of years ago, I am Dive nailed it with this amazing record. “Wolves” is loaded with the best singing version ever of Esteban and endless layers of emotion”. 

About Wolves LP on El Backstage: “Powerful yet volatile atmospheres, amazingly solid beats and the masterly voice of Esteban wrapped into an exquisite production. This record is a bomb.” 



- Ghostwoods LP (September 2012)

- Mount Eerv (single from Ghostwoods LP, out in Sept. 2012 via Foehn Records)

- Tides EP (Foehn Records, SP, April 2012).

- Constellations EP. (Foehn Records, SP / Slanty Shanty Records, US, October 2011).

- I am Dive Wish Death To Everyone EP. (DTE records / Foehn Records, SP, June 2011).

- Fall. EP. (We Are Wolves Records, SP, April 2011).