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I Am Machi

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Rock Garage Rock


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"Who is Machi?"

There’s a good reason there are so many two-piece drum-and-guitar bands in the vein of the White Stripes. You make more money when you split the take two ways.

But seriously: having only two musicians in a band means it can do more with less, and go wherever it wants to, whether it comes to songwriting, studio work or live performance. With the right two musicians, the result is magic. Enter an Edmonton band called I Am Machi. Not exactly sure who Machi is, and don’t want to ruin it by finding out, but if we were forced to pick a “next big local thing” from this weekend’s platter of indie goodness, it would be this promising rock duo with two albums to its credit, featuring married couple Nathan and Jileane Stokland on guitar and drums, respectively – just like Jack and Meg White!

Similarly, the instantly compelling music of I Am Machi brims over with creativity, passion and mystery, backed up by musical chops up the ying yang, a quirky sense of lyrics and hook-laden songs rendered by contrasting male-female vocals and guitars often set to “melting level.” Just like the White Stripes!

Jeez, will these goddamed comparisons ever end? Don’t worry. I Am Machi doesn’t actually sound like the White Stripes, or any other two-piece drums ‘n’ guitar band, for that matter. They’ll be recognized for their own sound soon enough, and play a free show this Saturday at 4 pm at Filthy McNasty’s. - Gig City

"Colin Close + I Am Machi Take On Red Deer"

I try to make a point of checking out live music wherever I go, and as I was visiting Red Deer this past week guest teaching at a hot yoga studio, I got a chance to feel out a very small part of Central Alberta’s music scene.

Edmonton’s Colin Close and I Am Machi were in town playing at the Blarney Stone, a strange place where loud dubstep meets booty short wearing servers and Celtic themed shit all over the walls. The promoter of the show was wearing a vulgar shirt (think Satan and cunnilingus) and couldn’t stop making personal requests for what he wanted Machi to play when they got on stage. A colourful assortment of humans gathered in this little pub, including myself to check out some live music.
Once the dubstep party (party meaning one guy playing with those LED flow balls in the middle of the bar) was over, there was space for the haunting melodies of Colin Close to soften the room.

As soon as Close took the stage with his electric guitar, people who were sitting at the back of the bar began to make their way to the front to offer their attention to the Yukon native. Always a good sign that the performer has the crowd’s attention.
Once he had the room’s attention, Close brought up tour mates, I Am Machi, up on stage to become the backing band for his song, “3 in the Morning.” Their performance made it clear that these three are tight. With Nathan Stockland adding in a deeper dimension with his own guitar, and the passionate drumming of Jileane Stockland, the song came very much alive. Not to mention the urgent and pleading coo of Close, which added a gorgeously tortured element to the all ready lovely ballad.

“1960’s Dress” took the energy back down in the room and created a sweeter atmosphere, even amidst a crowd that may seem harsh upon first glance. Their response to Close’s set proved their sensitivity and receptivity to quiet and heartfelt acoustic music.

Close is a charming performer, beginning one of his songs with the promise it contains “a lot of sad words, but hopefully a lot of uplifting messages.” All with a grin. The opening line of the song? “I’m dyyyyiinnnnnggg….” For those who caught the irony, it was funny.
To split up Close and Machi, local three piece, Flint, Lock and Thunder played a set peppered with Jimi Hendrix and John Fogerty covers.

The young band consists of Mike Ketlo on guitar, Graham Hammle on drums and vocals and rounded out by Janine Johnson on the bass guitar. The band, musically, was very good. Their playing was super tight and Ketlo was able to add even more improvisational guitar to ‘Hey Joe,’ than was in the original Hendrix tune.

I was waiting for some signs of life, however. As talented as any band can be, it doesn’t go far without some charisma. I would have loved to hear more from the band, especially as they were playing in their hometown and with that comes some degree of comfort, I think.

Aside from the covers they played, Flint, Lock and Thunder offered the audience a few originals that were very reminiscent of early 90’s moody grunge, with a touch of hair metal guitar. It was an interesting blend of musical influence; something I likened to the late-ish 70’s in Alberta when the first wave of punk rock was hitting, and the arena rock style was reigning supreme. The bars booking bands were looking for musicians who could rock a great cover. Flint, Lock and Thunder would have fit right in to that fading scene.
Overall, great musicians, but a bit more stage presence would give them an extra dose of ‘umph’ that would make their show even more entertaining.

When it came time for the headliners to hop onstage, everyone was stoked to see them play. Perhaps it was the tease earlier on during Close’s set that started it, but everyone was willing to participate and welcome the Stocklands to the stage.
I Am Machi have what might be my favourite stage presence out of the Edmonton scene. Nathan and Jileane are married, and perhaps it’s the romantic in me that loves that they play together, but their chemistry as musicians, and pseudo comedians while on stage is truly charming to witness.

Right off the top, the duo blasted into a wild jam session, holding nothing back. Nathan enthusiastically encouraged lots of clap alongs within the groovy, dark, but still fun, anthems they played.

