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L Michele @ 169 Bar

NY, New York, USA

NY, New York, USA

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L. Michele - “L. Michele”

Reviewed by Michael Sutton

Given that many new albums are mostly filler anyway, a consistently strong five-cut EP has equal value. Actually, it perhaps has more since you are left yearning for additional material instead of being disappointed by all the forgettable padding. L. Michele is a young R&B vocalist on the scene, but her ice-cool, soulful voice has the polish of a veteran. “Could It Be” and “I Can’t Be” are soothing slow jams with enough ear-melting crooning to frost the windows. On “Could It Be,” L. Michele combines both sexiness and class, somewhat of a rarity in these raunchy days. “I Can’t Be,” on the other hand, balances yearning for an old flame with the headstrong attitude of letting go.

L. Michele’s inspirations aren’t difficult to trace. “Love” opens with reflective piano a la Alicia Keys, and “1,000 Words” has the sultry strut of Beyonce. However, L. Michele is no pale imitator; it’s just that R&B has its limitations as a genre, and similarities to contemporary acts are inevitable. The production and mixing are slick enough to push L. Michele beyond her indie roots.

Official Website: http://www.iamlmichele.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/singingshawnda

- ShotGunReviews


L Michele: L Michele was independently released in 2007 and houses current single "Could It Be" which is taking over College radio.



Could it be that the world is falling in love with the new sultry sounds of L. Michele? She’s your friend, your neighbor, the girl you knew all your life. Entering the music scene with soulful beats and beautiful vocals, she is rebirthing the movement of rhythm and blues. Her sultry melodies and charismatic personality make it nearly impossible not to fall in love with her Brooklyn bred stylish yet street edge flavor. Over the years, the borough has been highlighted for its hip-hop artists; however, L. Michele is here to remind the world that her hometown also belts out crooners.

At the tender age of 12, L. Michele got her start performing at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem, NY. With such a powerful instrument coming from her small body, L Michele captivated her audience and the desires for her dreams were actualized on that fateful night. It was at that moment that her sound caught the ear of record producer True Master who then put L. Michele under his wing and began to hone her craft through songwriting.

With the release of her EP self-titled L. Michele, her unique self-proclaimed sound captivates and soothes your ears but promises to make you two-step with songs such as “Could It Be” and “No One Compares.” For easy listening “1,000 Words” and “Love” will soothe your melodic pleasures. Currently working on her first full length album to be self released, L. Michele promises to deliver.

With a distinct voice, multifaceted talent and intelligent character, L. Michele's possibilities for success are endless. L. Michele the Writer L. Michele the Singer L. Michele the Performer