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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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Best Local Song

Jordan “Madhatter” Lee, 88.9 RadioMilwaukee
A ton of great songs came out of the Milwaukee music scene this year. I think if I have to pick one, it's going to be "Anything" by Klassik. This song stuck out to me when I was going through his new material. While it's not officially on his 2012 album In The Making, it's a great bonus single that complements the work he's put out this year. The track has amazing build and complexity, which can be rare in hip hop. It takes a cue from Hall and Oates "I Can't Go For That," but the song does not use a Hall and Oates sample. It's a perfect hip-hop track.

As if the song wasn't good enough, its video may be one of my favorites of 2012. Local director Xavier Ruffin put together a mini-masterpiece for the "Anything" music video. - Milwaukee MAgazine

Klassik, In The Making
Few local albums received more mainstream acclaim in 2012 than In The Making, the debut LP from Milwaukee rapper Klassik. It only takes one listen to figure out why: the record is bright, jazzy, and clear-eyed, filled with dense arrangements from the classically trained producer yet still somehow light as a feather. At 17 full-length tracks, In The Making is a big album, but it never feels overstuffed or overlong. Every track works, from the spacey “Running2” to the gorgeous “Stay” and the terrific “UrNextMove,” featuring a guest spot from Milwaukee’s Oye. Put on a pair of headphones, press play, and just try to wipe the grin off your face. - AV Club

We at the Takeover Blog want to say congratulations to the homie Klassik for winning "Solo Artist of the Year" at the 88.9FM Radio Milwaukee Awards last night. (See the full list of winners here)

Calling Klassik just a rapper doesn't do him justice because he produces all his own music, sings, battles, makes dope videos and is an all around cool dude. If there is any artist deserving of this award, it's him because his music is new, fresh and completely original.

His album "In The Making" spread all over the music world the day it was released and his videos are some of the most creative to hit Milwaukee in a long time. Too bad they don't have a "New Artist of the Year Award" as well, because I'm sure he would have won that too since he just started releasing music a short time ago. And anytime an MC wins a best artist of the year award, not just the best rapper of the year award, then you know he's good.

So, to celebrate, go check out his music and watch his latest video "Anything" one more time, if you don't already have it on repeat. - Journal Sentinel

Klassik does not want to rap about “thugging”, “capping” or “pimping” with you.

He wants to rap about patience, integrity, focus and purpose, overcoming the all-too-familiar self-doubt and self-destructive nature that seems to inhabit the hearts of the masses. This is not just a rap album of positivity, teaching and learning. It’s an eloquent, much-needed replacement for the crap we are indundated with day to day, by the likes of Much Music and MTV.

Klassik refrains from using music samples. ALL of the sounds are written by him; completely original and infused with blues, jazz, old school crooning, and so on. Listening to his music is like a breath of fresh air. I think fans of Outkast, A Tribe Called Quest, or even Jedi Mind Tricks, will be hooked right from the first track.

Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Klassik is a self taught musician who excels at piano and alto saxophone. I know. That’s not something you’d expect from a rap artist; but, for piece of mind, consider that a young, soft spoken Tupac Shakur loved poetry and ballet. Would you laugh at that? You shouldn’t. Such passions merely set the pieces in motion for him. I think Klassik’s preferences can only yield positive future results as well. Plus, the whole bad-ass image in mainstream rap is getting tiresome.

There is a lot of happy, feel-good music here, with major keyed piano pieces that will simply put a smile on your face. In some spots in the record, he tickles the ivorys like a young Ray Charles in a throwback to the music that surely moved him in his youth.

I was wide-eyed and grinning dumbly at Klassic’s musicianship. Imagine that most rap songs have three or four writers and three or four producers. Such manpower will result in a three minute rap song that teaches nothing; feels nothing. Klassik is the opposite. He writes everything himself. In the process, Klassik puts many rappers and even classical musicians to shame

Every song is diverse, full of many instruments, great catchy hooks and choruses. The beats are as intricate as they are pulsing and phat. Sometimes, you’ll find progressive 5/4 time signatures and even a few other notational variations. Over top of this ingenuity, Klassik raps with a confident flair; articulate and positive with very intellectual rhymes. I can’t stress the word positive enough. I believe that is the key ingredient to his formula. Songs like “MoonRock.” showcase that positive flair as he rolls over the beat with complete self-assuredness.