While they play a lot of their own original music, they added in a few covers throughout the set that I may not have even noticed if they didn’t say anything, which is a great compliment. Nathan introduced a Johnny Cash cover, and impressively segued into a unique, moody version of Folsom Prison Blues. Dare I say, I liked it more than the original. The lyrics, coupled with Machi’s heavy undertones paired well, and I think they did a splendid job of making the song their own.
One of their newer songs, “In the Name of Sex,” was a glorious performance which incorporated Jileane’s vocals; something they could do more of and nobody would be mad. It was a gritty, passionate performance that brought a great performance to a huge close. That is, if the crowd didn’t scream and beg for at least one more song.

They busted into another cover, this time giving Justin Timberlake a run for his money with “I Think She Knows.” Another solid rendition of a popular song, but with their own haunting, noisey twist.
A show worth staying out late in Red Deer on a school night for.

I Am Machi and Colin Close are continuing their tour to southern Alberta and beyond for the next few weeks before they end up back in Edmonton on April 25th for a free - She Writes About Music


We hear a lot about band chemistry: how well members work together, how in-synch they are and whether they seem like a good fit. So when we hear the words “husband and wife duo”, we immediately assume there will be some real chemistry in their music. In the case of Edmonton-based I Am Machi, our assumptions are proven right and their debut EP Mammal Pants shows that some couples really do make sweet music together.

Jileane and Nathan Stokland discovered their musical and romantic chemistry while playing together in their first band, A Little Project. Now married and enjoying their wedded bliss, the duo has created I Am Machi and a fantastic four-track EP. It’s not what you might expect from a married couple; the general stereotype for ‘couple rock’ is acoustic folk, not a very heavy or noisy rock sound. I Am Machi is different. In two words, they rock. With Nathan on guitar and Jileane on drums, the band is small in size but huge in sound, combining sweet guitar riffs and drums to create a really solid and passion-filled album.

The album doesn’t waste any time in getting to the good stuff. It kicks off with the opening track “8-8-4, Oh My!” and this is where we get our first taste of the band’s solid rock feel. Guitar, drums and vocals all come together without any effort, and there’s some super band chemistry at play here. It takes a really good partnership to be able to play this well together, and whether a result of the members’ relationship or something more deep-rooted and natural, it’s something special that can’t be ignored.

I Am Machi brings a distorted, garagey feel to their music, something they call ‘noise rock’ but is a lot more than that. They sound perfectly imperfect, casual and unpolished without being sloppy, and this skill really deserves a lot of credit. They’ve got big sound and lots of diversity in their music, a sign of some major talent and huge potential as future stars. The band names Wintersleep and Mother Mother as major influences, and they definitely have the same sort of feel in songs like “Dance Like a Russian Sailor!” and “Snakes and Ladders”. You might also hear some Bloc Party in their instrumental bits, and even a slight hint of Tool or Chevelle in their heavier moments. This could be due in part to Nathan’s voice, which is almost a lighter, more upbeat version of Maynard James Keenan, sprinkled with Chris Cornell or Dave Grohl or something along those lines. The point is Nathan’s voice is fantastic – and it should be added that so, too, is Jileane’s, who contributes to “8-8-4, Oh My!” It would be great to hear more of her (hint!) on their next album, which, by the way, can’t come fast enough.

There’s something really, really special about this band. I Am Machi is a band to watch and Mammal Pants is an album you really need to hear; lucky for you, you can! Listen to it on Soundcloud or download it for free from NoiseTrade, and then go follow them on Facebook and Twitter, mainly to see what they’re up to but also because they’re funny and weird. I Am Machi is an incredible addition to the Canadian music scene, not to mention an inspiration to married couples everywhere. - Indie 403

"Local husband and wife duo rock out in band I Am Machi"

For some, marriage and settling down signals the end of their youth — meaning there’s no more play and only time for grown-up things. But for new Edmonton husband and wife duo I Am Machi, their adventure is just beginning. While married life has its responsibilities, Nathan and Jileane Stokland have found a way to embrace it while making sure their day always has a healthy dose of music.

“After I get home from work, we kind of weave music into stuff we have to do,” Nathan says. “Like, clean the house and then practice or —”

“We make sure to pretty much practice at least a half hour a day,” Jileane adds. “Like, at the minimum. Our Saturdays are like, ‘Hey! We get to sleep in and then practice and then have breakfast and maybe practice again!’ It’s the thing we look forward to — our after-school activities.”

After being invited into their home, the two show me around the house, which Jileane apologetically explains “smells like cat pee everywhere.” Luckily, their practice space seems to be devoid of any feline odours. The small room in the basement is presumably where Nathan pumps out his infectious guitar riffs, while Jileane formulates intricate, pounding beats on her drums. With Nathan also providing the band’s warm and punchy vocals, I Am Machi plays multi-dimensional, soft-to-heavy energetic pop-rock songs, and it’s fascinating how all this melodic noise can come from a band of just two people.

