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Madison, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Madison, Wisconsin, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"I AM DRAGON – The Lucky Ones EP"

The Lucky Ones was released in February and I Am Dragon just printed a second run limited to 100 copies. The sleeve is a hand-printed design by Lyon Smith and each are individually numbered. I suggest you get one – that is unless you don’t like to rock because this one kicks some serious ass.

Formed by vocalist/guitarist Jon Stover (formerly of Grandstand) in 2010 after spending a couple of years out west, I Am Dragon also consists of drummer Andy Christoffersen (formerly of I Voted for Kodos), bassist Dustin Skelley and keyboardist Luke Crary (formerly of A Gnarley Swell). The band’s music has plenty of punk ethos but more closely resembles a sped-up MC5 with harmonies.

The Lucky Ones is a call to rock. It’s nearly relentless in its assault but the songs are punchy and packed with melody and vocal harmonies. The addition of keyboards really sets the band apart.

The EP sounds great, too. The twin guitar attack is separated in the left and right channels, leaving space for the keys and the vocals. It was recorded at Blast House with Dustin Sisson and mastered by Landon Arkens and may be the best sounding disc to come out of the MAMA-winning studio yet.

Standouts include the homage to punk “Major Bros.” which was also released as a single. “Herd Poisoning” features some cool guitar arpeggios in the middle and sounds like Tool with more melody and harmony. It’s a challenge for us to “resist the images held out for us by our herders.” The last two tracks really bring out the vocal talent in this group. “Dreamery” is perhaps Stover’s finest vocal moment. “668: The Neighbor of the Beast,” along with the clever title, is the finest composition, building to an effective climax while fully utilizing the vocal harmonies.

The Lucky Ones’ eight tracks are all over in thirty minutes so this is concisely crafted material. The band has already released a follow-up single called “Rise From Your Grave (Intergalactic Dragon Slayer)” which you can check out here.

I Am Dragon had a very successful gig at Atwood Summerfest and are preparing a secret set for a Halloween bash at the Frequency. You might want to catch that one and find out what the buzz is all about. - Local Sounds Magazine

"The Lucky Ones (EP)"

Larry Joseph Bush
Jan 2013

I am Dragon wants us to have one hell of a good time. Their 8 track EP “The Lucky Ones” cuts the air with big time riff rock, sing along choruses and hook after hook of rock and roll debauchery. The group also mixes electronic elements into their work to create quirky and super groovy tones. On “New Rocks”, keyboardist Luke Crary presents a tasteful ambience as the canvas for a driving band to paint upon, with Jon Stover slicing through with vintage tones and extended lead work. The track’s tasteful solo eventually cascades into a bridge dripping with progressive ambition which culminates in a dynamic build back to IaD’s fist pumping calling card. A tight knit rhythm section shines on “No Reward is Worth This”, as bassist Dustin Skelley and drummer Andy Christoffersen split time between syncopation and mirrored fills in perfect harmony. The release touches the listener’s pallet in a variety of ways, from high gain punk influenced riffing to subtle and melodic piano work, providing a wide range of timbres to choose from. Dragon has come out of Blast House Studios with an extremely polished and ambitious release, showing that they are a unit with big ideas and a huge sound to match them. The EP is set for release in early 2013 with a release party at The Frequency and a supporting Midwest tour on the horizon. I am Dragon has crafted a raucous EP for head bangers to latch onto, providing an effort which makes each listener The Lucky One indeed. - Larry Joseph Bush - Jan 2013

"An interview with Madison garage rockers I Am Dragon"

CD: The Lucky Ones
by Mike Huberty
January 2013

With influences firmly established from garage rock legends like THIN LIZZY and THE SONICS, Madison’s I AM DRAGON has been playing around the scene for the past two years. They’ve got a heavy, fast feel that gets a bit of DEEP PURPLE-ish feel with keys and organ to sweeten the sound. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the rockers are about to release their new EP, “The Lucky Ones”, on February 1st and we talked to their lead guitarist and vocalist, Jon Stover, about the upcoming recording.

MI: What brought you to music in the first place?
JS: The amount of influence a musician has over others will always fascinates me. I can shape memories, feelings and actions with music simply by being able to play a few notes. I desired to move people and enhance their experience in life with something I created and playing guitar seemed like a valid way to accomplish this.

MI: Who were the bands that really revved your engine in the beginning?
JS: Like many, the first group to really enchant me were the Beatles. They had such a vast and prolific career! It amazed me how they wrote hit after hit and album after album of material that only got better. I also really loved the Doors and their mix of blues rock and lyrical poetry. Later on I got into punk and alternative rock of the time. Bands like Goldfinger, Nirvana and At the Drive In became the soundtrack to my teens and have never left me. Over the years I have tried to broaden my musical tastes whenever possible.

MI: So, what’s the single for I AM DRAGON’s new EP?
JS: There are numerous contenders with single potential on this EP, but I would have to say “Major Bros.” is likely our anthem. The intro was originally a joke, taken from level 1-2 of a famous 8 bit NES video game (I’ll let you figure out which one). Eventually we made it our own and once the lyrics were written it was clear the song stood out. It’s a song about playing music by, with and for your friends. Who wouldn’t like that?!

MI: What does “The Lucky Ones” mean?
JS: When we decided to record our debut, we knew we couldn’t afford a proper studio without outside help. We ended up launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money which was successful due to the many generous people who pledged to make our record happen. The title is meant as a thank you to those people and as a nod to the fact we are very privileged to be alive and doing something we love. We feel very blessed to have these people in our lives who support art and music!

MI: What’s the track you think turned out best?
JS: I think this would be “No Reward is Worth This.” It’s a song based on the loss of a dear friend of mine (RIP Izzy!) and it’s also the newest song on the EP. I believe it’s a hint of the sounds yet to come from our band.

MI: You guys have had a lot of shows lately, what’s been your favorite?
JS: It would have to be Mikefest II at the High Noon Saloon. The show is a yearly memorial to an amazing Madison musician who left us all too early. We get to play with a bunch of our friend’s bands and a bunch of new bands each year so it’s like silver and gold. Between the cookout and music the mood is so supportive and enriching that it makes you appreciate being able to have these kind of experiences in your life. They don’t last forever.

MI: It’s the new year. What are your big plans for 2013?
JS: We will of course be playing around Madison but also plan to tour the surrounding Midwest and continue making a name for ourselves. Now that we have an album to support these tours, we’re aiming at getting some gigs in the Twin Cites, Eau Claire, Chicago, Milwaukee as well as other music towns. We also have one extra track from our sessions at Blast House Studios that we plan to use for a split with another to be named Madison act in 2013. I really believe 2013 is going to be a great year for Madison musicians. It’s time for some of the hard working talent of this city to be recognized on the national music map again. Please support your local artists and let’s make this happen together!

MI: So, where can people see you rock this next month in Madison?
JS: January 19th at the Dragonfly Lounge, January 26th at the RSR Stage, our EP release show February 1st at the Frequency and lastly February 22nd at the Frequency as well. All these shows are with bands I can personally vouch for and will be great performances by all! It’s hot, sweaty rock and roll. Heady passion and thick melody. Jumping, flailing and drum stick tossing. An urge to move your body that won’t quit. We aim at being as entertaining as possible and strive to put on the best live show we can. - Maximum Ink Music Magazine


The Lucky Ones - Feb 2013

Bullhound Studio Compilation Vol. 1 - Dec 2011

Mike is Awesome: Vol 1 - Jul 2011



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