And, he doesn’t just rap. Klassik also sings. Sometimes he does both simultaneously. In “Enemy/Inner Me”, this is demonstrated to the fullest. He sings and even harmonizes his rhymes over a party-like 2/4. This feels almost like an anthem, much like many other Klassik tracks. I was amazed by how well he transitions from verse to chorus.

The following track, “Escape”, starts out with more stellar piano work that reminded me of that show from the eighties called “The Love Boat.” I wondered to myself if Klassik ever listened to Chuck Mangione.

This leads me to the seductive element of Klassik’s music. Yes, there is sensuousness here, a la Barry White or other love song spinners of yester-year. You could easily court your significant other with a glass of merlot, a soft, duvet wrapped king sized bed, and Klassik’s “In The Making.” No pun intended there.

When I say that Klassik could probably write anything, I mean exactly that. And he’ll write it himself, without the aid of corporate shapeshifters.

His sound is entirely his own, and it’s the best rap music I’ve ever heard. I think he could give units like Outkast a run for their money because his music is fuller. His rap is more positive. His character is one of integrity; so I couldn’t see Klassik bending to the whims of commercial labels. This may be a downfall, depending on perception.

Personally, I don’t want to ever see Klassik signed to major label. A major label would force him into a box that he just doesn’t belong in. And, why ruin a great thing?

STANDOUT TRACKS “MoonRock”, “Enemy/InnerMe”, “Forever Whatever” - Metafork by followthesignal.com

Klassik, an up and coming artist out of Milwaukee, is a breath of fresh air for everyone from hip hop heads to jazz enthusiasts to Rock N’ Roll fans. Klassik has already rooted himself within the Milwaukee music scene with his unique ability to produce innovative tracks with catchy meaningful lyrics. With several jazz festivals across Europe under his belt, not to mention self-taught piano skills, and a keen ear for rich and new sounds, Klassik already boasts a distinguished performance resume. He has shared the stage with the likes of Asher Roth, The Cool Kids, Rhymefest, Lupe Fiasco, Cranberry Show, and Prophetic, while also hosting several performances as a headliner.

Klassik was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up playing alto saxophone and is influenced by a variety of different artists and genres. His music has evolved into an eclectic form of hip hop, rhythm and blues, and jazz. Some of his major influences include Charlie Parker, Duke Ellington, Kanye West, and Steely Dan.

You probably know the typical gangsta/hardcore listener, right? A 15-year-old white boy from the ‘burbs who wants to be a man but his mom won’t let him have a really loud car? The kind who writes “u got 2 get dis its da shiz”? They probably won’t understand this album.

Now, you also know the musically adventurous, intelligent listener who avoids rap because they think it’s all gangsta/hardcore, right? The kind of sentient being who can handle the concept of chords and scales, and knows the difference between “your” and you’re? This is the person who would buy this album, everytime.

Even if you don’t think you’ll like rap, this is an album definitely worth having in your collection. It’s not the stereotypical brother from the hood stuff. This is smooth, clever, funny, creative spoken-word music. That’s the key. It’s musical. There are breezy melodic hooks under deft arrangements, with just enough punch to be classed as rap…if it wants to be!

Sure, in some way it’s Old School, but Old School’s never gotten old, while a lot of the other genres have become derivative, repetitive, and stale. You’ll like this from the beginning, and you’ll keep listening to it, because it’s inventive, innovative and creative. Whether you’re new to rap or a fan looking for something new and interesting, this will be a fantastic buy.

“In The Making” is probably one of the most original, different rap albums you will ever hear. It’s so creative, positive and happy without being maudlin, twee or dumb, and that isn’t easy! It completly ignores all “gangsta” negativity, and wraps you in a soulful blanket of Hip-Hop and jazzy magic.