But you have to wonder if it’s I Am Machi’s style of crunchy but emotional cacophony that makes the band work so well for the couple. Being married and living together means there will inevitably be some disagreements between the two, but playing loud music together has proven to be effective therapy.

“Part of what makes music together so cathartic is like, ‘Hey, we got in a fight yesterday — let’s go beat the crap into our instruments for a half hour and then talk about it after we get some of our energy out,’ ” Jileane explains.

“If you have a fight with your band, you can go home and deal with it later. But we practice downstairs and you leave and you’re still upstairs,” Nathan continues. “So I don’t know, the good (and bad) times are all together.”

The duo have a special musical dynamic that’s unusual for couples, and this interesting connection also extends to Nathan and Jileane’s activities outside music. Typically both homebodies, the couple can often be found within the depths of their home doing other less conventional married couple activities.

“We’re both kind of old souls trapped in young bodies. We don’t really like to go out a whole lot. And we get ‘people’d’ out really easily. So the ideal day is spent playing video games with no pants on. We have what we call ‘spa days’ which are sans pants avec whiskey,” Nathan says.

“We’ve come to terms that we are both old men. I am not necessarily a man, but I’m an old man at heart. I like slippers and sweaters and blankets and all that — but also a good pipe and big mug of coffee,” Jileane laughs.

Whether it’s through their band or just normal, everyday married life, the distinct chemistry between Nathan and Jileane is unmistakeable, and truly defines what it means to be partners.

“We spend a lot of time together and we’re pursuing music together, and it’s important in both of our lives. It’s just something we love to do together,” Nathan concludes.

“I don’t know if it flourishes our relationship or makes it grow, but yeah.”
- The Gateway (Article by Chris Gee)

"Review- “Mammal Pants”- I Am Machi"

Who or what is a Machi? Preliminary Google searches bring up little, but one can be sure that I Am Machi is an Edmonton-based, husband-and-wife duo who make some interesting music together. The extremely strange title Mammal Pants comes from the two playing around with the name of one of their influences, Plants and Animals.

The two have a White Stripes setup going, with Nathan Stokland on guitar and vocals and Jileane Stokland on drums and vocals. What they make could be considered rock music, with some pop styling here and there. The four-song EP is an interesting way of introducing themselves, to say the least.

One might get a false impression of what they’re all about from the opening track, “8-8-4, Oh My!” It starts off with blistering guitar, which might immediately make them sound like some kind of grunge/metal act, but getting past the opening chords reveals more of the duo’s inner workings. There’s some nice lyrical content here, such as the line “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my/We know it’s a dragon but that doesn’t rhyme.”

After the full-out guitar attack of the first song, the intensity starts to go down slightly with each song, and this isn’t a bad thing by any means. “Dance Like a Russian Sailor” features some great drumming from Jileane and features a rock-infused chorus of “la la la’s” that sounds like it could be straight out of a Russian folk song.

“Snakes and Ladders” is arguably the catchiest song, with it’s quick drumming and quick guitar to keep pace. Finally, “Sirens,” with its Greek mythological reference, is probably the strongest song on the album, showing a great mingling of Nathan’s guitar with Jileane’s drumming. Later on in the song it revisits the duo’s heavier guitar territory, but it’s more welcome as it comes from a good build.

Jileane and Nathan Stokland are certainly off to a good start with Mammal Pants, especially because they just started making music as I Am Machi last year. Their next step is anyone’s guess, but their guitar/drums combo makes them unique enough to really play around with what they’re capable of. The EP can be downloaded for free from NoiseTrade. - Grayowl Point


Still working on that hot first release.



Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta as its favorite husband and wife rock duo, I Am Machi is the 1-2-1-2 collision of two best friends who have uber crushes on each other. They got super married this one time, and now they go on adventures and make music together. 

Jileane's drumming pounds away like an artillery battery--because if you're not going to be loud like guns, what's the point in making rock n' roll? Nathan on guitars weaves in and out of the music like a bad dream. And both share vocal duties. Together, I Am Machi produces a sound that is thick and filling like cowboy coffee. 

After founding in the Spring of 2012, recording and releasing two EPs: Mammal Pants (2012) and Slew (2014), playing countless shows, sharing the stage with the likes of Joel Plaskett, The Pack A.D., The Wet Secrets, Iceland's Sin Fang, and JPNSGRLS, appearing in a mess of festivals (including Edmonton's inaugural Up + Downtown Festival), and touring extensively throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, I Am Machi has spent the last 4 years high fiving Canada with both hands and music! 

I Am Machi is now preparing for their 2017 cross-Canada tour in support of the release of their Magnetic North // North EP.

Along with their evil nemesis cat, Phineas, I Am Machi will set sail toward these new adventurous shores in their RV-turned-tiny-house in which they will live and tour. Forever.

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