Troy, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopPop

My music varies on the different moods I am in. I am mostly in a positive mood, so i really enjoy making upbeat party music or something you can sit back and relax to. I spend alot of time with my music to make sure everything is there for the best experience to my fans.


Headline (General)
I 'm from the Great Lakes state! Troy, MI to be exact. I started writing music when i was about 13. I used to smoke and spit bars around the bonfire with a couple friends then started getting serious in the music industry in early 2012. I have alot of inspirations from different music genres from Tribe Called Quest, The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, etc. I don't only like one genre, I like good music, which varies in the mood I'm in. I do alot of crazy shit with friends just to make the best out of my day. You can email me personally or send me a tweet if you want to know anything more about me.



Days Like This- Headline (prod. Sinima)
4TheLove- Headline (prod. Musto)
More coming soon

Headliner EP (EP)
1. Introduction- Headline (prod. Fly Life Productions) 01:43
2. WakenBake- Headline ft. Jaycee (prod. Jehf Slaps) 03:26
3. Good Day- Headline (prod. Great Dain) 03:04
4. The Life- Headline, KBreezy247 (prod. MCTheProducer) 02:27
5. Fly- Headline (prod. Yung Flavor) 03:33
6. Dreaming- Headline (prod. Fly Life Productions) 03:38
7. Outside- Headline, Ewok (prod. Matt Houston) 04:20
8. Get It- Headline 02:56
9. Make It- Headline (prod. Wavy G Hefner) 03:06
10. Remember When- Headline (Sublime Remix) 03:11

Spaced (Mixtape)
1. Spaced Intro- The Rap Kidd
2. Roll Another- The Rap Kidd
3. Friday Night- The Rap Kidd, Brain Bang
4. Ill Minded- The Rap Kidd
5. Slow- The Rap Kidd
6. KONY2012- The Rap Kidd
7. Image Of Me- The Rap Kidd
8. Live Tonight- The Rap Kidd
9. Loud Remix- The Rap Kidd, Mac Miller
10. Spaced BONUS- The Rap Kidd

Singles (Old)
1. Drunk AF- KBreezy247 ft. Headline
2. Keep It Goin- The Rap Kidd
3. Believe- The Rap Kidd
4. Reach- The Rap Kidd
5. Makin It- The Rap Kidd ft. Brain Bang
6. IRK- The Rap Kidd