The album will usher in a new movement of thought in rap music. Somewhat like the very underrated De La Soul started way back in the late eighties. Not much out there today resembles the brilliant things De La Soul did during their time. Maybe the Outcast…and now Klassik.

Doing a track by track rundown would be ridiculous for this album, as it contains 17 power tracks of creative genius, that need to be listened to in their entirety, from track one.

Sure, I was knocked back by a couple of catchy album highlights like, “All Day (feat.Toni Martin),” “Escape,” “Blow My High(feat.Prophetic & To),” “Stay” and “Waiting 4 a Minute(feat.Rtystic), but you really need to appreciate this album from start to finish.

Klassik is ‘the thinking man’s rapper’, whose not obsessed with getting ‘paid & laid’. He offers an attitude and a level of eclecticism rivaled by few in this genre.

“In The Making,” marks a truly substantial album, that shifts the attention away from the strictly macho posturing and broody street outlook, delivering a supremely confident, assured and energetic recording that will raise the bar for the growing ‘intelligent rap’ genre on the rise. - Rich Jamm by Jamsphere.com

Klassik is hip-hop music! This dude reminds me of what true hip-hop in it's rarest form
sounds like. Having shared the stage with true hip-hop artists like Lupe Fiasco, Klassik is
helping to keep the genre he loves alive. On his song, Enemy/Inner Me, Klassik
experiments with the various elements that make hip-hop so unique and he brings us into
this creative landscape that seems to be quarantined by the "mainstream" folks who fear
it won't satisfy their "bottom line".

The purpose of music is to affect/provoke people to change, preferably for the better.
Enemy defines what it truly means to provide an alternative to Top 40 watered down club
hip-hop that adds absolutely no value to the growth of others. By fusing jazz, hip-hop,
dance and grunge rock effects into one track and making it all fit, Klassik proves that
artists who take risks are the life-source of what makes the core of hip-hop culture,

Lyrically, Klassik speaks to/for us all, addressing the issue of self-sabotage and how
people fail because we do not recognize that we are sometimes our own worst enemy.
On the song's hook, Klassik's convictions blare like the horn played by one of his
influences, Charlie Parker. Unlike many artists who are influenced by jazz musicians and
tend to be a bit too philosophical, Klassik proclaims, "My enemy, is my inner me...", giving
us no room for doubt as to what his message is.

Overall, Klassik makes a strong showing on Enemy/Inner Me, and I anticipate hearing
more from this "classic" hip-hop artist. I'd encourage those of you who enjoy this song to
download it and support great indie artists because they are the backbone of the music
business. - Sensational

Milwaukee hip hop artist Klassik may seem like a newcomer, but he's a long-time veteran and well-respected MC in the local scene making his first foray onto the national consciousness with an album that is quite far beyond the average; be it mixtape or official release. Appropriately called "In The Making", this is very intelligent hip hop through and through, more QTip, OutKast, The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest than Odd Future or 50 Cent. His new single "Inner Me/Enemy" exemplifies the strong jazz influence and passionate rhyming heard throughout this self-produced album. The production is nothing short of stellar - and that's what's required these days. - Blrag.com

This September 25th be on the lookout for In the Making, the new LP by Milwaukee MC Klassik. The three years to produce and dedication to musical study are evident. This is a great hip-hop record that pays massive respect to jazz and R&B and still keeps your head bobbing the whole time by blending in dance beats judiciously. Klassik has a cool, smooth delivery along with a musical flow that shows Kanye’s influence. His articulation is clear making the lyrics easily discernible by his versatile voice that mixes rapping with singsong passages and full-out singing. On the musical front the backing tracks are incredible tapestries for the MC to weave his stories over.

