I Am Kevin Cooper
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I Am Kevin Cooper

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Spoken Word Gospel


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"FLESH Album Release Kevin Cooper 10/10/10"

A inspirational spoken word Album that is so powerful in its motivation. The life of Kevin Cooper talks about his drug life, street life in a moving hip hop way that will inspire youth and everyone. Topics: This Is For My Thugs, Rap Stars, Porn Stars...
Genre: Spoken Word: Inspirational... Get the Album Now!
Release Date: 2010 - Top Of the World Entertainment, Inc


Kevin Cooper © Copyright-Kevin Cooper

Record Label: Kevin Cooper
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1. Flesh Intro 1:12
2. My Confession 30:07
3. Worship 9:06
4. Adam & Eve 13:07
5. Cain & Able 6:04
6. Secrets About Satan 2:31
7. Rap Stars 8:24
8. Worship 6:53
9. Porn Stars 5:13
10. Movie Stars 5:20
11. This Is For My Thugs 3:51
12. Strong Drinks 3:06
13. Flesh 1:32
14. Church 1:57
15. Flesh 2 8:55



For this cause was I born into this world.
For this cause I live and for this cause I am willing to die. For this cause was my life
preserved from the attacks of Satan attempting to take my life. For I understand to love God is to be hated by the world, but
I also know to be loved by the world is to be hated by God. So tell me world who should
I fear? The one who can kill my flesh or the one who can kill both flesh and spirit.
I am Kevin Cooper and I choose to fear God. To love God like He first loved me. And I hope these words help you do the same thing.

Who Is Kevin Cooper?
I know the world wonder’s who is this IamKevinCooper kid that claims to know God?
I was born into this world of confusion on June 1, 1971, by a beautiful, black woman named Dorothy Hunter Cooper. Beautiful, black and smart she is my mother that I love dearly, the one that chose to accept the gift God gave her and gave birth to a, “world changer.”
She was so smart, but still she wasn’t able to point me in the right direction to find my father. So consider me as a bastard child with no earthly father in sight.
My mother had four kids from different men, the other three knew their father and she knew them, but for me there was no father in sight.
My sister, who is the oldest named Karen Cooper, my brother which is older than me is named, Eugene Cooper, and the youngest brother was named Nieko Knowles. His last name came from his father who really cared for us all.
I remember Mr. Knowles clearly, for he was the one that made us family in spite of. He was the one that took us in; He was the one who tried to make it work with my mother. I remember good times and happy days. Surrounded by love we didn’t even notice that we did not have much. Fighting a loosing battle, Mr. Knowles did everything he could to keep us together; He did everything he could to prove his love for her. Still he lost the fight. He didn’t know she had secrets, he didn’t know she was in love too, but not with him, for she loved drugs and other women. The day came when enough was enough and Mr. Knowles snapped and drew a line that my mother didn’t see and now we were forced to get out.
Wow! How fast things change, how fast smiles turn into frowns, how fast love can turn to hate and peace to shattered dreams like a puzzle just poured out of the box. So she left him and didn’t ask us if it was okay. We didn’t know that leaving Mr. Knowles meant that we had to leave our baby brother too. Now tears are falling out of the eyes of kids and no one seems to care, it’s like no one seemed to notice that we were crying. Separation is serious especially when it comes to family and kids and I truly think no one should take it lightly.
My mother found her own place and together we called it home and together we tried to move on. All I can remember is different babysitters and parties that lasted all night; life was still all good even though the floor was covered with beer cans and needles. But why complain when we were the life of the party. Momma let us drink a little beer and we would dance and dance until we fell asleep, drunk off the madness our little wombs had just embraced.
Things were different now that Mr. Knowles wasn’t around. Different men always appeared acting so nice like they really cared. I am a man now and I know how the game goes. Just so we can have what we really came for.
Things slowly going out of control, I remember my mother fighting with these different men. One man running her around the apartment complex, he was trying to hurt her and I am running trying to save her. I remember one night hearing my mother screams in the house. I ran to the room and the door was locked. I banged and cried until I saw her finger tips under the door. Children cry about this and that all the time but to see one cry because there is nothing they can do to protect and hold on to the thing they love most, is something I will never get out of my mind. Have you ever wished you can do something about something you can do nothing about?
In other words, since my childhood I’ve been shedding tears and dealing with the things that make tears come.
I guess she couldn’t take it anymore, I guess sharing her love was becoming more stressful, she had to know that one day you will have to choose, drugs or the kids?
One day she dressed us up as though we were going on a beautiful trip. Everybody was happy, singing and playing around, but momma was in deep thought as though something had taken over her mind. The trip started and ended so fast, I didn’t understand what was going on. I never saw this place or this white woman before. The woman reached out to us like she knew us. I noticed the closer we came to this woman, the further my mother became. I hear my mother’s voice saying, “its ok.” The woman was saying the same thing and the door closed with no mother in sight. Now sweet words have changed to demands and rage. I tell you no lie world; I’ve learned early that the wa