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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | INDIE

Brooklyn, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Hip Hop R&B




"Whos Poppin?"

Next she introduced Holl(ie)wood who was my favorite performance of the night. I can’t really put my finger on it but it was a combination of his moves (and dancers), an intense gaze and a presence that that drew your eyes to the stage. He also had strong lyrics, they departed from the norm. - Rock Out NY

"NYC 1st Music Video Film Festival 09'"

H. Wood has generated quite a buzz for himself in the New York area. His single, "No Sleep Till Brooklyn," has gotten several spins on NY's Power 105.1 FM, he's been featured on BET's Rap City, Lenny S's ROCK ME TV, magazines, such as Urb Magazine, Rap Fanatic Magazine, and Drahma Magazine, have covered him, and he has been a winner and buzz artist at numerous showcases around New York City, including NY's legendary showcase - "Faces in the Crowd." - Silver Sound Film Festival

"H. - No Sleep Til Brooklyn (2.0)"

Holliewood has an assignment: his mission is to bring quality back to the music industry.

- Y100 - Miami's Hit Music Station

"H. - No Sleep Til Brooklyn (2.0)"

Refusing to be put in a box, Holliewood is unafraid to be different.

- Total Rock 101.7 WMRR

"Who’s Poppin’ Concert Feat. YC the Cynic Saturday"

The concert and celebration featuring some of today’s most exciting up and coming Emcee’s and DJ’s. - Culture Mob

"H. - No Sleep Til Brooklyn (2.0)"

a force exuding positive synergy... - 96.3 WJIZ - #1 for Hip Hop & R&B

"VIDEO: In Art Media Interview"

H. (aka Holliewood) talks about his influences including broadway musicals... - In Art Media

"H. - No Sleep Til Brooklyn (2.0)"

It is time for the world to witness his full potential unleashed.
- 92.5 Kiss FM (Toledo's Hit Music)

"Rocawear's Who's Next Spotlight"

We think he could be the NEXT superstar recording artist - HipHopRec.com

"H. - The Chase (Review)"

H. is a unique, timeless talent that is the present and will be the future. - HipHopRec.com


Rocawear.com picked H. (aka Holliewood/H. Wood) as an artist to look out for, particularly for their "Who's Next" campaign! - Rocawear.com

"I Think I Love It - H."

Top picks in the music scene - I Think I Love It - Blog

"Drahma Magazine"

"H. Wood will be Hip Hop's next big star..." - Ray Daniels (Owner)


"We're gonna call him the 'wild card'"... - Lenny S (VP of A&R Def Jam)

"Faces In The Crowd"

"H. Wood is a great new talent...he has a great movement going..." - Reality

"Welcome to Holliewood"

...a force exuding positive synergy, and an emcee born with a mind filled with eminence and substance. It is time for the world to witness his full potential unleashed. - Rap Fanatic Magazine

"Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It"

[Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It]...Here's an '08 anthem for you Brooklynites.... - Rock The Dub (Khal Dub)

"Song of the Day: Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It"

The debut single from Brooklyn’s Holliewood is hella old school, and it’s not just the Fresh Prince haircut and boombox. “Brooklyn Keeps on Takin In” is a practical homage to classic hip hop, with shout-outs to KRS-One, and pretty much every neighborhood in BK (”We got Fort Greene, [...]
- My PopRoks (Elizabeth Stofli)

"ARTIST OF THE MONTH: Holliewood Brings Quality Back To Hip Hop"

Holliewood brings the old school to the new school... - Hampton Blu (H. Blu)

"New Ish: Holliewood Brooklyn Keeps On Takin' It"

This young dude Holliewood got that old school feel to his sh*t! - Mogul Status (J. Hatch)

"H. Wood to revive Rap-Rock!"

H. Wood is destined to make crowds jump, dance, and mosh all over. “Let Me Rock,” a rock band-name checking anthem designed for arenas, is driven by muted synth guitar riffs, open hi-hat thrashing, and H. Wood’s undeniably fiery lyricism.
- URB Magazine Online


MeVeM Mixtape

**Stand Out Singles**

"Real OG" 

"We Out"

"So Fly"

"Home With Me"

"Lupita Nyong'o"

"Behind The Wheel"



Hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Holliewood is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop.  His music is all about connecting with listeners through high-energy release, uplifting melodies, and a thought-provoking lyrical flow, not unlike influential performers such as Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast or 2Pac, among others.  When not busy performing, Holliewood is also a podcast host on the Hampton Blu Network. His show, "Holliewood & Friends" counting over 20.000 followers and it is constantly growing its fan base. Along with his co-hosts, Venor and Miss Juddy, Holliewood treats listeners to some of the finest hip-hop sounds on the scene as well as interviewing several celebrities and other important personalities. 

Music is a big thing in many people’s lives. We all can relate to the feeling of being connected to a melody or a groove, as well as being inspired and entertained. The one thing that truly makes the difference, is the stories that music brings forth. Some are shallow and superficial, while others are deep, meaningful and honest. Holliewood makes music that definitely belongs to the former categories, adding the weight and depth of experience to his original tracks. 

Among his recent musical achievements, Holliewood performed for thousands of people at the Howard University's Yard Fest, just like Kanye West and Jay Z did before him! He was also highlighted as a "Who's Next Spotlight Artist" on rocawear.com, as he consistently receives praise and acclaim for his releases, including single "No Sleep Til Brooklyn", which is on rotation on Power 105.1. Holliewood is a favorite of radio audiences and concert goers, as he performs through the local music scene, rocking the best NYC venues

With a passion for great lyrics and social outreach, Holliewood wants to inspire his listeners and fans to embrace their true personality - becoming their own individuals and raising their own voice. Through his art, Holliewood shares a timeless message of freedom and personality that deeply resonates with a large audience that transcends the boundaries of the hip-hop music scene. As a musician, Holliewood's attitude focuses on embracing his own individuality: this is what makes his music and his character different and special, representing the East Coast hip-hop scene with class and momentum.  

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