Klassik has shared the stage with Lupe Fiasco, Asher Roth, and will continue to bring his new record to life in concert. In coordination with the records debut a video has been completed for “Inner Me/Enemy” which was directed Nick Drew of Red Hat Films. We’re looking forward to where this artist takes his music. - Speakercone.net

One of the most unique artists I have ever come across; Klassik is an artist that using one particular genre to describe his music wouldn’t do him justice. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Klassik had an upbringing that was saturated in a plethora of musical influences. He grew up playing the alto saxophone and piano and honed his skills under the teachings of his hometown legend Berkely Fudge. With musical influences that transcend all boundaries its unimaginable that when he began producing music at the age of 14 that his music wouldn’t reflect his eclectic tastes.

He has shared the stage with the likes of Asher Roth, The Cool Kids, Rhymefest, Lupe Fiasco, Cranberry Show, and Prophetic, while also hosting several performances as a headliner. Below is the video for his single "Inner Me/Enemy" on his debut LP. One of my favorite songs by Klassik is a free single on his website titled "Anything"; it demonstrates how versatile his musical capabilities are in contrast to the video below.

"Enemy/Inner Me" addresses what is standing between him and success. It exposes Klassik's self sabotaging behaviour, his dark side which stems from his mind's weakest moments. He acknowledges the universal struggle to harness/ control his inner self filled with self-doubt, lack of focus, and dark thoughts. Lurking in the mind's dark holes leads him to physical distractions which provide only temporary relief. Klassik's resolve is clear - All you need is within you. Develop yourself according to the call of your heart and you will find your way. Use your dark side to move into the light. - http://www.tuneaficionado.com/

Milwaukee, WI native Klassik is a class-act composer/pianist/emcee with a lot to offer. His lead single and video “Enemy/Inner Me” from his forthcoming album, In The Making, is a small preview to the greatness you can expect from this talented artist.

The premise of the song, being one’s worst enemy, is a theme that we all face at some point in our lives. Klassik’s way of conveyance is just as therapeutic as it is exciting to listen to. His smooth Spoken Word-esque style is refreshing. Red Hat Films does an awesome job of translating Klassik’s vocal concepts to stunning visuals. Each scene is crisp, vivid and well put together.

Enough of the talking, let’s get to the good stuff. - www.ampedsounds.com

Klassik and ¡OYE! – (F?*?*?K) Yellow Lights! Posted on January 13, 2012 in: Music|Jump To Comments Milwaukee artists Klassik and ¡OYE! are back once again delivering a project that highlights memorable work from previous releases, including Klassik’s “Death of a Beatmaker EP”, ¡OYE!’s “In My Mind EP”, and “The Brown Bomber”. Also look out for several new unreleased tracks and features from fellow Milwaukee artist Blizz McFly. - MkeMix.com

Red Hat Collaborative is proud to present the (F**K) Yellow Lights Mixtape by Klassik and ¡OYE!. The ever more recognizable duo of Milwaukee artists Klassik and ¡OYE! join forces once again to deliver a project that highlights the accumulation of their work together while also debuting several unreleased tracks. Both artists have received critical acclaim for previous releases, including Klassik’s “Death of a Beatmaker EP”, ¡OYE!’s “In My Mind EP”, and “The Brown Bomber”. The mixtape highlights the memorable work from these projects, along with features on projects from fellow Milwaukee artist Blizz McFly while also giving fans a taste of what is in store for both of these promising artists.

Klassik debuts “Baggage” on this mixtape, which features ¡OYE! and discusses some of Klassik’s trials and tribulations as an up and coming artist and in life over symphonic production. “I’mGood” is an unreleased track, which displays Klassik’s lyrical capability over the classic J Dilla beat “African Rhythms”. Finally, Klassik officially releases the single for his upcoming album “In The Making” called “Moon Rock” on the tape. The bass heavy, hard-hitting production begs to be played as loud as possible and exemplifies Klassik’s exquisite wordplay.

¡OYE! officially releases the tracks from the set of impressive music videos for “When I’m Small (Remix)” and “Misfits” on Yellow Lights. Both were shot in the UK and the “When I’m Small (Remix) was currently selected for the International Student Film Festival, London 2012. Yellow Lights contains the remix to “Grey Clouds,” which features a dubstep take on the song from the mixtape’s host, DJ Hitmayng. “Lil Boy Blues” is another unreleased track that demonstrates ¡OYE!’s ability to rap over a remarkable range of production and genres of music. Never before heard “Quiet on the Set” features soulful production and concludes the mixtape on a high note.

