Houston, Texas, USA

Link makes music about true life. It is relevant to any person who has ever truly felt love, loss, pain, depression, euphoria and was swept up in the grips of these emotions.


Born and raised in Houston, TX, a city mostly celebrated for its contributions to hip-hop; Link chose to focus his talents on making R&B music. Musically, Link was a late bloomer. In fact, it wasn’t until early adulthood when he started to realize the scope of his talent and focused his energy on composing quality R&B music. He began by recording songs in his room and performing them for friends and family; who quickly started taking notice of his gift and encouraged him to pursue a career in the music industry.

Taking a career in music into serious consideration, Link started listening to artists that he admired growing up and studying their music. He took special interest in R&B artists that participated in the writing, composing and producing of their own music; such as Stevie Wonder, Babyface, Brain McKnight, Maxwell, Tank, and R. Kelly. This admiration, coupled with a few bad experiences with outside producers, inspired Link to develop his writing and producing skills.

He began doing collaborative work with local artists by writing and singing hooks, composing instrumentals, and fully produced and written songs. It was at this time that the breadth of Link’s musical talent started stretching outside of R&B; so he began working with artists from different genres. To date, Link has contributed his production and writing talents to various R&B, soul, folk, alternative rock, pop, and pop-rock artists.

Link’s admiration of R&B greats, combined with his years of working with different artists and genres; helped Link develop his musical style. Even though he enjoys making music with other artists, Link states "It's time that I share with the world a project that is 100% me. To let the people hear my voice and feel my point of view on life and everything we experience while we're living it."

So finally, 10 years after writing his first song, Link is set to drop his first solo success, Box Of Chocolates. This six-song EP is a celebration of love and is scheduled to be released to the public on January 31, 2012 in honor of Valentine's Day. It is a ballad driven album that appeals to lovers of all types.


Box of Chocolates is about love. It was made for those whom want love, need have love, or just want to make love.

Album Title: Box of Chocolates (Open Lane Records)

Performer: Link

Producers: Patrick Stephens and Theo Stephens

Artwork: Andrea Creppel

Street Date: 1/31/2012

Selections: Tell Me Why
My Baby Loves Me
We Make Love
I Believe
Whatever You Want
You’ve Got Me
Everything You Are