I Am Kaii

I Am Kaii


I Am Kaii are a powerful, energetic, Pop/Rock/Electro fusion with an innovative sound that would surprise a meerkat. The core of the band have been rehearsing, gigging and recording together for a number of years and have emerged with catchy and engaging songs that stop you checking your smartphone.


I Am Kaii hail from Dublin and Edinburgh. As a group of musicians playing together and a solo-performing vocalist, we lucked upon each other while on a night out in Meath. To cut a long story short, we officially joined forces to become I Am Kaii in early 2010 and consist now of four guys playing guitars, bass, drums & synths and a bonnie lass on vocals.

Our influences are diverse, such that one might not think their conglomeration would amount to anything approaching coherent. At any rate, our music is an amalgam influenced by all of Foals, Nirvana, Two Door Cinema Club, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Eva Cassidy, Daftpunk and other musicians across all of the last 5 decades.

We have started work on our first record and so we have been focused on writing and recording new material over the past few months. We aim to have our first EP ready for release in February next year and are currently booking gigs to promote the band and our music.


Two tracks are available for streaming across our Facebook, MySpace and Breaking Tunes pages.
They are:
- Broken Glass
- Stand By

Set List

Broken Glass,
White Lies,
Star Shaped Flash Ideas,
Stand By.