DJ *Hitmayng, who has worked with both artists at live performances over the past year, hosts the mixtape and provides a unique remix’s perfect for the club setting in “Party Hard”. His skills are also featuring on remixes to “Extraordinary”, “Misfits (Remix)”.

The title of the mixtape goes deeper than both artists disgust for yellow traffic lights. It’s a statement of disapproval when it comes slowing down and making excuses regarding their artistic craft. Instead, both are speeding up, continuing to grow, taking risks, and pushing the envelope of what an underground hip hop artist can deliver to their fans. Both artists stand out amongst the competition in their own ways but complement each other’s talents through the tape.

The project is the being offered exclusively on www.RHcollaborations.com for the first two weeks of its release. Please visit www.klassik1.bandcamp.com for a free download of the project.

Both artists are sponsored by Chicago based InkRed clothing, a grassroots urbanwear brand. Please visit www.inkredclothing.com to see fashion.

Other Klassik Links:



Twitter: @IAMKlassik



Other ¡OYE! Links:



Twitter: @Oye414

www.youtube.com/user/Oye414/videos - Red Hat Collaborative

One of the few Wisconsin artists that happens to continually find his stature climb is rapper/producer Klassik.

Klassik, in my opinion, is one of those rare talents that can compose music that feels like a breath of fresh air, even if it doesn't exactly hit every groove you'd like on every single occasion.

You can tell that Klassik is pushing himself and the boundaries of his music, and there are many people around him that benefit from that. Artists like Frankie Flowers, iOye!, Blizz McFly, Rtystic, and Direc are some of the people that have been well complemented by work from Klassik.

If he'll do it, Klassik is a guy that any quality rapper or singer should try to work with in whatever capacity he makes himself available – rapper or producer.

Recently, he released a music video for the song "We Up/Everybody Down" that features Blizz McFly, a SAFS Crew member that I'm getting to know better musically myself. The video is put together very nicely and was directed by TBZ. - Onmilwaukee.com

Milwaukee, WI emcee and InkRed Music artist Klassik was briefly introduced to readers a while ago via a promotional post for a show. This time around he has graced fans with a new single off of his upcoming debut LP, In The Making. The production here is quality and very unique. The various light sounds combined with the occasional drums create a very easy going / free spirited type of vibe. The hook is on point as well. The lyrics are fun and catchy. Also, Klassik has a smooth melodic flow that really brings life to the rhymes. The verses are dope, Klassik has a clean relaxed delivery that matched the production perfectly. Additionally, he had some very skillful lyricism at work.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Klassik - "MoonRock" - Milwaukee Hip-Hop Scene | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/hip-hop-scene-in-milwaukee/klassik-moonrock-review#ixzz1qiIB898x - The Examiner

Klassik is one of Milwaukee's most imaginative young rappers and beatsmiths, drawing zealously from jazz, electronica, old-school hip-hop and '90s R&B with an unusually sharp sense of composition. The producer has been fairly prolific over the last couple of years, releasing a smattering of EPs, singles and collabs, many of which are represented on (F**k) Yellow Lights!, his latest mixtape with frequent collaborator ¡OYE!

The mixtape is a definitely a grab bag, but it's a worthwhile one, cribbing choice cuts from Klassik's Death of a Beatmaker EP and a couple of ¡OYE!'s projects, placing them alongside some strong new tracks and solid remixes. It's a great way to catch up on the producer's work before he releases his debut full length album, In The Making, later this year. - Milwaukee Shepherd Express

Welcome to 2012, friends, and welcome to what promises to be another great year for Milwaukee hip-hop – and all of the other genres as well.

I'm giving my first post in 2012 to Klassik and ¡OYE! and their latest mixtape, "(F**k) Yellow Lights."

