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Cross cultural hip hop. I possess versatility within the genre of hip hop that can bring you vibes that are street, club, dance/social, or tracks that are more thought provoking.


Versatility within the genre of hip hop is his specialty. Whether you want the hard core street music, sounds that can make you dance or vibes that are more profound and thought provoking, this artist can get it done! iLLYA is a Detroit native and he has a message that we all can relate to, it's simple, if you want something... go get it! With his love for achievement, iLLYA is always inspiring others to follow their dreams. His dream is to not only have his words heard worldwide but he also has a desire to live out the legacy of his brother whom had a premature death. As iLLYA continues on his quest to stardom, he ask each listener to do three things, "Dream with me. Believe in me. Fly with me".


Dream Believe Fly

Written By: ILLYA

(Verse 1)
Addicted to the flashing lights/shooting for the stars I hope I'm aiming right/the picture so vivid if its painted nice/this my chance and I'm glad that it came tonight/my life, above and beyond living/wondering my plight cuz it's somethin beyond different/giving you my life I just wonder if y'all listening/searching for a calling if its Long distance/although its may change in an instance/ I remain in my lane staying consistent/mama in that line for assistance/ poppa Rolling Stones out the kitchen kinda caught my attention/it was mentioned all gold it don't glisten/but it ain't no pension in that ball that he was pitching/ I'm beginning my mission/with pain and affliction/a path got created got a vision I'm fulfilling...

(Chorus 2xs)
Now put ya hands to the sky/buckle ya seatbelt, fasten up and let's ride/ don't mind me I'm just living my life like (la la la la la... La la) dream believe fly

(Verse 2)
Swear to the air that when I asked for it/didn't know my feature presentation would create such a fast forward/but I'm glad for it, microphones and track boards /wit that being said be careful what u ask lord/7 day weekends and passports/if ballin is my hobby When i drive dont crash boards/dunk off the rebound, I was blind but I see now/the construction of my destiny is now sweep the debris out/such a wonderful feeling/when music get mimicked by old women and children/people wanna fit in by standin out and just looking different/drive ya own lane, steer ya own vision/on my heart, on my heart, cuz when you speaking from it that what sets you apart/life is about how you end it but can't forget where you start... Like...

Female vocals: dream believe fly/ you can touch the sky/catch me in the air/ if you Rollin with me then imma see you there...

(Chorus 2xs)

Goals & Gold

Written By: iLLYA

Welcome to the upper echelon/lime lighting fine dining, expensive restaurants no menu pic which chef you want/they looking at us like the mob/young black gifted driving for excellence, we better than the rest of y'all, last call before we set the bar/well wishes for my dogs in the reservoir/ (naw) this right here for members only and the niggas that you see me with the only ones its gon' be homie/mind on 99 crossing the Audubon/I'm thinking about a grind and my dollar signs/gettin' money bottom line, know I gotta eat, you can see it in my vital signs/ instincts kick in when that wall hit your spine/keep a ruler in case niggas get out of line/but live your life and live it live/you'll be fine... Trust me.

Chorus: Im all about my goals and gold/Gettin it at home or get it on the road/. Real Niggaz never break or fold/ My goals and gold... you aready know./ Repeat 2xs

I'm on that shit that you can't get on/my word is what I stand by and live on/doper than that heroin/from here on out, GOD is what I put my faith and fear on/if you're a hater then see ya later/dare a sucka step in my path I'm trying to make it, can't have nobody subtracting your math, cutting your paper because when niggas see you get hot water they catch the vapors/I'm living out my dreams you trying to wake up, (wait your turn) by any means necessary I stay up ( what you learn)/it ain't what you spend it's what you earn, and I don't have no time for you clowns go fix your make up/I don't say much while I'm trying to get this cake up/ not getting cased up/or in a pine box laying face up/demand my respect you need to pay up/new cool on the way up/

Chorus 2xs

It goes make money money, make money money money, you can't take nothing from me take nothing nothing from me. Repeat 4xs

