Jay Love

Jay Love

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Its like Snoop Dog partying with Hue Hefner @ The Playboy Mansion.


I Am Jay Love. And my music is ME. I am original in thought and sound. I'm setting a new trend with what I call Music From The Man Cave. My musical influences are Prince, The Art Of Noise, Run DMC, Bootsy Collins & MJ.
I got into music young. I love everything about it. I was breakdancing, deejaying, producing and writing. Music is in my blood. I was a member of my high school band. These days I vibe with the party groove hard.


available on I tunes now.

Set List

I gotta 20min set where I break out with The Pole Song, then go into Stop Take A Picture, then explode into Mary J and climax with Ridem Cowboy (Bronco Billy).