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"S.I.H.H.N. - Emile"

As the music industry embarks on a new era of emcees, rapper Emile is destined to leave his own imprint in the game. His versatility and dynamic stage presence puts Emile in a league of his own. Emile is able to captivate his audience in a way that many Hip-hop acts cannot. He has a strong fan base not just within the U.S. but also in Germany, France, Canada, Jamaica and Africa to name a few. Emile's charismatic personality exudes swagger. The legendary Bizzy Bee calls him the next generation of Hip Hop. The Delaware based Emile is a Hip Hop Tour De Force. In recent months his music has been featured on such esteemed outlets as Yo Raps.com and Coast2CoastMixtapes.com. Emile's latest single "Never Let You Go" is a bonafide hit. The song received close to 5,000 plays in one week on the award winning online magazine Yoraps.com.

His unique selling proposition is that he actually lived the life he raps about and he has survived a "roller coaster" existence with many hardships. His music incorporates an element of realism and rawness that is authentic and seldom seen on today's musical landscape. Emile's current project is an eclectic mixtape entitled The "7 Souls Of King James," which is featured on Datpiff.com. The mixtape contains a wide range of tracks from songs such as "The Devils Bit*h" to songs that praise God. "The fact is I'm weird and I know it and I don't care. My life has been crazy as hell, so that is what you'll hear in my music," states the rapper.

Emile is the embodiment of true Hip Hop. He breathes life into tracks with a clever delivery and an equally clever mind-state. Emile was inspired by many great artists such as Tupac, Bobby Womack, Anita Baker and Marvin Gay and many more. His production is handled R.B. and various other producers. Emile is ready to make a difference by bringing back the "real" elements of the art form known as Hip Hop."I create authentic rap music for the underdogs and the everyday people,"proclaims the rapper. Emile has definitely beaten the odds and he has prevailed. He is no stranger to life's hard lessons, which has taught him to be triumphant when obstacles are placed in your path.

For Show Bookings, Drops or Press, please email hiphopsbaby1@yahoo.com


"7 Souls Of King James" 2010 TUF/COAST2COAST mixtape dj's

" I Am E-Sung" 2011 Coast2Coast mixtape dj's/TUF

"The Rise" 2012 Release.

Datpiff.com holds many of Emile's individual tracks.



Emile is a very controversial hip hop artist that resides in the city of Magnolia located in Delaware. He is originally from Jamaica Queens New York relocating with his single mother to Delaware at a young age. Flaunting an international fan base, as seen in his article in The Source, this "baby faced" emcee has been compared to artist like Max B for his raspy voiced harmonization and catchy hooks and Nas for his lyrical ability to paint pictures. He has come in contact with Mike Lynn who once worked with Aftermath ent. Mike Lynn contacted Emile in 2006 via myspace and telephone about a potential deal with Mike Lynns label "Big Ego Ent." that at one point had hip hop artist Glasses Malone on its roster. For reasons unknown the talk between Emile and Mr. Lynn ceased and the deal never went through. Emile has been signed to indie labels such as Jaytik ent. and he can be seen on youtube with legends like Levi Littles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyAA--T7bbs from platinum selling r&b group "Blackstreet", who at one point discussed a potential deal with Emile under Soul Vision Records. He can also be seen on youtube with legendary Dj "Busy Bee" who calls him the new generation of hip hop. In October 2011 Emile teamed up with Harlem rapper Max B who once was a part of "Dipset" and also label mate with Jim Jones who is responsible for the well known "Ballin'" single that was a smash hit gaining popularity in 2006. Emile and Max B can be heard on songs together titled "Ride That Wave" and Phones which also features r&b singer Bella. Most of Emiles released material can be found on Datpiff.com. Datpiff.com is one of the most popular mixtape sites online and it is also Emiles home for uploading his newest mixtapes. Emile is a very talented artist and music is not all to expect from the "baby faced" emcee. In Novemeber 2011 Emile teamed up with Rob "C-Rock" Cintron to shoot and direct Emile's first short film called "The Rise" which also can be viewed on youtube. With over 120,000 views on his youtube channel Emile has been contacted by youtube to partner with the giant brand. With a love for movies and arts, Emile plans to have shows that include visuals in order to give fans a "REAL" experience for their money. Emile is more than just a "rapper" and the words "bizzare" "flashy" and "cocky" would best describe his persona. He is an artist that thrives off of "gimmick" - free controversy. He is a deep thinking artist that produces quality music that sometimes puzzles the listeners which continues to make him even the more interesting and unpredictable. In doing so he has gained many fans from different backgrounds using this unique marketing strategy. Emile is a very versatile artist so not all of his material should be expected to be dark or weird and crazy. Emile has experienced much of life young and living in other states and even different countries such as Germany, has giving Emile a very diverse but also troubled childhood that he identifies with in his music. He has been writing his own music since 11 and been performing since 14. Emile is a true artist with confidence and a down to earth sense of reality. Emile has stated that he will make a bigger buzz using youtube as his gateway to his dream. "If I dont make it then it was just God saying "naw this aint for you." As far as skills an average rapper can not step in any size ring wit me im way to versatile". Quotes like these are just one of many cocky pieces of evidence to prove Emile's confidence. But Emile shows in many ways that he still is real and down to earth. When asked one person that Emile admires he responded; "besides Jesus and immediate family, the industry is so fake and lame that one man stands out as real and humble to me and has helped me out plenty and he still continues to help me and thats Jesse Atkinson. He's CEO of Urban Threshold Inc. and also the founder of www.TheARPowerSummit.com." - Interview by Richard "R-Jezzy" Lewis CEO of The Huslaz Block Tv.

Contact Emile @ hiphopsbaby1@yahoo.com