The mixtape is a collection of their work together over the last few years, but it also features several new songs by each artist.

I'm a fan of both artists and this goes to show how good they are together.

DJ *Hitmayng hosts and mixes the project, and the artists release the project in collaboration with InkRed Clothing, a grass roots clothing company they've been associated with for a while now.

You can grab the mixtape here. - Onmilwaukee.com

After hitting us with his impressive new LP, Seasons, last week, Klassik returns today with some visuals from the project. Watch the OKP premiere of Klassik’s vid “Hi Klass.” Of the song/video the Milwaukee emcee had this to say: “The video is no frills and everything that is beautiful about Milwaukee, the city that I love. The song is a product of the scenes you see portrayed: embracing the simple pleasures during the limited amounts of sun and warmth we get. ‘Hi Klass’ is the antithesis of what the title implies; finding happiness and fulfillment in the simple things that we take for granted.” This one’s smooth as hell – check the vid, below. Video directed by Cody LaPlant of CLaPlant Films. If you’re still sleeping on Klassik, check out the LP and wake that ass up. - OkayPlayer

Milwaukee rapper Klassik’s AUTUMN EP closes out his seasonally themed quartet of projects, clocking in at what feels like an expansive 15 minutes across three songs.

Focusing more on Klassik’s singing, AUTUMN smartly plays on its the melancholy of fall—as the EP’s accompanying description puts it: “Warmer days are fewer and farther between, but in the days before we buckle down for the frost of WINTER again, the AUTUMN season allows for an introspective harvest of all of the vibrations and energy the creative has put forth across the past year.” Though a bit oddly timed to hit in the early stages of summer, AUTUMN matches its inspiration well—one to keep in mind for your playlists once the warmth of August begins to turn in September. Unless, of course, you live in Los Angeles like I do, in which case you’re in a desert fantasy land of perpetual summer and songs like EP closing standout “Ride This Wave” remind you that the leaves are changing somewhere. - Pigeons and Planes

Just after releasing his Autumn EP last month, Milwaukee emcee Klassik’s back with a new LP — Seasons. The album, which features select records from Klassik’s past few EP’s along with new records, just hit iTunes and Bandcamp today. Klassy Davis Jr. was enough nice enough to drop off a stream here at FSD for those who like to preview-before-purchasing. Hey, Klassik cares if no one else does.

The string of seasonally-themed EPs released since the top of the 2015 come full circle with the release of the SEASONS LP from Milwaukee’s Klassik. Much more than a repackaging of the EPs, SEASONS is the full realization and culmination of the themes set forth by its predecessors. Whereas each EP on the surface was a soundtrack meant to evoke the emotions of a particular season, this album uncovers the true underlying motif: the coming and going of people in our lives, and how that affects our own growth and understanding of human nature.

The SEASONS LP pairs a few selections from the EPs with brand new, unreleased material, together painting a breadth of emotions and experiences that, although directly reflective of the artists’ own life, are a part of everyone’s story. Familiar themes of love and loss, acceptance, triumph and defeat, abound throughout the album, weaved together with the lush and musically-rich production that the multi-instrumentalist/songwriter has become known for. Crafted to be enjoyed equally played straight through, or by choosing your own musical adventure from any spot in the album, find your own story through the experiences shared here.

“They say people in your life are seasons, and anything that happens is for a reason”-Kanye West
Stream Seasons below and be sure to grab the album on iTunes. - Fake Shore Drive

Over the last three years, Klassik has released a deluge of mixtapes, including his trademark project In The Making. Propelled by singing and rapping, and with a spotlight on his abilities as a pianist, the rapper explores alternative hip-hop, riffing on the edges of a very early Kanye West or Kid Cudi. Klassik’s most recent work has diverged a bit: His Season’s EP pushes forward with more present drums and synth production, though the piano still reigns supreme. - Noisey Vice

Some individuals are just born to perform and there’s no question that Klassik, a Milwaukee native, should definitely be included in that list. One can easily tell by listening to his music, watching his videos and going to see him live, that the promising genre fusing artist has always loved to perform. But perform what, you ask. Well that’s a different story; Klassik pays homage to the many legends of generations past which includes the likes of such as Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane, and Steely Dan. But even with an old soul as his, Klassik also appreciates today’s musical geniuses as he lists Kanye West and Pharrell Williams as individuals that also helped mold his musical style that he states comes out 100% unique, fresh, and most importantly timeless.