Believe It

Written By: iLLYA

Ball so hard wanna flagrant foul me/when u see that Tec make you wanna get the fuck from around me/aim it at yo neck, put you out the game/naw my nigga this ain't ya lane so where the fuck are you driving?/into a brick wall
Kill switch on/fucked around and got me pissed off/like a big dog nigga pit bull always hungry ain't neva full/now y'all wanna see me pit fall/built to last Neva break or fold/fresh up out the kitchen hot off the stove/shit I cook it'll Neva mold.../but its still organic, name a nigga like me on this planet/years in the making just took a lil planning/jan left a treasure and he gave me the map and/just gettin on my old shit y'all can have it/still trippin on that hoe shit/y'all can't stand it/niggas betta catch they balance/sound sad like a Mary J ballad/paint pictures wit these words, my mind where I keep my palette/yea all about my salad, my green, my cheese and dressing/listen up class in session/fuck around and fail if you test me like it can't...

Chorus 8xs repeat

Me against the world on my PAC shit/me against ya girl on my cockpit/catch me in the wind on my fly shit/ won't call her back I got options/covered in fly like hot shit/niggas mad a me cuz they not shit/heavy metal bang like a rock band/dont get caught up in that mosh pit/try me you think I'm joshin/out of this world like a rocket/on my grind I won't stop it/ain't seen nothin yet keep watchin/I'm on that level you ain't fuckin wit/so either get a shovel o can suck a .../gave her Mac sauce and she lovin it/draped in all this fresh shit that I'm covered in/jays on, cool grays on, couple band and my rays on/D fitted like play ball/just to let you know where I came from/point blank my aim on/my target in my range on/insane my brain gone/here nah who gon save y'all

Chorus 8xs repeat

Chorus: can't believe it, can't believe it, can believe it but you see it


Written By: iLLYA

1 time for the niggas who ain't fuckin wit me/2 times for my niggas who been thuggin wit me/3 times for them niggas say dey coming for me/4 times for my niggaz I got coming wit me/DTown my hometown swear for lord imma represent/eastside blackbottom my residence/ swear I go hard it's evident/leavin niggas in the dust like evidence/big bro left my world I ain't rested since/rest in peace big jan u was heaven sent/put yo wings on my fitted so I can represent/(aye!) Had to get dat out the way/weighing kinda heavy on my heart today/now I gotta show them that I don't play/came from the bottom but I won't stay (naw)/volume 2 I warned you on what I'm doin/now u wished u listened when I told u clear the room/bitch! Vroooom! Swear I'm gone/please don't call my phone/if it ain't about my money or family then leave me lone/if u aint on the same shit im on then Leave me lone/so if u ain't about your money or family it's somethin wrong/real nigga mindset/real niggas around me so im makin sure they got it/
same niggas around when it wasn't shit in my pocket/gonna be the same niggas around when I profit/

Chorus 1x

Chorus: real niggas know, real niggas know just what I'm saying and these little niggas know that I ain't playing/real bitches know, real bitches know just how I'm laying and the weak ones attention I don't pay them/ real niggas know, real niggas know, real bitches know, real niggas know... Fly

Free Rush

Written By: iLLYA

That Feelin when you know that you the man, when you walk up in the room and everybody give a damn/everybody shake ya hand, congratulations in advance/for long future and success in somethin that wasn't your plan/or was it, life lessons you learn from it/take the good with the bad before you plummet/chess moves betta think thru before you rush it/fuck around and getcha shit jammed up like bad plumbing.

Chorus 1xs

Naw you niggas can't compete wit us/naw you niggas can't come eat wit us/yo main lady wanna come sleep with us/stand up like a man fix yo shirt when you come speak to us/that's key to us, you weak to us/cardi dark I keep a cup/and my G's be blowin on that loud until a speaker bust/dope shit for the low even yo connect wanna see wassup/potent cocaine flow you take a hit it gotchu rein-up

More fire, more fire/if it ain't right change your supplier/ain't a nigga flyer I'm cut from different attire/fire red jays you'd swear you heard a siren/
Chorus 2xs

Chorus: Yea nigga this that Free rush/lions in the field you niggaz free lunch/here them growls hit the ground if you see us/young and wild stand the ground set beneath us.


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