Klassik has immediately garnered attention by winning a couple Artist of the Year awards in Milwaukee as well as opening for Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris and recently selling out a New Year’s concert at Milwaukee’s popular Iron Horse Hotel.

But past accolades aside, the forward-thinking artist is prepared to heat up the first quarter of the new year with an eclectic blend of sounds with his new EP Winter, set to be released January 15th. Describing the project as, “A period of the artistic journey that is marked by depression, isolation, and frustration. The goal is to encompass those feelings, but then transform them into hope for the return of joy, of love, and of brighter, warmer days.”

Be on the look out for Winter, but until then check out Klassik’s visuals to Boogie: - The Source

The art of hip hop has always been a powerful way to convey the duality of human existence. From gangster rap to rhythmic flow-etry and everything in between, hip hop is meant to carry a strong message, whatever that message may be. Emerging from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, comes a fresh breath of hip hop in R&B soulster, Klassik.

With empty lyrics and innocuous beats flooding the top 40, the musical underground is keeping the spirit of hip hop alive. Klassik’s sound is a synthesis of hip hop, R&B, jazz and soul. He carries with him the tonal sensibility of many historical musicians spanning multiple generations. He has allowed artists such as John Coltrane, Kanye West, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder and Pharrell Williams, to fuel his creative furnace which now shines brightly. Having opened for acts such as Ludacris, Kendrick Lamar and Talib Kweli, he is already making a name for himself in the hip hop community. He is also breaking into the ever-growing festival scene, performing at Summerfest and SXSW. His instrumental tracks provide a solid groundwork for his lyrics with timeless beats that pulse through your aorta. Reminiscent of Nujabes and J Dilla, Klassik creates crisp and ethereal soundscapes that transcend mainstream hip hop.

Klassik’s newest creation titled Seasons, tells a four part story that is influenced by the individual characteristics of winter, spring, summer and autumn. The Winter EP will be the first season released on January 15, 2015. Klassik stated that “winter can be the harshest, and often least inviting, of all the seasons. The Winter EP represents a period of the artistic journey that is marked by depression, isolation and frustration.” Klassik’s ambition is to “encompass those feelings - but then transform them into hope for the return of joy, of love, and of brighter, warmer days.” His Seasons project shows a deep connection with our planet as well as the influence our planet has on human emotion. Instead of a series of unrelated tracks composed individually, he is following the the structure of a concept album which is a collection of songs that may vary in sound and structure but express a central theme or idea. To create four concept albums as a part of a larger concept evokes a feeling of wholeness and represents the cyclical nature of life.

The first single leaked from the Winter EP titled “Andromeda,” has already been garnering positive feedback, especially in his home state of Wisconsin. Named after the closest spiral galaxy to our very own Milky Way, Andromeda begins to rise in early autumn and is high in the sky during the winter season making it more visible to the naked eye. Whether or not Klassik connected these two concepts is unsure, but it sure is a fascinating connection nonetheless. Klassik is technically, soulfully, and lyrically inspiring to the music world. His unique approach to creating hip hop music will bring him meteoric success and good fortune. Not just monetary fortune, but the kind of fortune that makes you shine so bright that even Andromeda can see you. - Huffington Post

Milwaukee artist Klassik has been visiting the four seasons and not the hotel.

In an ambitious conceptual outline, the MC, who finds himself singing and rhyming over soulful, jazzy hip-hop, has released three EPs in the last three months. The aesthetic and the concept of these is what grabbed my attention but the music and the output is what kept me coming back for more.

First, back when snow still covered the Midwest, Klassik began with Winter, three songs meant to keep you warm during the cold nights and frozen mornings. Featuring assistance from Chicago duo BoneLang, the EP is, for lack of a better word, cold.

Following the cold of winter, Klassik continued with Spring, an EP that shows signs of sunlight and rebirth. To use his own words, he describes it as “No longer defeated by the gloom of gray skies and snow storms, SPRING brings forth a renewed sense of purpose and energy.”

Although summer isn't quite here, Klassik delivered Summer last month. It's sand-coated and warm, full of sunlit anthems and beach umbrellas. Take to the coast with this one. Roll down your windows. To use Klassik's words, he instructs to “Play these at high volume, optimized for warm nights with windows or tops down. Things are heating up.”

With three seasons down, Fall is the last one to complete the set of four. Four EPs in four months? I can get behind that. Until then, experience the cold, experience the rebirth, and experience the warmth of Milwaukee creative Klassik. - Mishka NYC

The funk is definitely within Klassik as gets his groove on in his own one-man show with his cinematic new visuals for “STAGESlayer,” not missing a beat. The one-man show quickly evolves into a party once the STAGESlayer does his thing, conquering the bar, staircase and eventually the whole room, commanding everyone’s attntion.

The Milwaukee-bred rising artist has been seeing great praise for the mellow track which appeared on his SUMMER EP, the third of four releases in his string of SEASONS EPs. With his recent feature on Pigeons & Planes, big things are definitely on the horizon for Klassik. This single showcases just how smoothly Klassik blends hip-hop and jazz influences, noting Stevie Wonder and Pharrell as some of his main inspirations, something you can definitely hear in his music.

If you dig what you hear, stream his three-track SUMMER EP below for more. - Mechanical Dummy


List of Personal Releases:

SEASONS, July 2015
YRP (Young Rising Phenoms), December 2013
In The Making LP, September 2012
Death of a Beatmaker EP, August 2010



Klassik is truly an old soul. His fusion of Hip-Hop and Jazz, amongst many other genres, pays homage to the many legends of generations past. His music is not based around braggadocio or glorification of the world’s ills, but rather portrays a positive, forward thinking person, fueled by his inspiration to constantly create and innovate. His diverse influences including Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Steely Dan, have helped mold a blend of musical styles that comes out one hundred percent unique, fresh, and timeless.

Klassik was born and raised in the blue-collar Midwestern city of Milwaukee, WI. First encouraged to pick up the saxophone by his late father, Robin Abston, he was mentored from an early age by local jazz saxophone legend Berkley Fudge. By the time he was in high school, he was already touring Europe with a group of his peers and professional musicians. His evolution to a recording artist began during this time, as he experimented with the music production software program, Fruity Loops, on his home PC after school. This hobby transformed into a full blown obsession. After one year of studying English at the University of Wisconsin-Madison while on a scholarship, Klassik decided to leave school in order to pursue a career as a professional musician. He could no longer foresee himself doing anything but music for the rest of his life.

Klassik’s evolution to a professional musician culminated with the release of his first full length album in fall 2012 titled “In The Making”. The album garnered national attention and charted on the College Music Journal’s Hip-Hop top 40 for 15 straight weeks following its release. Klassik has further established himself with the release of  his 2015 follow up “Seasons”, which was named as Best Album of 2015 by The Milwaukee Record's. His hard work has paid off, as he was named “Top 10 Artists to Watch in Wisconsin” for 2014 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. He has received coverage on several prominent publications including Pigeons and Planes, NOISEY Vice, The Source, Hip Hop Dx, Huffington Post, OkayPlayer, Fake Shore Drive, and BLKDMNDS. He has opened for the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Talib Kweli, Oddisee, Asher Roth, and The Cool Kids and plans to continue building his performance resume. 

Klassik’s new school take on old school styles helps bring listeners to a place where they can embrace a musical experience that is as lively and melodious as the music of legends past. Vowing to make his biggest influence his deceased father Robin, honored and proud, Klassik shows no signs of slowing down on his quest to create truly everlasting and inspirational musical works.

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